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Tom Sunic

“We must accept the blame”

Tom Sunic’s recent review of a 2013 book by Kerry Bolton contains phrases that support our view that “economics over race” policies lie at the root of white decline; Jewry, a secondary infection. No ellipsis added between unquoted sentences:


The tower of Babel is rightly used as a metaphor for contemporary rootless and mongrelized masses stashed together in the towering inferno of end times. The Babel Inc., as Bolton sees it, is a logical postmodern transposition of the myth of economism and egalitarianism, two doctrines whose genealogy can be traced from well before the period of Enlightenment in Europe.

Twin brothers: communism and capitalism

Thus we learn in the first half of his book that capitalism, being a prime factor in the construction of the modern Babel Inc. and in the deconstruction of the nation-state, has always been a “modern and revolutionary” force. Its inherent dynamics aims at destroying traditional communities, regardless of their spot on the planet Earth. In fact, the much decried and alleged foe of capitalism (or rather its mirror-image), communism, fell apart in the East, in the late 20th century, because its paleo-communistic goals of egalitarianism and economism had already been better achieved in the capitalist West. Both communism and capitalism share a common ideological thread, namely a common belief in progress and common hatred of all racial, ethnic and territorial identities. The Banker and the Merchant, just like their mirror-image the Commissar, detect in any historical rootedness, in any national or racial consciousness a major hindrance on the way to the glorious future under the banner of “free market, democracy and human rights.”

Massive non-White immigration, and now its reverse side, i.e. the colonisation of Europe and the USA, is just a logical outcome of political designs framed long time ago by rootless plutocrats and their leftist acolytes.

It is fundamentally wrong to blame all our ills on the SPLC, or the ADL, or the LICRA, or the Trilateral Commission, or some real or hypothetical Jew, or some hostile, plutocratic, culture-destroying Babel Inc. elites only. We White Europeans and Americans must accept our full share of the blame. We must first and foremost reject the religion of progress and its underlying principle of permanent economic growth, before considering setting up our own ethnic enclaves.



See also a chapter of The Fair Race, “On the white genocide meme,”

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The problem with this perspective is that it ignores the pathological viciousness and hostility of White leftists towards their own flesh and blood. A lot of those people get pleasure from vilifying, mocking, and defaming their own race, and even crack jokes about White genocide. Tell them about the Muslim invasions of Europe and the subsequent enslavement of Whites that occurred for centuries, the various genocides of Aryans throughout history, the mass extermination of Slavs in the USSR, or the obliteration of Germany in 1945 and they’ll either make excuses for the perpetrators or they’ll lash out and say that Whites deserved it.

This insane mentality can’t be explained by a belief in progress, freedom, and equality, because leftists don’t actually believe in any of that. Leftists are driven solely by hatred of the West, and more specifically, the race that built it. All the nonsense about liberty and personal expression and combating privilege and all that is just rationalization for why they hate Whites. Let’s just call leftists—including conservatives, for they’re merely hesitant leftists—what they are, and that is evil. They are absolutely fucking evil. But who made them that way? (link)

In another thread I gave the analogy of the Janissaries, the fanatical Europeans who had been brainwashed by Islam to slaughter their own race, but there’s perhaps an even better analogy for what’s happening today: the article above, which describes how parasites can take control of an insect’s brain and force it to commit suicide. The reason why this analogy works so well for us because it doesn’t involve blaming anyone. It’s not the fault of Whites; they simply have had their thinking compromised by a certain race of parasites who are programmed to destroy outgroups by infiltrating and subverting them. We can’t blame those insects for being infected, can we? Well, then we can’t blame ourselves, either. The parasite does what nature engineered it to do. We need to get beyond this stuff about who’s to blame and instead look at what is causing this insanity.

This insane mentality can’t be explained by a belief in progress, freedom, and equality.

But it can be explained with the metaphor of a witches’ brew. In addition to individualism + capitalism + Christian axiology, there’s also another ingredient that explains self-hatred among whites. But no one seems to seriously consider this brew ingredient. I am working alone investigating it.

…the article [linked] above, which describes how parasites can take control of an insect’s brain and force it to commit suicide.

