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On Yockey’s America

by Michael O’Meara

O’Meara’s essay shows beautifully why we believe that the relations between Murkans and Germans lie at the deepest level of the rabbit hole to understand the West’s darkest hour.

The “Judeo-African cacophony” mesmerizing the jitterbugs on the dance floors of the Thirties was part of a larger program to debauch the conservative Christian rhythms of American life. Such at least was the argument Francis Parker Yockey made in his first published work, “The Tragedy of Youth” (1939).

In this early piece, full of promise and prefiguring aspects of his later critique of American life, the 22-year-old Yockey depicted an America whose youth had begun to keep step with the intonations and inflections of its Jewish bandmasters. Besides the folly of their un-European cavorting, Americans, he thought, were acting out the worldview of an alien-minded minority in control of the country’s media and entertainment. Drinking, smoking, and other bad habits glamorized by Hollywood became, in this spirit, marks of sophistication; sports were fetishized; public opinion was shaped and reshaped to legitimate machinations of every sort.

More seriously, God was “replaced by lust, the priest by the psychoanalyst, and the hero and heroine by the promiscuous lounge-lizard and the glittering harlot.” For the more educated, there were books and magazines promoting class war, racial equality, and anti-European (especially anti-German) hatred—aimed at destroying “whatever exclusiveness, national feeling, or racial instinct” still part of the American people.

Institutionalizing these subversions, Roosevelt’s New Deal, the granddaddy of the present anti-white system, took on debts and obligations favoring the Left forces—themselves puppets of the international financiers and bankers responsible for the deception and dissimulation entrancing the jitterbugs.

Against this backdrop of cultural distortion, usurious state policy, and agitations favoring causes alien to American affairs, the country’s youth, Yockey claimed, was being conditioned to fight as conscripts in liberal, Jewish, and Communist causes inimical to their national interest.

The True America

Basic to Yockey’s understanding of America was his belief that it was, at root, an integral and organic part of Europe. Whenever he spoke of “the true America,” as opposed to the America that had been taken over by the “culture distorters” and become “the enemy of Europe,” it was the America that had originated as a European colony—the America whose “culture” was a branch of Europe’s High Culture—the America whose people still bore traces of the noble, heroic, and Gothic character of their ancestors.

“All colonials,” Yockey felt, “have a certain plane of their being which is susceptible to the centripetal attraction of the mother-soil.” For they share a common history with “the parent-organism”—no matter how much the distorters might insist otherwise. The true American—i.e., the American whose highest loyalty was to his “mother soil and father culture”—thus instinctively isolated himself from all efforts to betray Europe: like French Canadians and South African Boers who refused to be conscripted by Washington in the Jews’ war against the Third Reich.

A child of European, especially German, culture, Yockey alone among American anti-liberals saw that America’s origin had tied its destiny to that of Europe, and that no matter how many cities the colony built, no matter how many millions of automobiles it turned out every season—no matter, even, how successful it was in reducing Europe to rubble and occupying it—no matter, it (the colony) would never, not in a thousand years, surpass the achievement and destiny of its mother soil and father culture.

To even think it was philosophically absurd.

The Culture of Distortion

Given their shallow culture and the dismissal of the tradition to which they were heirs, Americans were particularly vulnerable to the corrosions of 19th-century rationalism and materialism. Relatedly, they were an easy mark for “culture aliens”—for a world governed by money was a world indifferent to a man’s qualities. Foremost among the culture-aliens were the Jews: product of Spengler’s “Magian” culture, instinctually hostile to the European spirit, and bent on revenge.

In their counting houses, Americans would invariably overlook the Jews’ otherness, though they were of a different “Culture-Nation-Race.” Even before the War of Independence, they treated Jews as Europeans—Jews who had been shunned, ghettoized, and seen by most Europeans as an evil to be avoided.

Beginning in the 1880s, the Jews (these inassimilable aliens rejected by Europe’s High Culture) began their invasion of America. By 1905, they were already a power, evident in fact that the United States, for the first time in its history, severed diplomatic relations with Russia on account of the “anti-Jewish pogroms” that had followed the Russo-Japanese War.

Through its financial acumen and early control of media (the press, movies, radio), and in alliance with the native forces of decadence and degeneration, Jewish power in the New World grew at an unprecedented rate.

In a country where “mass-thinking, mass-ideals, and mass-living prevails,” Jewish propaganda (in the form of advertising, fashion, and a hundred other things) effortlessly reshaped the American consciousness, propelling the jitterbugs onto the dance floor of their world-conquering schemes. Stories of German sadism or Orson Wells’ Mars invasion were peddled with similar success, just as “the ethical syphilis of Hollywood and the spiritual leprosy of New York” infiltrated the larger cultural body.

In 1933, the year of the European Revolution, the Jews acquired outright political control of the United States—something that a thousand years of effort had failed to achieve in Europe.

From this point forward, “the formation of the Jewish-American Symbiosis begins.” Swarming into Washington, Jews and their “sub-American” contractors started dissimulating the Jewish world view and “bringing under control every factor of public expression.”

All who resisted were to be purged or ostracized.

Then, as the country’s racial instincts were worn down by the distorters, America (in accord with the policies of its liberal state and in the programming of its Culture Industry) assumed “a Jewish countenance” in its relations both with the rest of the world and with itself.

For Yockey, Franklin Roosevelt, “the monster who made of his life a study in infamy,” was a creature of the Jews, just as his New Deal was bent on Judaifying American government and society, promoting, as it did, principles of tolerance and universal brotherhood, which were further developed by Rockefeller-funded social-engineers intent on morally disarming the American people.

