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Raping little roses

British social workers and the police knew that non-whites had been gang-raping pre-pubescent, pubescent and adolescent white girls and forcing them into prostitution. A decade went by, but due to an insane sense of ethnic sensitivity and community cohesion, the criminals went unprosecuted and the authorities let the horror continue for years.

We must devote our thoughts this day to think about the British criminals—or rather, the whole anti-white, liberal culture of the United Kingdom—that allowed the raping and the prostitution of the young girls in Rotherham.

Read the article at The Occidental Observer (here).

12 replies on “Raping little roses”

“Little roses”?

I wish I could still believe that. Just like I wish I could still believe that the majority of educated white men are decent and responsible.

There are noble items in the world, they are just very hard to find.

Well… I used to live in Walley Range in Manchester, where some white teenagers (females) seemed to prostitute themselves in the neighborhood. Even if they didn’t come from well-educated families, their physique is still what I call “the crown of the evolution”. And I am outraged for what those girls passed thru in Rotherham as much as if they were girls from the Jane Austen world.

Our sense of compassion should cover all white children and all white adolescents. The poor things are not to blame for what the System did to them.

That’s very sad, I am sure you relate to their situation closely. The sexualization of young girls in America is especially bad; and by young, I mean 8 to 10 years old.

As a long time sufferer, I say pity is a bad emotion … it assumes too much about the condition of other people which might cause you to sacrifice foolishly for others (namely that they have the identical ability to empathize,which is rarely the case).

This is why Christian ethics are a shame.

This reminds me of a case thats currently unfolding in Denmark, my home country.

An 18 year old somalian has been accused and sentenced for brutally raping a 10 year old girl, and trying to rape a 9 year old girl. Before this incidence he had tried to rape an 18 year old woman.
Both of the girls are off course ethnic white scandinavian girls. The incarnation of “little roses”.

All he received was 6 years of comfy liberal prison. With no deportation after finishing his sentence, unless he commits crime within 2 years of his release. A so called “suspended sentence”.
The defence argued that the convicted had a greater “attachment” to Denmark than Somalia, which the jury somehow accepted.
This despite being of somali negroid descent, speaking the language, and having lived for a longer time in his home country.

Off course many people are in uoroar over this very lenient penalisation. But apparently many people keep on voting for political parties that support this crazy liberal way of thinking.

And my impression is that similar situations are occuring all over the western world. And all based on the logic of “respecting human rights”.

Compare the public reaction to these heinous crimes to that which followed the murder of Lee Rigby. The fact that there has been no public reaction to the former makes a comparison difficult. No flowers left, no messages left on cards; every police officer in that area should hang their heads in shame. Their pensions will not be waiting for them when they retire.

I wish someone from England tells me what happens when you bring this subject to casual conversation? Where are the English (or Danish) males???

Many are sitting in pubs watching football (soccer), many are sitting in front of TVs watching ‘entertainment’ et cetera. Mention these subjects in casual conversations and in many you might detect a faint spark of outrage, but it is as if it is all happening far away and is beyond their ability to prevent. There are those who know and understand, but many are trapped on internet forums, scattered far and wide, no great tradition, indeed no tradition of English nationalism to call upon. England has been buried beneath a mudslide of PC and TV, without the latter the former could not be enforced. The police have the role to protect the immigrants at all costs. The ‘little roses’ made the “lifestyle choice”, after all, the police said so! Working class whites are considered the lowest of the low by their fellow countrymen. those vapid morons who throw themselves gleefully into debt slavery in order to buy the illusion of affluence and class. Then again they look down upon those of their own ilk if they happen to have one square foot of lawn less than themselves. Despite what has occurred the vast majority of Englishmen have not been mugged by reality.

The ‘rape of little roses’ never receives more than the barest of media coverage. The murder of Lee Rigby inevitably received considerable coverage, hard to ignore the act, but it has been discreetly pushed to one side although English flags and flowers still adorn war memorials across the land. The English/British have a curious attachment to their military, perhaps harkening back to the First World War when everyone’s son marched of to glory and the romance of Empire was butchered by modern industrial killing in the mud. The myth of the Second World War is deeply embedded in the English psyche, people seem to accept the Dad’s Army (TV show) vision than believe that Britain was a vast and powerful empire that had seen its best army routed and thrown into the sea by Germany; the very idea that Dunkirk was anything but a heroic triumph would be sacrilegious to many. “The French ran away!” excuses the ineptitude of the BEF. No, they were scattered within six weeks. Hitler should have annihilated the BEF, he chose not to. England today is poorer for that act of clemency.

The modern British military is ‘over there’, participating in the global ‘Hellstorm’ rather than defending their own land or people; they are helping the internationalists destroy and plunder. They are all someone’s sons, but the myth that they are everybody’s sons is encouraged just so the people ‘support the troops’, that utterly meaningless phrase, one which simpletons would never seek a definition of.

So, the ‘little roses’ will be served up to the lusts of the elite and the immigrants for some time yet, nothing will be done. There are still many good Englishmen, but they are adrift; London is one of the great strongholds of the international tyrants, it will be the last to fall. Do not look to England and expect to see a great rising; the Saxon is still deep in his slumbers. Perhaps he will be awoken by the din of distant battle in France, if he does then his wrath will be terrible; there are men of very different kind to the dapper Mr Farage in the shadows. The lone wolves will be wise to remain outside, any attempt to form a pack will be ruthlessly crushed. The English will have to follow the lead of others, but ultimately they may have to be bolder for they reside in the enemy camp.

Above all, the sons of Tommy Atkins must grasp the idea that they are occupied by the ‘British’, just as the Irish were. The majority of the English have been skilfully manipulated into believing that English and British are really the same thing; London is the capital of England, after all.

Ironically, the best hope for salvation lies in the hands of the current ruling class: austerity may work in mysterious ways.

When I spent one year at the UK I was dismayed to see native Britons being electronically zombified with TV as were the non-whites in the same house. After the dollar crashes and incidents like the recent decapitation explode geometrically, I guess they’ll have a chance to wake up.

By the way, the UK government owns the BBC, which means that it’s not a properly run by jews, am I right?

Yes, the BBC is the mouthpiece of the regime, thoroughly Jewish, leftist and promoter of multiculturalism. The genuine English nationalists are out there, but they remain in the shadows, people should not mistake the buffoonery of the EDL as any sort of vanguard. They are either a controlled or controllable opposition.

There is no future in being ‘public’ in the current climate, hope lies in the lone wolves who are gradually coming together. The numbers are not huge, but ultimately that may be a strength. The dollar collapse is a must.

Thank you for an excellent blog, it has provided much inspiration.

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