In my Occidental Dissent discussion on bicausalism I rebutted that already. First, our brains are more evolved than those of the invertebrates. Second, Muslims around Israel are immune to the kikes’ psyops, which means that we got a huge Christian problem here and a suicidal sense of fairness about other races (remember what happened even to me in London for trusting a Brazilian pardo). Third, have you really digested the implications of the Codrenu quote above?


Yes, unlike Sunic, white nationalists do believe that the trunk that produced the two branches of capitalism and communism is none other than the eternal Jew.

twin brothers

The Muslim nations around Israel aren’t controlled by Jews. Their citizens don’t spend half their lives being indoctrinated into hating themselves in Jew-run schools. Their films, TV shows, and newspapers don’t promote racial self-hatred.

You’re underestimating how malleable the brain is, especially during a person’s formative years. By the time they leave school, the majority of Whites have been so conditioned that they’re literally incapable of defending their own race.

They’ve been told that the Europeans slaughtered Muslims in the middle east because they were warmongers, that they colonized Africa out of pure hatred and greed, that they exterminated the peaceful Native Americans for no reason and that they holocausted the Jews for no reason as well. And to top it all off, they’re taught that Whites still own everything in the world, and that their power needs to be destroyed or they will continue to wreak havoc everywhere they go.

Imagine getting hammered with that over and over, for decades on end, and then you realize how White liberals can so viciously hate their own race. Aryans may be predisposed to ideals of fairness and equality, but we’re way beyond that at this point. The primary (not the only) problem is brainwashing.

The Moorish invasion of Europe is not taught. The 400 years’ worth of Muslim invasions leading to the Crusades are not taught. The Mongol invasions of Europe are not taught. The Turkish invasions are not taught. The 600-year enslavement of Slavic Whites (where the word slave comes from to begin with) is not taught. The Jewish genocide of millions of Slavs in the USSR is not taught. The extermination of millions of Germans in WWII is not taught. And of course the Jewish role in slavery, genocide, and global politics is not taught.

And then add a ton of miscegenation propaganda, militant pro-mud/jew propaganda 24/7, continual propaganda about how Whites are weak and cowardly, and you can see how so many Whites want to submit to the will of non-Whites.

Again, this can happen to any race, not just us. We don’t have some kind of original sin. No one is immune to cancer, and no race is immune to Jewish parasitism.

But you are missing the main point: Muslim nations never surrendered their media and academia to the subversive tribe (with time this caused the brainwashing you mention), and this can only mean that there’s a huge Aryan problem that hasn’t been fully addressed in the WN movement.

Arabs, Jews and most non European ethnicities also practice high rates of inbreeding (40-70%). This makes them much more tribal than whites. Arabs are by nature intolerant and violent, as are Jews. This is how ‘by hook or crook’ they have survived in their environs as a breed.

True, nurture has its effects, but nature tends to express itself in a child more forcefully as he matures. It is then that power becomes more available to him and he most strongly enforces his culture on others, if he is permitted.

I see this fall of the West in evolutionary terms. During the hundreds of thousands of years of their existence Sapiens were evolving in small groups, families and tribes, unprepared for the relatively sudden onset and exponential growth of modernity. Their ‘sins’ are not so much intentional as they are a result of finding themselves uprooted from their evolved nature.
Over time many groups died out because they had not the right genes or enough luck, others survived, let us just say, ‘by hook or crook.’

Incredible. In the 17 February thread at Age of Treason the monocausalists have been harshly criticizing… none other than the foremost scholar on the Jewish problem: Kevin MacDonald! They are doing this because Kevin has dared to utter the commonsensical observation that whites have issues of their own! I am glad that at least Greg Johnson made a civil effort to discuss with these guys. Below, a couple of Greg comments on that thread:

You really are depending on word games here. So let’s flip the table. Forget about “pathology.” Let’s talk about white “vulnerabilities” to Jewish subversion. White vulnerability to Jewish manipulation is not caused by Jewish manipulation. It is what makes Jewish manipulation possible in the first place.


Sure, I will concede that whites have problems that Jews did not cause. Does that mean that I agree with Tim Wise on the substance of those problems? No, not at all. Tim Wise thinks that whites are too “hateful” and ethnocentric. I think that whites are not “hateful” and ethnocentric enough. Your whole argument strikes me as (1) asserting an inessential and superficial similarity between two diametrically opposed positions, so (2) you can rhetorically stigmatize people like Kevin MacDonald for wanting to explore whether and how whites have intrinsic vulnerabilities to Jewish manipulation. Your ultimate motives are obscure to me.