In this, the prescient Yockey might be criticized for confusing Jewish supremacy with the increasing Judaification of American society (which Matthew Arnold had warned of in the 1860s), for Jewish power in America was arguably not consolidated until the late 1960s (even if its secular low-church market, in making money the ultimate standard, had already Judaicized American life and sentiments).

That Roosevelt, in October 1937, began to maneuver the United States into the coming world war and that this war would be a war of annihilation—i.e., the sort of war fought between racially and culturally alien, rather then related peoples sharing the same civilization—was further evidence, in Yockey’s eyes, of Jewish hegemony and the Jews’ genocidal hatred of Europe.

Despite a certain exaggeration of Jewish power in this period, Yockey was nearly alone in seeing that the United States had become an anti-European power bound to the Jews’ vengeful compulsion to suppress Europe’s destiny.

Unlike other American anti-liberals, anti-Semitism for him evolved, rapidly and logically, into an anti-Americanism.

The Enemy of Europe

As long as America had been ruled by men of European Christian stock, it remained “a European colony.” But the America “distorted by the Revolution of 1933” (a revolution carried out by the allegedly Jewish-dominated New Deal), was now lost to Europe.

America’s Jewified anti-Europeanism was especially evident in the Second World War and in its subsequent occupation of the Continent. For if the United States had possessed a proper ruling class, a tradition, and a regalian state, it would have stayed out of the Second World War, which became a defeat not just for Germany, but for all Europe—and thus, ultimately, a defeat for the true America.

Under its new Jewish-American regime, Washington after 1933 was instrumental in preparing the way for another European civil war—a war it would wage as if the enemy (their European kinsmen) weren’t human. Instead of being the great moral crusade against the absolute evil of fascism, the war in actuality represented a giant step toward the Judeo-plutocratic inauguration of a New World Order, based on American open markets and American economic practices.

To this end, American bombers (supported by their British vassals) reduced every German city to a heap of rubble, intentionally targeting heavily populated working-class residences—that is, “homes and families”; cities in France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, and Eastern Europe were also bombed, adding further hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties to US “kills”; American fighter-pilots similarly sought out civilians to machine-gun and terrorize; vast stores of equipment and armaments, often denied to American troops, were supplied to Soviet Russia to defend the Communist state and encourage its penetration into the heart of Europe; and throughout this most barbaric and punitive war in the white man’s history, the Washington regime talked incessantly of the enemy’s “war crimes” and its “inhumanity.”

Yockey blamed America’s dishonorable conduct in the war on the culture-distorters, whose “motivation derived from the deep and total organic irreconcilability between a High Culture and a parasitic organism” (though I suspect that the country’s latter-day Puritans, given their tendency to dehumanize the enemy, ought also to share a large part of the responsibility).

Even after the guns were silenced, America’s “ghastly dishonor” continued. With the Red Army occupying Eastern Europe and the US Army Western Europe, the looting, raping, pillaging—and ethnic cleansing—began.

The Soviets plundered everything not bolted down; the greatest mass rape in Western history occurred in what became “East Germany”; and 16 million East-European Germans were forced to abandon lands and homes they had inhabited for centuries, two million of whom (mainly the very old and the very young) perished in the process.

With greater discrimination, the Americans raided German patent offices, steeling their superior technology; they rounded up their rocket scientists, confiscated the libraries they hadn’t burned, and made off with priceless art works. German women, most on the verge of starvation, were not subject to mass rape (except by black American and French African troops), but their favors could be had for a half-dozen eggs, some cigarettes, or a few chocolate bars.

If this weren’t enough, the culture-distorters (whose “fury had been heightened by the European Revolution of 1933”), along with their American accomplices (especially the budding military-industrial complex), introduced large-scale starvation, abused POWs (several million of whom died as a consequence), hunted down anyone who failed to bow to the new conquerors, and imposed laws with ex post facto application.

Adding insult to injury, the “American world-clown and the sadistic Jew” then endeavored to “re-educate” Europeans in the arts of anti-fascism, mammon-worship, and democracy (i.e., “the corruptibility of the government by private wealth”).

The war for Yockey represented a categorical defeat for the “true America”—and a total victory for the Jews over Western Civilization.

Since 1945, the two sides of the Atlantic have ceased to share the same inner experience of feeling, for it was essentially a war against Europe. European Americans who supported it, Yockey contended, were traitors—inner enemies of their own culture.

Then, after being reduced to “a beggar colony of America,” Europe’s pre-1945 elites were replaced by “Michel elements” (liberal philistines embodying “the sum of European weaknesses”), who could be trusted to do the Jews’ bidding.

In the name of democracy, press rights and free speech were henceforth abrogated; political parties were required to obtain licenses; any expression of nationalism was criminalized, just as all anti-liberal formations critical of the occupiers’ regime were driven to the political fringe.

America-Jewry in this way sought to sever Europe’s roots, suppress her will to power, and deprive her of a sense of destiny.

In no meaningful political sense did Europe, in fact, continue to exist after 1945, thanks almost entirely to this monstrous entity with the Jewish head and the American body.

America-Jewry’s anti-European vengeance was especially evident in comparison to its generous treatment of defeated Japan.

Indeed, the entire nonwhite world was soon made to know that the United States had conquered Europe and that the colored outer-revolt, encouraged by the distorters, was ready, at last, to triumph over its former white masters. More than Soviet Communism, Yockey argued that Jewish-controlled America was the “enemy of Europe.”

And this made America an enemy of “true America,” for the Jewish idea of America—as a land of immigrants, creedal propositions, and universal brotherhood—stripped it of any “national-spiritual significance” it may have once had, doing so, ultimately, for “the enslavement of the world by big business.”

