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Weigel on the Ronin controversy

My Full Support for the RPN [Renaissance Party of North America], by Erick Weigel, Co-Chair, RPN (USA) Steering Committee


I am not interested in getting into an online pissing match with anyone, but since I have a stake and role in the future and successful development of the Renaissance Party of North America (USA) as one of two Co-Chairs of the RPN (USA) Steering Committee, I will make some statements.

All of the concerns put forth in the recent criticisms of Sebastian E. Ronin and the RPN can be alleviated by simply reviewing the Renaissance Vanguard website and the Renaissance Party of North America website. The Three Pillars (Peak Oil, Secession, Ethno Nationalism), the Ten Principles of Ethno Nationalism, the RPN Constitution, and the RPN Policy Positions in particular, will address all concerns and criticisms. All of them:  Ethno Nationalism, Peak Oil, race, religion, left/right or otherwise, White Nationalism and so on.

Read it there. Either you get it, or you don’t (or won’t). Either you jump onto the program, or you don’t.

Regarding Ethno Nationalism:

The Renaissance Vanguard and the RPN have reached out to nearly every potentially friendly North Amerikan White Nationalist personality and organization at one point or another over the last three years regarding mission, policies, and positions. The concept of Ethno Nationalism has always been met with a degree of contempt and/or ridicule by most Amerikan White Nationalists, up to and including a total black-balling by the WN community of the RV [Renaissance Vanguard] and the RPN.

That is until recently. Now it is the “new thing” among the so-called elite of Our Cause, several being those who have ridiculed, that we are all supposed to rally behind as the next great concept to save our race (and get page hits).

From my observations this recent jumping onto the Ethno Nationalist bandwagon by White Nationalists is either one of two things.  It is either that there has been suppression of egos coupled with a very uncanny instance of synchronicity where everyone concerned had a moment of clarity on the subject…or…they finally realized that Mr. Ronin may be onto something and feel they can run with it as their own.

The former is quite unlikely. So that leaves a greater possibility of the latter. Naturally, one would take extreme offense to such blatant attempts to re-package and peddle their position as belonging to one of our own WN “great thinkers.”

Would it not be more honourable and respectful to simply give credit where credit is due? I mean so many personalities and activities are cross-promoted in certain circles, why not in this case? It comes down to egg on the face, personality conflicts, online pissing matches, and that most arrogant and suicidal of Amerikan cultural poisons, imperialist exceptionalism.

Regarding left/right/libertarian or whatever:

None of that matters. It’s all bullshit. The tags of leftist, ring-winger, liberal, and conservative no longer hold any meaning. They are all potentially, i.e. more than likely, the problem.

“No enemies on the Right” as adopted by the New Orleans Protocol no longer applies, as pointed out by Mr. Ronin, because the Right is every bit of an enemy as the Left. Over the years I have met people that have come to Our Cause from all over the political map. Some of the most ardent have been former “lefties” (or worse).

The RV appeals to all factions at a point of overlap. This is the gist of our philosophical Vesica Piscis. We don’t want everyone, just the ones in each sphere that “get it.”

Regarding Heathens and Christians:

This fight has been a long standing one. It has nothing to do with peak oil, Ethno Nationalism, RV, the RPN, or Sebastian Ronin. Unless, of course, pointing out some really poorly thought out public statements by certain people is considered instigating.

Actually, some of these poorly thought out public statements re-opened the Pandora’s Box of religion once again, just when it was quietly drifting towards a non-issue.

It just so happens that most RV participants have a non-Christian view of things. The only people that it seems to bother are the Christian zealots who insist that faith (theirs, of course) be a firm basis for any organizational statement of principles.

In conclusion, I would simply like to make it public that Mr. Ronin has my full support in the ongoing attempts at character assassination and theft of ideological breakthroughs tossed in his direction by cowardly and unprincipled detractors. No one stuck a gun to my head to force me to come over to the RPN from the American Third Position for which I was Northeast Regional Director. I came over of my own free will, as will others in time. I came over because I am convinced, as has been pointed out by Mr. Ronin, that the RPN is the future.

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I am a Christian. I serve God, by trying to preserve MY Race. I do NOT “accept” non-Whites, as Christians, before I accept Pagan Whites, etc. I don’t “accept” non=Whites at all, in fact. I wish Non White Christians well, but they are not my concern, and of no interest, unless THEIR first concern is preserving and advancing the White Race, above all else – which is bloody unlikely, Race Uber Alles.

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