Similarly, at The Occidental Observer yesterday I was told that I was “pushing a white-blaming narrative” for holding views in line of Tom Sunic’s worldview!

Pathetic to say the least.

I am following the discussion at Occidental Observer. Whites do in fact own a large share of the blame for their condition. They are not babies, they are not helpless, they are not, as suggested above, insects or other dumb beasts who cannot control their instincts or cannot acquire insight into their own condition. They are not puppets who can only move according to the strings pulled by their puppet masters. Sorry, that’s horseshit.

Here’s the problem: many Whites are still relatively prosperous. That is to say, they are smug and fat and happy and are not going to see the problem until they get their noses rubbed in it. This is a moral issue. Seeing the problem entails getting angry, which feels bad, which no one is going to undertake until they are personally affected by the conditions at hand. Too many Whites are still not personally affected to a degree that cannot be swept under the rug. And their enemies are not stupid; they understand the frog-in-the-pot thing and are going going to make every effort to keep the frog in the pot. As Kai Murros suggests, the world is chaotic and some event may occur they are not prepared for, presenting the possibility that they may lose control. Let’s hope.

Meanwhile, those of us who understand the issue need to get down to business. It is time to stop intellectualizing and time to start building real world communities and organizations. See, that’s what the Jews have, that’s what the Blacks have, that’s what the LGBT have, and that’s why they’re winning. That’s where power comes from. We need to move past the hair-splitting, the whining, and the piss ant quibbling and build our machine. Oh, and by the way, the hour is late.

Age of Treason has it right. Jews are a virus and need to be dealt with as such. White pathology is the result of the virus, not the cause of it.

That’s a flat statement. No arguments: just flat. Are you a monocausalist? If so, why not try at least to respond to Greg’s polite rebuttal of Tan’s sophistry (all of his recent comments at Age of Treason, not only my quotes here)?

I find it incredible that the intellectual inferiors of Kevin MacDonald dare to patronize him (and Greg) in that blog in a subject that the Professor understands so well.

The arguments in favor of Jewish parasitism have already been presented. What hasn’t been presented is the argument for innate White pathology. Alt righters have been saying that there’s “something wrong” with Whites for decades, perhaps centuries, but they never say what it is. The best they can do is offer vague analogies and metaphors.

Jewish parasitism is a solid, concrete argument that makes absolute sense given the facts of history and current events. The idea of White pathology has us chasing our tails, exactly what Jews want us to do. What is White pathology? What are our vulnerabilities, and what makes these vulnerabilities specific to Whites? Jews have attained power- and subsequently destroyed- countless civilizations throughout history, many of them non-White. We are not especially vulnerable to them.

As for “monocausalism” and “bicausaulism,” I’m not interested in those terms. If someone has cancer and they say that it’s killing them, do you attack them for being too simplistic, or not taking other factors into account? If Jews were to disappear tomorrow, what would prevent Aryans from gaining control of our nations again? Nothing.

I don’t believe you have been reading this blog carefully, for example my collection of articles by many nationalists in The Fair Race which contains enough literature to disabuse the honest reader from explanations for simpletons. Have you even read MacDonald’s trilogy? He understands the JP perfectly. The “monos” don’t.

Presently I am doing a careful reading of the hundreds of Hitler’s table talks. When I finish I’ll add daily entries that will make this blog occupied with the subject for months.

It is striking that the Führer and the Germans of his inner circle that the book quotes verbatim speak of a myriad of subjects, including the Jews but not only them. Hitler et al were light-years ahead from a single-cause explanation for everything.

American nationalists should be humble enough to become familiar with the classics of their superiors: Uncle Adolf’s table talks for example. Instead, they do the opposite with their monocausal monologues within their echo chambers.

Time to grow up…

Jews have been engineered to exploit weaknesses in host populations. Every race has weaknesses, and oftentimes these weaknesses are difficult for members of a particular race to see. Jews however, can figure them out because for one, they are on the outside looking in, and two, have been mentally trained to do so. Parasitism is the only way they can survive. Their existence as a race solely depends on this ability to “hack” other races.