Every European-American loyal to his ancestral homeland—loyal to his own inmost being—was, Yockey concluded, duty bound to be disloyal to what America had become (even as he struggled to return it to Europe).

The American Vabanquespieler

Yockey believed the 19th-century Age of Materialism and Rationalism, which had shaped America’s cultureless civilization and opened the way to the culture-distorters, came to an end with the First World War (1918), as a new age struggled to succeed it—a new age that would be animated by the same primordial sources that had brought about the European Revolution of 1933.

If not for America-Jewry’s Old Testament war on Europe, German-Prussian Ethical Socialism (in rejection of liberalism’s individualistic Reign of Quantity) would have inaugurated a New Age of Authority, Discipline, and Faith, bringing the whole world under Europe’s influence. Instead, the very opposite occurred.

But even though the America of the culture-distorters had emerged victorious from the war, it changed not in the least the fact that America (this apotheosis of the 19th-century rationalism and materialism born of liberalism) still represented the past—and the past, Yockey held, could never defeat the future latent in Europe’s High Culture.

The barbarian victory of America’s 19th-century capitalism over the Germans’ Ethical Socialism had, indeed, already spread chaos and disorder throughout Western Civilization, heightening the imperative for a revolutionary transformation.

* * *

For the Vabanquespieler, the creation of a new European order (in the form of a continental imperium stretching “from Galway to the Urals”) would entail a great, heroic undertaking, as the White men of the West—in allegiance to a new transcendent idea—rallied to overthrow an exhausted, putrefied, but nearly insurmountable Jewish-American system.

The Last Men of America’s consumer paradise may think that the barbarians and the distorters had tamed the forces of history and quieted the demands of destiny, but the American apostate knew better. He also knew that Americans could do better.

Thus inspired, the Vabanquespieler stood against the Jewish- dominated, liberal-capitalist, anti-European Mammon System that had become America.

In anticipating the next cycle of Western Destiny, Yockey’s life work has bequeathed to European Americans a legacy affirming that “the old Gothic religious idea” is still latent in them and that the 21st century will be an age of European peace and order, if they are willing to fight for it.

The “American ideology” may therefore have no future, but “the soul of the American people,” born of Europe, has.


Editor’s note:

The above piece has been excerpted from Michael O’Meara’s “The Jitterbugs & the Vabanquespieler: On Yockey’s America” (The Occidental Quarterly, Winter, 2010-2011).

39 replies on “On Yockey’s America”

Once I received a copy of The Fair Race earlier this year, rereading these passages, this time on print, caused a huge impact in my mind:

Even before the War of Independence, they treated Jews as Europeans… [which proves that there’s a huge “Aryan problem” beside the JP]

In 1933, the year of the European Revolution, the Jews acquired outright political control of the United States—something that a thousand years of effort had failed to achieve in Europe.

…and throughout this most barbaric and punitive war in the white man’s history, the Washington regime talked incessantly of the enemy’s “war crimes” and its “inhumanity”… I suspect that the country’s latter-day Puritans, given their tendency to dehumanize the enemy, ought also to share a large part of the responsibility. [See the section on “The Christian Problem” in The Fair Race]

The [second world] war for Yockey represented a categorical defeat for the “true America”—and a total victory for the Jews over Western Civilization… In no meaningful political sense did Europe, in fact, continue to exist after 1945.

If not for America-Jewry’s Old Testament war on Europe [see also Tom Sunic’s essays in The Fair Race], German-Prussian Ethical Socialism, in rejection of liberalism’s individualistic Reign of Quantity, would have inaugurated a New Age of Authority, Discipline, and Faith, bringing the whole world under Europe’s influence. Instead, the very opposite occurred… The barbarian victory of America’s 19th-century capitalism over the Germans’ Ethical Socialism had, indeed, already spread chaos and disorder throughout Western Civilization.

“The barbarian victory…” For those who still have not read it, get a hard copy of Hellstorm. No honest white man will remain plugged in the Matrix—it’s impossible—if he reads these two books: The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and Hellstorm.


…it was the America that had originated as a European colony—the America whose “culture” was a branch of Europe’s High Culture—the America whose people still bore traces of the noble, heroic, and Gothic character of their ancestors.

Unfortunately, this was never the case, no matter how much Murkan White Niggers imagine it to be.

I wish Michael would come here and talk to us; it’s his essay, not mine after all.

At any event, I remember when I was a boy that Life magazine as well as Disney’s TV programs on the life of Beethoven and the Fantasia film when Murkans had not yet committed the most serious crime of Western history, conveyed the feeling that they did love their transatlantic roots.

Let’s get something straight. Murka and Murkans consciously set out to become the murderous New Zion long before the first Jews stepped ashore. Imagining or wishing this to be otherwise is a futile attempt at historical revisionism. What matters is what WAS DONE and the intent behind the doing, not how one might now “wish” things to be otherwise. This is THE false premise of Murkan White Nationalism. And make no mistake, it IS “Murkan”, i.e. exceptionalist and imperialistic, to its core.

Well, yes; and this reminds me the recent conversation between Guessedworker and Greggy Johnson about Heidegger. Greggy said that once a nation does something it is marked by such action ontologically.

One of the most fallacious, laughable things I’ve detected among white nationalists is that they blame the subversive tribe for what the US government did in WW2.

Many WNsts or southern nationalists don’t like the Nazis, and those who like them (The Daily Stormer types) stick to Christianity: which to my mind is thoroughly insane. The Spaniard Manu Rodríguez has a much better view about the root causes of the problem than the overwhelming majority of white nationalists; but of course, he’s an European.

