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Trainspotter on GD crackdown


Chechar, glad you are following this. I believe we are witnessing an event of historical importance, with tremendous and far-reaching ramifications no matter how it plays out.

It’s early days yet, but it would seem that the system is dropping even the pretense that the ballot box can be used to mount a meaningful challenge to establishment anti-white policies. For all of our lives, the system argument against us has been, “You are unpopular losers.” But when we can prove popularity, in spite of the system throwing every obstacle in the book at us, the hammer falls. Of course.

Apparently, the only acceptable choices are Anti-White Fast and Anti-White Slow—in other words we can dispute the speed at which we move along the anti-white trajectory, but we are not allowed to dispute the trajectory itself.

The legitimacy of the modern democratic system is coming under enormous strain, something we’ve been discussing for years. It’s playing out more or less as we’ve expected, and at this point it looks like a win no matter what. If Golden Dawn is crushed, the legitimacy of the democratic system takes a tremendous beating, and the anti-whites will enjoy a Pyrrhic victory at best.

If, on the other hand, Golden Dawn survives and even prospers, then the legitimacy of the anti-white system still takes a beating, perhaps a far more severe beating. All of our lives it has been a case of “heads they win, tails we lose.” In an important sense, that may be reversed here.

I think that the system has blundered, though it might not have had a choice. Either way the system loses, whether in the short or longer run. And that may reveal the value of democratic politics… forcing a system reaction like this. I hope Golden Dawn has a Plan B, but we’ll see. At least they forced the reaction, revealing that the emperor has no clothes.

golden-dawn-flagsIn any event, I’ll check back in the days ahead, and look forward to any commentary that you might have. Long Live Golden Dawn!


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