There’s no sense in trying to plug the gaps, so to speak. Jews will always find a way in, because that’s what they do. There will always be greedy, dishonest, gullible, dumb, and dishonorable members of any race that Jews can buy and use. Jews will never have a shortage of Bushes, Clintons, and Kennedys to exploit.

Again, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Whites. If Jews wanted to, they can easily worm their way into China, Japan, or any other nation and after a couple generations, they’ll be running those countries. They will use different tactics and exploit different weaknesses (like maybe the concept of “face” in Japan, or the natural greed of the Chinese) but ultimately no race is naturally immune to Jews the same way that no humans are naturally immune to viruses.

Completely wrong. If Jews wanted they could do nothing to hypnotize the peoples of the nations surrounding Israel. Nothing! Even with lower IQs than whites Muslims have no genetic or cultural vulnerabilities as Aryans have. There’s something fundamentally wrong with westerners.

Obviously you haven’t read the histories written about the white race, like Pierce’s, or even a Fair Race epigraph by Stubbs: “Our race has had some really bad ideas over the ages: Alexander the Great telling all his soldiers to miscegenate, the Roman Empire making ‘citizens’ out of aliens, the Aryan prince who founded Buddhism abolishing the caste system, White rulers in Egypt and Persia letting their countries go dark, not to mention the simple infighting and disorganization that would make our race easy prey for Jews or Muslims. Frankly, the existence of Buddhism should scare the White Nationalists who can’t think of anything but Jews.”

A few examples of bad leaders throughout thousands of years of history doesn’t prove anything. The Roman Empire eventually succumbed to the same kind of Jewish domination that the West has. Read Cicero’s quotes on the influence they had already in the late Roman Republic.

Furthermore, Jews have achieved power in Muslim societies over the course of centuries: Turkey and Saudi Arabia for instance. Jews and Muslims have always had friendly relations, at least up until the founding of Israel. But even then, Jews and Muslims in Europe implicitly understand that they are allies against the native Europeans. Jews also have significant influence in China and Japan despite their extremely low population in both nations.

Right now it would probably be very difficult for Jews to infiltrate the Muslim nations around Israel, but then again there have been times where it would have been impossible for Jews to infiltrate our nations: Ancient Sparta, the Reich, pre-Christian Northern Europe, etc. Timing also plays a factor in this, and years down the road, who’s to say Jews won’t subvert those nations using a combination of nominal Islamic conversions and bought politicians?

So far, this has been the discussion among alt righters and people who are afraid to name the jew:

-Don’t attack the Jew, it’s all our fault!
-Yeah, there’s something wrong with us. What is it though?
-I don’t know, but it’s definitely something, and we need to do something about it!
-I agree, we need to do something.

Meanwhile, Jews are attacking, attacking, and attacking. A lot of people in this movement simply don’t get it.

Are you the same monocausalist Hadrian who earlier this year did a “reading in the dark” of one of Greg Johnson’s articles about the Muslim Problem? Greg wrote:

“Muslims would not be any threat to Whites without Jews” [quoting Hadrian] — how you can read what I have written and then repeat such a stupidity is rather galling. If every Jew croaked tomorrow, Islam would be a world power, with vast oil wealth, nuclear weapons, and more than a billion people, many of whom are willing to die for their beliefs, something bred out of modern bourgeois man.

Speaking of reading in the dark, by this time I surmise you won’t answer my question if you have read Who We Are.

This might not be a blog for you.

Johnson’s comment was ridiculous and I didn’t bother responding because by his own admission, he doesn’t approve of most comments anyway.

The Islamic world has no intellectuals, inventors, scientists, or leadership of any kind. All the wealth in the Islamic world belongs to a few princes and crypto Jews who, just like the Western elites, have no loyalty to their own people. Muslims only have strength in numbers, and the reason why they’re taking over Europe is because Europeans have had their minds compromised by the Jews. Muslims are conquering Europe with their wombs, not their bravery.

If Jews were to disappear across the West, patriotic Americans and Europeans would very quickly re-establish control of their nations and either boot out or kill the Muslims in their lands. The Muslim nations could do nothing to stop this. They may have millions of short, unintelligent, tactless fodder as soldiers but they’d be useless going up against drones, tactical nukes, direct-energy weapons. Look how easily Israel defeated the Muslim coalition; you think a judenfrei West couldn’t do the same?