This is my sermon to American white nationalists:

If you really believe in the 14 words you must do the proper penance in the form of using, instead of Jesus’ purported birthday, Hitler’s birthday as the calendar for the new era. You must also abandon the English language as the official tongue for the ethno-state in favor of German (only the Britons would be allowed to maintain their language, provided they are ruled by a Fourth Reich located in the continent).

But of course: American white nationalists are as distant from the triad in-depth examination of the conscience / repentance / atonement as those silly philo-Semite Republicans I watched last night in Fox News. They don’t believe that their nation’s sin is so astronomic that the penance must be proportionate.

Discussing Heidegger’s abstractions while Rome burns may sound silly to you and me, but I’m only using that Greggy / Guessedworker discussion to make an ontological point.

Abandoning English for people in North America is the same of abandoning Spanish for the very few whites in Central and South America: both the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation that founded New England and New Spain were “double-helixed” political entities. In the case of the US the situation is seriously aggravated because Murkans committed the sin against the holy ghost in the century when we were born.

In order to deconstruct Americanism you must deconstruct the American psyche. That means at least two thousand years of a collectivist Reich that completely eradicates the Americans’ suicidal individualism. Not only American simian music will be forbidden in such state but the very Americanized language, based on the worship of Mammon: a vulgar “English” that sounds no longer like the beautiful hyper-Nordish languages elaborated by Tolkien.

Penitence for a sin against the holy ghost not only implies self-discipline, continence, abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and simian music; but something analogous to what Christian penitents did: mortifications of the flesh. Translated this theological stuff to our secular times I would say, as Sebastian did in this thread: “All things Murkan must die”, including Murka’s language.

That’s the price to spare American whites from extinction, as presently the US is the most serious enemy of the Anglo-Saxon race.

Impressive observation, Mr. Ronin. Fact is, the American English colonies were largely peopled by England’s refuse (e.g., Georgia), and by regal “High Culture” rejecters (e.g., the Puritans).
The colonial New England economy thrived from smuggling in slave harvested cane sugar for its rum production industry, which supplied the motherland. Hasn’t brain addling liquor greatly contributed to the subsequent decline of England, as it does today?

Mr. Black, correct re social detritus swept off London’s back alleys and shanghaied onto the ships of the Virginia Company, the first two waves preferring to stay so drunk and bowl in the muddy streets of Tidewater rather than learning how to farm that the death toll was at around 70 percent. The Yankees, crazed though they were with their New Zion puritanism, at least came over as family units. The Deep South has always been the stronghold of a Norman elite overlooking its “assets” (yes, the Jews played the middle), and the Scots-Irish Borderlanders eventually drank, fought, and morphed their way into the founding of Murkan White Nationalism.

Cesar, para 1 of your “sermon” is a tad silly, with all due respect. I realize that you are having some fun with “ontology”, however Murkans cannot be Germanic any more than you can be. A “Fourth Reich” in Jesusland is simply some very bad acid that you should quickly bottle, if possible. Hehe.

Supposedly, the recent re-publication of Mein Kampf is cruising along at best seller. I shudder at the prospect of another several thousand Murkans THINKING that they have read and understood MK, speaking of “ontology.” It is such sinister hallucination dating back to Rockwell, after all, that has resulted in the current WN socio-cultural and political monstrosity. There is a solution for Nigger Nation: much fire and the DHS’ two billion rounds searching for homes. The fog of war IS the war.

Para 1 of my “sermon” would be silly only if I believed that WNsts will listen, which of course they won’t. I have been tempted to write an essay showing how the most revolutionary racist in today’s America, Harold Covington, actually wants to recreate the US in a sort Murka II sans Jews, his supposed “Nazi” ethnostate at the Northwest. But again, that would be preaching to the desert, and the desert is not worth my time…

By the way, which edition of Mein Kampf you’re referring to?

P.S. of February 22:

I just learnt that it is the edition to be published in Germany for first time since WW2 (with fuckin’ anti-Hitler annotations, of course).

I won’t defend what America has become, but even with almost total Jewish domination of our media and academia, America’s Whites are still far more assertive than Europe’s Whites.

If you disagree, explain how a movie like Serial Bad Weddings can become one of the biggest hits in France last year. This movie’s plot was about a White French family whose four daughters all marry males of different races: a jew, a Asian, an Arab, and of course a negro. This movie was made as a comedy in an attempt to get the French to laugh at their own genocide. Not even Hollywood would dare make a film like that, at least not yet.

As dysfunctional as America is, and as clueless as America’s Whites are, we are nowhere near as pathological as Western Europe.

This rings true to my ears. The weeks I spent in London last year shocked me for one thing: the level of friendship and collegiality among the races in the coffee shops, streets, trains and hostels.

I rarely saw that during the years I spent in Texas and California. When I worked at the Hyatt Regency Houston for example, in lunchtime whites sat around the table with other whites, Mexicans with Mexicans, blacks with blacks, and I always shared my table with a blond coworker from Chile.

Not in London last year: all sort of races mixed together in truly shocking levels of comradeship. I cannot speak for all Europeans, but at least Londoners are too far gone compared to the race dynamics I saw in the US in the 1980s and ’90s (though I ignore if it has changed since then).

Too many Europeans died in pointless wars over the centuries. WWI and WWII were probably the end. What else can explain the pathological submissiveness of modern Europeans? The masculine ones, the ones capable of resistance, died in all the stupid wars, leaving the cowards and the weak.

