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2nd World War David Irving Winston Churchill


by Peter

churchillI’m not a white nationalist, but I have joined the ranks of those who object to multiculturalism’s destruction of the world’s different cultures, primarily white European cultures…

Unfortunately, while I believe public opinion is beginning to change in its attitude toward Israel and Jews, a majority of people still support both. This means that while on the internet you can read intelligent articles such as on this website (and others), the mainstream media is still in control and they largely form public opinion with their propaganda. This means many whites support the bombing of Arab countries because they simply don’t know the real power behind these policies.

Also, most people want to support their gov’t, I guess until they perceive the gov’t as their enemy and then they might revolt. But until that time they are loyal to the country they live in and this allows the propagandistic media to exploit them.

I view it similarly to how Winston Churchill lied to his people to create a world war with Germany. The British historian [David Irving] explains it in fascinating detail. Before the war there was a strong peace movement in England and the King visited Hitler and got on well with him. This was a problem for Churchill who was being financed by Jews to bring a war against Germany.

While Hitler repeatedly made attempts at ending the war, having German diplomats approach the British, Churchill forbade British diplomats from speaking to their German counterparts. Then Churchill began his attacks against German civilians. When the Luftwaffe attacked England it strictly attacked military targets, while Churchill continuously ordered the RAF to drop bombs on German civilian areas in order to anger Hitler into retaliating. Hitler finally made a rousing speech saying Germany had enough and if England did this again, Germany would “eradicate” England’s cities. Churchill had the RAF drop bombs on a German civilian area the next day, killing many Germans and then Germany finally retaliated and attacked a civilian area of one of England’s cities (it might have been Coventry).

Irving explained this is exactly what Churchill wanted. Churchill crushed England’s peace movement with this and by claiming Germany wanted to conquer England and “take over the world.” All this while Germany was frantically trying to keep peace in the west and then end the war after France and England declared war against them.

That is how you exploit people’s loyalty to their country, the same way American’s loyalty is exploited against Muslims.


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