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Simian music

“In the long history of mankind there have not been so very many democratic republics, yet people lived for centuries without them and were not always worse off. They even experienced that ‘happiness’ we are forever hearing about, which was sometimes called pastoral or patriarchal… They preserved the physical health of the nation… They preserved its moral health, too, which has left its imprint at least on folklore and proverbs—a level of moral health incomparably higher than that expressed today in simian radio music, pop songs and insulting advertisements. Could a listener from outer space imagine that our planet had already known and left behind it Bach, Rembrandt and Dante?”

—Solzhenitsyn (From Under the Rubble)

7 replies on “Simian music”

It can be no coincidence that Solzhenitsyn hated big cities and loved small towns, something present in my mind now that I added another page to the “About” series: links to my Clark excerpts (where I paraphrase one of your sentences elsewhere, btw).

Chechar, you should write a brief guide, what kind of music is recomendable and acceptable for our worldview. It’s a shame, that people like Greg Johnson are promoting industrial-noise bands like Laibach.
Laibach are hoax & fraud, I know what I’m talking because I know them personally. They are not even musicians!

Like many other nationalists Greg is both: part of the solution as well as part of the problem of Western suicide.

To give you a graphic example: When I was a kid I was under the impression that lightning bolts were a local phenomenon. It shocked me to learn, now with satellite images, that lightening bolts are an extremely widespread phenomenon, sometimes covering large parts of a continent and not merely a town, as I used to believe.

It all has to do with perspective and meta-perspective. For example, the common nationalist is surely right about the Jewish Question. Yet he fails to see that it is not a local phenomenon. Like the lightening bolts, the JQ can only be understood within a much broader meta-perspective.

Recently I added excerpts of a TV series. I tried to convey the idea that the present crisis is infinitely broader than what the common nationalist believes. Alas, I guess that for the common nationalist the issues raised by Kenneth Clark in those 1969 series are basically non-issues for our cause?

Anyway, if you don’t already know anything about classical music, I’d highly recommend starting with a couple of Disney films, and pay special attention to the background music. For instance, I believe that Walt Disney magnificently adapted Tchaikovsky’s music of Sleeping Beauty for his 1959 film.

Start out with the “Best of…” series on Naxos: Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Beethoven.


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