“Harry Black” says that America was populated by Europe’s refuse. That may be true in a certain sense, but another way of looking at it is that America was populated by people who at least had some sense of determination to them. Americans wiped out the Indians without shedding a tear. The idea of Manifest Destiny would have appalled Europe’s already-degenerate aristocracy at the time. And remember that when French women were fucking niggers in their Parisian clubs, Americans were hanging them, and even hanging kikes like Leo Frank.

There is still a good sense of White masculinity in America. In Europe there seems to be none whatsoever. The problem is that White Americans are a bunch of Jew-lovers, and the Jews use their masculinity to fight for Israel. If Americans can be deprogrammed to love Jews, there might be some hope. European “men,” however, seem to be spiritually dead, and even if they were deprogrammed I doubt they could be reprogrammed to start caring for themselves. Rotterham could never have happened in the US. Sorry, but when a nation lets invaders rape its own children, there’s no hope for it.

Re: Covington and his Pacific NW project. Brigham Young’s Mormons built a white ethnostate in Utah, massacred enemies (e.g., M Meadows 9/11/1857), and even went to war with the USA in 1857. In the end, however, they were broken by US power after 1887, when the Church was disincorporated, its key properties seized and Young’s successor had died in hiding. Over 900 polygamists were imprisoned. Lesson: don’t try this at home, kids.

Re: American Colonists as largely “Europe’s refuse” or rejecters of regal high culture. That was my rebuttal to the claim they brought European high culture, perhaps that it might providentially have been preserved from its decline in Europe. No, we cannot become a 4th R, or new England. Mr. Ronin has given some useful advice.

Re: White American masculinity. Yes, but heavily tainted with Jew values. I have a dear deaf-to-reality white Marine/Federal Marshal friend who suffers from deadly “savior syndrome”: supporting a crazy mud wife, while raising/ supporting numerous adopted children of various races, and their mud kin, with his generous gov. pension, and investment earnings. Worse than worthless.

doesn’t this mean that Americans are screwed?

Bad question. One should not compound fear, but do his duty and hope for the best. Our primary duty is to spread awareness.

To my mind Linder’s dream—a libertarian ethnostate—is unrealistic. Have you read “The Führer’s way is the only way”?

Very good article. First, Libertarianism is based on the “non-aggression principle” (NAP) is based on an elementary logical fallacy, detailed below. Second, in our unipolar world, the tyrannical state will strive to tighten its grip until, in the end, all opposition is abolished. If a white-friendly state somehow arose, it would obviously immediately face an existential threat, and have to begin at the end, so to speak, in order to survive.

Regarding the logical fallacy at the root of libertarianism: In Western logic, if you wish to discover a truth you need only establish a falsehood, from which it immediately follows that the contradictory is true.

Now, the libertarian wants to prove the NAP: “No one can ever rightly initiate force on ANYone else.” So he proposes a no-brainer: “Everyone should not be initiating force on each other,” from which he expects us to deduce the NAP.

The error is that “No one…” is merely the CONTRARY of the no-brainer, not its contradiction. BUT two contraries can BOTH be false. For example, “Everyone is white” is obviously false, but so is its contrary, “No one is white” (obviously some people are white and some are not). Now the contradiction of “Everyone is white” is simply, “someone is not white.” Similarly, the contradiction of the libertarian’s no-brainer is merely the very reasonable, “Someone cannot rightly initiate force on anyone else.” No libertarianism in that, though.

The foregoing discussion should be easy to follow for anyone with Logic 101 under their belt. Contraries are not contradictories, in spite of what Jew-addled libertarian theorists would have us believe.

I don’t think there was anything innate in the American character that made us susceptible to jewry, as Europe was on the same path to Judaization that we were until certain factors allowed the Germans to temporarily rediscover their identity. Contrary to what Jews claim, Aryans have always been a passive, non-judgmental people compared to other races. Why else would we have put up with Jews living in our lands for century after century? What kind of race allows its enemies to live in its homeland?

As for post-war Western leftists and liberals, we need to see these people as modern-day Janissaries. Janissaries, of course, were the European boys who were abducted from their homelands by invading Turks and brainwashed into Islam to become ferocious, anti-European fighters. They were then unleashed on their own flesh and blood, like pit bulls, to kill unquestioningly for their Muslim masters.

The White leftists and liberals of today are Janissaries, only instead of fighting for Islam, they fight for the Jew. Instead of being taken into Turkey to be indoctrinated into Islam, they are pushed into the school systems to be indoctrinated by the Jews, who twist their minds with “critical theory” and “white privilege studies.” These young Whites are taught to hate their flesh and blood, to hate their families and ancestors, to despise their own culture and history, and then they are unleashed upon their own people after graduation to twist Western society to what the Jew desires.

This is how you get the anti-Germans who celebrate Bomber Harris and openly call for the genocide of their fellow Germans. It’s how you get European antifa who hunt down and beat their fellow Europeans on behalf of the Jews and Muslims who hate them. It’s how you get Hollywood and European filmmakers who glorify miscegenation and anti-White violence. It’s how you get basically all modern politicians across the West who betray their own race every hour of every day. It’s how you get SWPL’s and SJW’s gloating about how America won’t be White in the future. These people are Janissaries in every sense of the word: they are the brainwashed soldiers of the enemies of their own people.

Re “how the most revolutionary racist in today’s America, Harold Covington, actually wants to recreate the US in a sort Murka II sans Jews”

That simply makes him the most revolutionary reactionary patriotard. Scratch most Murkan WNs ever so lightly and that is all you will find: simply a run-of-the-mill patriotard.

