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The source of all evil

The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body… [It] will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry.

—Francis Parker Yockey

Amerika is a racial and cultural abortion. The scalpel of pop culture has performed a lobotomy on racial memory, with the full and eager endorsement of the patient.

—Sebastian Ronin

An awakened, recommencing Europe promises, thus, to repudiate America’s betrayal of herself—America, this foolish European idea steeped in Enlightenment hubris, which is to be forgotten as a family skeleton once Europe reasserts herself.

 —Michael O’Meara

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America was a simple refugee for the excess population in europe due to Industrialization, it was never meant to be something greater. Unfortunately, it became a threat to it`s motherland.

>Amerika is a racial and cultural abortion.<

I think that's a bit harsh when you consider that many urbanized places turn into 'cosmopolitan' ie multicultural, cities. Just take Vienna circa 1900, or any of the Ancient Empires, or any of the modern European cities. Excess urbanization seems to lead to the proverbial 'melting pot' which then spreads it's malevolent multicultural memes across the rest of the country (and the rest of the world in the case of USA).

We, that is Europeans (Whites), have been not only on top, but securely on top for so long that we have lont every last vestige of tribality. Most of us, I venture, think of tribality as an archaic concept indicative if a lower civilization (cf. the idea that savages live in tribes but civilized people do not).

It tried to be European momentarily: when Disney filmed Fantasia with classical music as soundtrack; when he celebrated Aryan female beauty with his 1959 film (Disney at his best); and when as a kid I watched his black and white TV programs, one about the life of Beethoven. The one that made the greatest impression featured IIRC (this was decades ago!) an adolescent Billy Mumy that discovered the mystery of the woman—times of decency of course, before the sexual revolution turned everything upside down.

A quote from Yockey would have made it a trifecta.

Murka set out to become anti-Europe. This is much of O’Meara’s message; it has succeeded; it dashes towards its New Zion destiny. This much is still a major blind spot: Murka is not and never has been part of the Occident BY ITS OWN CHOICE, “Whites” or not. Lamenting the loss of an illusion accomplishes nothing.

Most countries in Europe are more “American” than America is. The Germans can’t discuss their own country’s history. French police have ceased trying to enforce the law in large parts of Paris for fear of provoking non-White riots. The English can’t even fly England’s flag.

America isn’t just “a part” of the West, America is the cumulation of the West, the realization of its core principles, unfettered by what Western thought considers to be tribalism and mysticism. All of the West became America because America was the only place it could go. As America dies the West dies, or perhaps more accurately as “Americanism” dies the West dies. Americanism is the end of history, the end of the “progress” that can be made within a Western framework, the end of the calendar, 2012.

Western Civilization was Christianity-based and can no longer be sustained. You can’t separate Western Civilization from humanism or from rationalism. You can’t preserve Western Civilization when core humanist principles can no longer be supported by reason. We’re watching the end of it, just as we watched the end of Classical Civilization two centuries ago. It’s a paradigm shift as Seb says, and not because of its geopolitical or economic implications (which will likely be huge), but because it will fundamentally change our relationship with our own existence.

The pieces of the West will be re-evaluated; some put into new frameworks, some discarded entirely, like Christian monks pouring over Greek philosophy and deciding what fits with their goals and what’s useless to them. The end result, however, will be a completely new worldview, or psychoclass, or operating system, or consciousness. (Either that or complete annihilation of course.)

It’s not that difficult to imagine the destruction of your country, especially when you’re an American and your country is almost featureless to begin with, but it’s very difficult to imagine the end of your own civilization, because it breaks the framework that you rely on to imagine things at all. This is less true for us, since we’ve already broken the spine of that framework by rejecting humanism, and mostly just need to clear away the debris.

Western Civilization was Christianity-based and can no longer be sustained.

Just curious: Have you read the article I’ve linked the most in my blogging career, Conservative Swede’s “The Red Giant”?

Classical Civilization two centuries ago

You mean “millennia”, right?

It’s a paradigm shift… and not because of its geopolitical or economic implications… but because it will fundamentally change our relationship with our own existence.

There’s no question about it: you must read that long article:


I thought I had, but I hadn’t. I’m only partway through but it’s excellent. (And yeah, is should be “millennia”, for some reason I keep swapping those.)

Finished it. Very good, long but a better use of my time than most readings. I’d add that regardless of what happens on the overpopulation front, Darwinian selection will destroy the White liberals, one last gift from evolution. The fight against the dark hordes afterwards will determine whether we survive or die with swords in our hands.

Love this Yockey quote.

Murka is greater israel, its simple as that.

I recently read Bolshevism: From Moses to Lenin and the International Jew of Henry Ford, Murka was already seen as the jewland by the early 1920s.

What surprises me is how Europeans tolerated a parasytical class for 2000 years.

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