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Homosexuality Kali Yuga Marriage

Hello Chechar,

First, thank you for your website, it is one of the most informative WN sites that I read on a daily basis.

Second, I wanted to share this link [admin's note of 2016: link no longer working] with you concerning the recent debate about homosexual marriage.

ccThe point that Greg Johnson misses (purposely or not) is that the homosexual / jewish activists’ stated purpose through gay marriage is to destroy marriage. Johnson is either incredibly naive or being deceptive.

Best regards,

R. Rud

4 replies on “Hello Chechar,”

What must be remembered is that non-heterosexuals and non-whites, don’t marry out of love, or to start a family, but out of lust and a desire to own a playmate.

This becomes most clear when you remember that gays are free to hold a marriage ceremony, to live together like a married couple and often even to adopt a child.

But they want the authority of the state to give them that right, it is not enough for them that they are free to marry each other in a ceremony and then life together, they want to force the rest of society to agree with it.

The left is wrong of course, desacralizing state marriage, simply means that whites will have to look towards another authority to bind marriage, and that authority is race.

I therefor declare the only authority that can sanction a marriage is race, and that the majority of even not married within race, and without the purpose of having children, are not really married at all.

A Stormfront commenter nailed Greg’s recent articles: “So the real issue is not even homosexual versus heterosexual, but reproductive versus non-reproductive sex. That’s all there is to it.”

I would say that marriage = ceremony + race + children and that unless all those conditions are met, there is no marriage. In that sense someone who is heterosexual and who marries a woman, of the same race, but doesn’t have children isn’t really married, they are just using each other for sex. That is not very different from homosexuality.

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