That explains a previously utter mystery for me: Why WNsts, who (falsely I now believe) crave for a system collapse so that their voices would finally be predicated, are ubiquitously unwilling to study the evidence that a big financial accident is in the making and, more seriously, energy devolution? They’re unwilling because after scratching their surfaces you only find patriotards. And what a patriotard really wants is business as usual. There’s no other explanation. Otherwise they would become experts in Austrian economics and in Chris Martenson’s courses and many interviews with peak oil skeptics and non-skeptics alike.

Greg Johnson is a good example of what we are talking about.

Agreed 100 percent. At core, after all the bullshit and pretense have been scraped aside, all they really want is for Murka to be “great” again, to be #1, to be White again (something that Murka has NEVER been), USA, USA, USA! Agreed re Dr. Greggy, but the most evident “organized” (cough) entity to portray such is the American Freedom Party, formerly the A3P, followed closely by the likes of American Renaissance, with yappy, one-man sock puppet the National Policy Institute, and the Council for Conservative Citizens. As has already been pointed out, Covington merely aspires to do it all over again, missing the ideological and political point altogether that ALL THINGS MURKAN MUST DIE. Also blind to this historical necessity is the emerging gaggle of Ethno Nationalist posers. They mouth the talk, but otherwise are cripples.

What I found troubling in Covington’s longest novel about the formation of a pseudo-Nazi state in America’s Northwest is that he’s a rabid feminist, to the point of envisaging lots of women in Murka II’s military and even within the government itself (“The new government department consisted of 342 people plus himself, about evenly split between male and female.” “A lot of… Neanderthal male chauvinist type want to go back to an all-male army”, etc.).

In his last novel Covington writes as if the dollar won’t crash, not even after the middle of this century; and as if miraculously unlimited amounts of energy would allow the Kwa’s capitalism continue to flourish both in Murka 1 (avec Jews) and Murka 2 (sans Jews).

Covington aside, such gross ignorance about economics and energy resources is omnipresent among white nationalists. These chicks want a Jesusland sans Jews but with capitalism still thriving. That’s why I like O’Meara so much.

And as you can see from the lack of participation in this thread, this theme ALWAYS strikes a nerve: Murkan White Nationalists are flushed out for the conservative and patriotard apologists that they actually are BENEATH the surface of their ethno-racialist pretense. Manifest Destiny and Murkan imperialism merely morph towards another stream. Witness the recent Boondoggle in Budapest. The aspiration to be National Socialist, for Murkans, can be nothing else but pretense. Such is ontological dictate…for those who actually understand such.

The lack of participation may also be due to the fact that (I guess) my hatreds of mankind in some of my later entries scare some of them. And a type-B bicausal fellow like me always blames more the Aryans than the Jew, which runs contrary to the accepted wisdom in the movement.

The lack of participation reminds me some words in The Struggle with the Daimon:

Has any human being, before him, made so trenchant a cleavage between past and present? Does not this severance account for the terrible solitude of his latter days? He had broken all the links which attached him to the past, and the furious rhythm of his life and of his ultimate transformations was too ardent for him to create new ties.

No wonder why Nietzsche lost his mind…

Yes, this discussion also reminds me of Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols:

What? you have chosen virtue and the heaving bosom, yet at the same time look with envy on the advantages enjoyed by those who live for the day? – But with virtue one renounces ‘advantage’…(laid at the door of an anti-Semite).

A criticism easily applicable to White Nationalist Patriotards.

Americans have a sort of crude prison racialism that unsettled even the National Socialists. Recall the propaganda poster showing a Klansman atop the American juggernaut. Hitler would never condone lynchings in Germany proper. Even the pit-killings in the East were more civil. Colonial savagery has its perks.

Yet, the Whites here draw moral courage from an alien holy book and can only articulate their interests in its terms or in liberal ones. It’s hard for an outsider to grasp just how Biblical this anti-culture is. Americans like Cahill even go so far to erase our Classical roots and give the Jews credit for their discoveries.

What in America is worth saving? The recessive America. By this I mean the European leaning elite that’s been beaten, subjugated, and chased out of America. Grant, Stoddard, Lovecraft, Jeffers, London, Kearney, Helper, MacDonald, Poe, Yockey, O’Meara, Oliver, Linder, Pierce, etc.

As a White man dwelling here I make it my personal mission to hold on to the fragments of the anti-American America. If Whites here make it out I’ll build the first library for them.

Well said, Snake. Recently I watched Lust for Life for the first time in my life. Since I own a book containing all the paintings by Vincent van Gogh, I recognized many scenes depicting the scenery that van Gogh used in Europe. Surely the director Vincente Minnelli, at least while filming it, felt a genuine bond to his European roots, something so rare in Hollywood.

I do recommend Lust for Life to American racialists instead of the silly films recommended by James O’Meara (not to be confused with Michael O’Meara).

I can’t watch anything starring the vile rapist jew Kirk Douglas.

That list of films is pathetic. I’ve seen most of them, back when I wasn’t racially-aware.

Casino: the “good” gangster is a jew who knocks up a blonde White woman. Directed by shabbos goy Martin Scorsese.

JFK: half-Jew Oliver Stone’s theory about how JFK was killed by gay republicans.

The Maltese Falcon: saw this but barely remember anything from it. Pretty standard “noir.”

Manhunter: serial killer shit.

Taxi Driver: White vigilante portrayed as a barely-literate, mentally-disturbed loser who watches porn movies and has no social skills.

The Shining: horror movie junk from the much-overrated Kubrick.

The Untouchables: enjoyable, but hardly essential.

They Live: fun and relevant for obvious reasons, but hardly a work of art.

Videodrome: never saw it; how the fuck did degenerate Jew Cronenberg get on this list?!

I half-expected a Tarantino movie on this list. This kind of crap is why I’m less and less interested in the “alternative right.” A lot of its writers don’t know what they’re talking about and haven’t even begun to truly reject modern degeneracy.