The idea that aggression has been completely bred out of modern European man is also ridiculous. How does Johnson explain the aggression of antifa and European leftists? There’s a difference between an innate lack of aggression and aggression that has been harnessed by a hostile elite and used for their own benefit.

I mentioned “reading in the dark” that article by Johnson because what you said above about the decline of the Roman Empire only shows that you have not read any of the few histories on the white race written by racists (like Pierce’s). I find no reason to discuss with an advocate of a single-cause explanation for everything if he doesn’t at least has a grasp of the classics, not only Who We Are but Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy, as I already said.

If Jews are the cause of all our woes and there’s nothing wrong with us how would you explain that Iberian whites ruined their gene pool in a whole continent and even in the peninsula—in times when the Inquisition targeted crypto-Jews?

There’s no way to avoid this question except by recognizing that there exist a huge Aryan problem, what MacDonald calls white pathology, and Johnson calls intrinsic (i.e., not caused by Jewish subversion) vulnerabilities in the white mind.

If you ignore the articles by several authors collected in the section “The Aryan problem” in The Fair Race, I see no point in continuing this discussion. It is silly trying to discuss with people who make their worldview merely by reading blogs while skipping the more profound research you can find only in the printed format.

Cesar, I don’t always visit your blog so I’m not always up to speed but I don’t understand why so many in the WN, NS, alt-right, etc crowd oppose capitalism. It’s bewildering. I understand the argument against Jewish usury, etc, but what rational reason would anyone have to oppose private property and trade? I meet people all the time that are proposing Strasserism, National Bolshevism, Third Way, and all sorts of other systems that are not only unworkable but they are proven to cause poverty and scarcity. Why would I want to implement a control economy that will significantly degrade my current living standards?

As for the monocasualists… fuck them. People like Tanstaafl are so far up their ass they would probably excuse a meth addict or a pedophile as long as they’re white and can blame the Jews for it. Any ‘white nationalist’ that bashes Kevin MacDonald needs to be shot. They are engaging in status signalling and trying to appear more extreme for the sake of being extreme. If you disagree with them they simply call you a kike. It’s completely ridiculous and counterproductive.

Anyways, keep up the blog, it’s good to see you writing again.

Meow Blitz, http://therightstuff.biz/

Lol, Meow Blitz, and welcome to this forum.

As to capitalism, I’d recommend Sunic’s Homo Americanus, presently only available in printed form but quoted in The Fair Race. We are not against private property or trade. We are against the Gold over Blood policies that caused us havoc throughout Western history.

See for example The Fair Race’s longest chapter: excerpts of Pierce’s Who We Are (PDF link on the sidebar, search for “Our long, long history”).

Thanks, I’ll give it a look. I guess I get confused because it seems like different right wingers are using different definitions of capitalism and some of them are sincere socialists.

On The Daily Stormer Franklin Ryckaert exchanged last month a couple of interesting comments with Tan. See for example this one:

Even suggesting that Whites might have some weaknesses (that Jews can exploit) makes you suspect in the eyes of Tanstaafl of projecting Jewish psychological accusations into Whites. For example, if you say that Whites are too naively trusting or too out-group altruistic, then Tanstaafl says that is equal to Jewish “pathologizing” of Whites… which is in reality quite a different thing. With all his intelligence in analyzing Jewish attitudes, this is Tanstaafl’s consistent irrationality.

Try to reason him out of it, I failed.

Ryckaert has been the best logician that rebuts Tan’s single-cause hypothesis to date. See also a previous Daily Stormer exchange between them to contextualize what they’re talking about: this one.

Thanks Cesar, I just saw your replies and read them. The first time I conversed with Tan he flipped out on me. I had invited him to speak on The Daily Shoah about his theory and he called me a Jew and blah blah blah. I agree that he’s completely confusing the actual Jewish pathologizing of anti-Semitism with actual objective criticism of Whites via Whites. It’s pretty funny that his rhetoric mirrors that of an infallible Trotskyist.

I’m not that familiar with the ins and outs of The Daily Stormer but we’re scheduled to get Anglin on our show soon.

Have a good one,
Meow Blitz

I found two good articles on Western Spring. link, link

“For I believe we have fallen victim not to a plot but a process.

That the roots of our misfortune are much deeper and wider than a few alien schemers with a hidden agenda corrupting an otherwise healthy society. The rot is not at the top of our society but at its foundations.”

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