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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book)

New edition


Note of June 2017: This book is no longer downloadable for free.

• The previous PDF of my compilation of articles included software errors during the transfer of Word to Lulu’s PDF, especially near the footnotes. These have been corrected.

• Michael Colhaze’s lyric piece, “Lords of the Ring,” has been removed from this new edition as per Colhaze’s own request.

• I added in its place two short articles: “On Hitler” by Ciaran, a pugnacious blogger who used to comment on The Occidental Observer, and still another piece by the Brazilian Larry Mars, “AA approach to the one-drop rule.”

• There are also comparatively minor modifications like adding photos of Dominique Venner beside the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris and a detail of Jacques-Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii on the very last page, etc.

I will try to get a hard-copy of Maxfield Parrish’s Poster Book that contains an illustration of Lady Violet so that I may scan it and add it to the cover, greatly improving the current cover pic. (Incidentally, the manuscript is still in the editorial process of a much more respectable publishing house; when it becomes available from there I’ll let my visitors know.)