There are quite a few films that have artistic merit, but when it comes to films that have value for traditionalist Europeans you can probably count the films on your fingers. The Duellists is one, with its beautiful photography, fidelity to Joseph Conrad’s novella, and pro-aristocracy message. The bergfilme of Arnold Fanck are other examples, as are Riefenstahl’s works, both fiction (Das Blaue LIcht and Tiefland) and non-fiction (ToTW and Olympia). Maybe Lawrence of Arabia for its depiction of a White man hopelessly trying to tame savages. I can’t think of many others.

It’s disturbing that so many white nationalists like the reviews by Trevor Lynch (Greg Johnson). I once told Lynch/Greg that one of the silly sci-fi films he liked conveyed the wrong message: a husband and wife, the woman having a job as most liberated bitches have today. Greg didn’t seem to care about this point.

These are Greg’s ten favorite films:

1. Network

“This is the best movie ever made”—Greggy.

The best one? I watched it long time ago and it seemed to me, as they say in Mexico, “una gringada”: a Hollywood movie for mass-market consumption.

2. Vertigo

Greggy, who lives in San Francisco, likes this movie filmed in San Fran when the city was straight. But he’ll say nothing that the beautiful city of Hitchcock’s time is gone and that his webzine is not fighting to reclaim it for normal whites.

3. Pulp Fiction

Really? With such tastes in the WN movement who needs Jewish subversion?

4. Blue Velvet

This was directed by David Lynch! When America was healthier they liked Frank Capra (just compare Capra’s films with James O’Meara’s rubbish or Lynch’s surreal and disturbing movies).

5. Ran

6. The Birds

What I said above about San Fran.

7. Sunset Boulevard

8. The Bridge on the River Kwai

9. The Talented Mr. Ripley

10. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I agree on the last one: the very first LOTR movie by Peter Jackson. In my own list of 10 favorite films there are almost no bad messages for the white psyche.

As to Kirk Douglas in the role of van Gogh, well, what we need is a film industry run only by Aryans, including the actors. I’m reading the last pages of Hitler’s Table Talk now and realize he had pretty good ideas about the subject.

There’s an odd lack of aesthetic taste in the Alt Right, for all their claims of being traditionalists. A lot of these films aren’t just thematically ugly, but aesthetically ugly as well. 70s films especially tend to have that dirty, grimy look to them.

As for that porker Hitchcock, I have nothing good to say about him. His films are loaded with Jewish psychoanalytic bullshit while others are outright propaganda films like the German-hating Lifeboat, written by uberkike Ben Hecht.

A lot of rightists seem to like LOTR and I can see why, but I just don’t like Peter Jackson’s self-indulgent style of directing.

Right now the best we can hope for are films that are unintentionally pro-White, like Drive and the original Time Machine. It’s odd how Western Europe is still mostly-White yet they make the most degenerate, anti-White crap you’ve ever seen. Hollywood is definitely getting worse though.

On a somewhat related note, Triumph of the Will is apparently being restored for a coming Blu-ray release. Looking forward to that.

These are the words of Alejandro González Iñárritu when receiving yesterday three Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture for the thoroughgoing decadent film Birdman:

decadenteI want to dedicate this award for my fellow Mexicans, the ones who live in Mexico. I pray that we can find and build the government that we deserve. And the ones that live in this country who are part of the latest generation of immigrants in this country, I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and the respect of the ones who came before and (built) this incredible immigrant nation.

This Mexican ignores that the overwhelming majority of Mexicans have an IQ of roughly two standards of deviation below from the one that, say, he and I have. (It looks like a whole hour of Birdman or more was filmed in a single shot—a smart but decadent director.) The same should be said about Patricia Arquette’s stupid demand during her speech yesterday at the Oscars ceremony for equal salaries for women, as if these precious creatures of long hair and short ideas match our IQs!

Hollywood is nauseating indeed, and those white nationalists who like its movies are part of the problem of white decline, not only part of the solution as they naively believe.


I feel like an alien in America. Always have since my arrival here in the 80s. I never really ‘found myself’ here if that makes sense. I do not know if that is good or bad.

This America place is a freakshow. I yearn for a place with wholesome people, but that does not exist on planet Earth.

What to do? I just raise my kids with no tv, radio, etc. and try to stay away from most people here.

You can meet race-aware whites at local libraries, book stores, special interest, or “support groups,” even churches. Any interesting ones will not be hard to spot, because they will be there for the same reasons you are. Be not afraid of rejection, just be yourself and you will attract the people you and your children want to associate with.

To paraphrase Nietszche, what is ultimately decisive against America is not our reason but our taste. I just can’t relate to spiritually ugly people parroting whatever the television excretes this week. I guess that makes me unpatriotic.

Your children are lucky to be spared from America’s “entertainment” complex. We’ll escape this mess by carving out small zones of sanity amidst the bedlam. One day all of our zones will overlap.

America sucks. On the plus side, it’s often easier for Americans to parse things down, lacking Europe’s cultural weight. American Christianity and liberalism are more stark and concentrated than their European counterparts; this contributes to their dominance.

As far as American penitence, I don’t believe it’s possible. It would require a sense of national honor that must be restored, and there’s too little of that to start. America is “a nation of ideas” and an ideological break is a civil war.

I’m unimpressed by “culture”. The nations Yockey envied for their rich history and cultural traditions are dying cesspools. Barbarian Germany conquered the most advanced empire in the world, the Germany of Bach, Kant, Wagner, and Nietzsche is a decadent vassal-state. Rockwell was right to shun continental pretensions.

I still have to read Rockwell but I think it’s unlikely that he blamed capitalism and Christianity as the primary factors of white decline.

America’s double-helix genes were capitalism and Christianity since the 17th and 18th centuries (Jewry takeover, a late 19th century opportunistic infection within that cesspool). Very few white nationalists subscribe this interpretation of the West in general and the US in particular.

Take Hunter Wallace for example. On several articles and threads (e.g., here) he recently blamed Republicanism as the main factor of white decline, and he tentatively proposed a return to monarchy.

He’s wrong.

No white nationalist has incorporated in his worldview my observation of what the Iberians did in most part of this continent, something that happened when monarchies ruled Spain and Portugal.

Iberian history in the Americas and in the peninsula proves that the main cause of Iberian decline was precisely the double-helix: the lust for gold and silver in Mexico and Peru, and the Roman Catholic Church’s blessing of mixed marriages from the beginning. In order to blame Republicanism as the original factor you need to brush under the carpet the whole history of the monarchies that ruled Latin America from 1521 to the wars of independence in the nineteenth century.

Since most white nationalists are Americans my guess is that they conveniently ignore this large chunk of the continent’s history because this history invalidates and refutes their working hypothesis: Jewry as the primary factor. In other words, white nationalists are unwilling to look at the mirror (double-helix = main culprit) because they are still American patriotards.

Isn’t it significant that you need a Canadian like Sebastian Ronin or someone born in Mexico like me to see the underlying factors of white decline?

Jews may not be the primary cause of Aryan decline, but at this stage in history they are the ones who are doing everything to prevent us from addressing our decline and doing something to stop it. That’s really the bigger issue at this point. We can’t get to the crux of the matter—the cause of our decline—if we can’t have historians, scientists, politicians, artists, philosophers, etc. publicly discussing it.

Agreed. This was precisely the subject-matter of my Addenda article about the secondary infection that’s killing us, that I repost now within this thread:

A monocausal white nationalist has iteratively accused me of “making excuses for the jews” and still worse: he has raised questions that I could probably “be a crypto-jew.”

The charge is so crazy that I would like to respond by means of a personal vignette.

A few months ago I caught an extremely nasty flu. So nasty in fact that my doctor mandated some X-ray photographs checking up for sinusitis (never in my life I had been asked to do radiographs for the symptoms of a flu).

The diagnosis of my doctor was a common viral flu that got complicated by a secondary infection of streptococcus, a bacteria. While my body’s immune system took charge of the viruses after a week or so, the doc’s treatment focused in killing off the bacteria through fair doses of a pretty strong antibiotic. That is to say: although the primary etiology of my disease was viral, what was knocking me out was a secondary, bacterial infection; and the whole purpose of the antibiotic treatment was to kill every single bacterial pathogen that was irritating my throat so intensely.

Now imagine that another physician, a “monocausal” quack that disbelieves the existence of viruses as the primary etiology of complicated flus, declared that my doctor is “making excuses for the bacteria” even though his treatment meant a “final solution” to the streptococcus problem. Still worse: imagine that the quack doctor imagines that my family’s physician may be a bug himself because that’s the only way the quack can conceive that our physician is unwilling to blame the bacteria as the single cause for the disease!

Silly and crazy as it may seem, that’s exactly how this monocausal nationalist reasons about me. The fact that I postulate the existence of a primary, viral infection (what in my books I call genetic disposition to individualism plus the One Ring plus the Christian problem) is enough to consider me a bacterial bug! It doesn’t matter the least bit that I promote final solutions to the bacteria or kike problem (see my conclusions about The Fair Race: here) as the way to regain our health. The sole postulating the existence of flu viruses as the primary etiology is enough for this man to see the physician that mandates killing the bacteria as a bacteria himself!

Isn’t it incredible how silly single-causers can be? I can only hope that after the dollar crashes most white nationalists will, like me, reject WN and adopt NS instead.

P.S. about my virus/bacteria article

Of course, there’s a flaw in the comparison. Unlike my immune system that dispatched the flu viruses, presently all the West is still under the grip of the Ring, capitalism; and a substantial amount of Westerners in the American continent, WNsts included, are still Christians (and even non-Christians like Greg Johnson and Franklin Ryckaert subscribe Neo-Christian axiology). A more proper metaphor would have been AIDS and pneumonia bacteria killing a human organism while such organism has not been able to get rid of the HIV viruses.

In other words, the Aryan problem (individualism + the One Ring + the Christian problem) has yet to be properly addressed in the WN movement. That’s why I prefer National Socialism.

I hope America burns in Hell for what it did, and helped do, to Europe.

These alleged exceptional Americans (who have secret loyalties to Europe) that O’Meara talks about are nothing but a figment of his imagination. Americans collectively, by their complicity and enthusiastic participation in the bloodiest fratricide of Europe have made their Jewish allegiances known and there is no going back from that!

They are all guilty and I hope they all receive from the niggers and spics, the exact same treatment they inflicted upon Germany. They have no place in Europe and I hope when the next European revolution comes to pass that we in Europe have the wisdom to keep these degenerate, Jew-worshiping, Protestant traitors out of our lands.

When we Europeans finally finish cleaning up Europe we will make a point to send all our mud coloured trash and biological refuse your way America. That whore called Britannia will become a shipping port through which we send these waste products to you by the boatload until there is not a single mud staining Europe ever again.

Land of immigrants you will receive your justice. You wanted to help the kikes turn Europe into an Africanized, Judaized slave state, but that is precisely what will be visited upon you.


I’d sooner ally with the Taliban than have you despicable, treacherous, jew-loving faggots as friends.

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