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Aryan thoughts, white thoughts (2)

Excerpted from an article in Spanish:

In this time of loss, in this interregnum, in this night we suffer it is not prudent or wise, from our ranks, to throw the slightest criticism at the Nazi period (we should not pass ammunition to the enemy). Moreover, it is the only relevant event of our people in the last thousands of years I would say…

The swastika, our standard, not only was raised against liberalism and communism. Only today we are starting to comprehend the greatness and scope of its mission—our mission.


Ancient Roman mosaics of La Olmeda, Spain

You have to know the work related to the hardness and cruelty with which the German people were treated before, during, and after the war. And also all the lies spread by the “victors”, all anti-Nazi (anti-Aryan) propaganda circulating since then. All such History will have to be rewritten at some time, and show it to the entire world. But this will not be before our final victory. Until then we have a lot of work, especially the spiritual unity of the peoples of both Aryan Europe and Magna Europe.

Reclaiming, rehabilitate, and restore honor. The Nazi period, and its previous years, has to be taken up with unction. We must claim their achievements, their figures, their heroes, science, and art, its thought… Lost badges, flags and banners—all the iconography of the period. The first Aryan Reich in history, the first Aryan nation. We shall vindicate the figure of Hitler, his primary role in our early history, our first outing in the world. Hitler was the creator of the first Aryan State. To him we owe the idea and its realization.

The fight, which was a fight of one, is now “our struggle” (unser Kampf). Hitler opens a period that has not yet begun. He was the first. We are in the beginnings of the Aryan nation in its dawn.

Our story has just begun.

The Aryan order had not, nor it has, a universal reach but one purely ethnic. That first experience remains as a perfectible model of racial and cultural community. And even as a model for other ethnic groups, to other peoples; towards a community not of nations, but of peoples: a turnaround, a subversion, a revolution, a return to the particular and what is our own.

That ambition was excessive: that new order which Hitler announced. It came into collision with all universalisms and religious internationalisms or political internationalisms. It was a war against the old religious, economic, political and cultural order in the broad sense. It was a war declared on the dominant culture: the Judeo-Messianic religious world and its secular, political and economic correlates (universal democracy and communist internationalism).

He was condemned, he and his project, from the time he reached power. He was the destroyer, the livelier threat that the Jews and their freakish spawn—religious, political, psychological—could hear about their worlds. Someone was openly declaring war to them all!

It was less a territorial than a culture kampf what they feared: an ideological confrontation; that the Aryan message coming from Hitler could spread—his ethnic and cultural revolution; his spirit, his struggle (ihr Kampf).

Hitler and the New Germany embodied a new moral, political, cultural, spiritual order… The way of the peoples. It was the most powerful alternative to the prevailing, almighty universalisms (of Semitic origin). It continues to be. National Socialism was (and is) certainly the “third way” between economic liberalism and communist internationalism. It demonstrated in the years of peace their success against each other. The dignity and prosperity provided to the people ruined the prestige of despicable capitalism (and its consumer society), as well as the proletarian internationalism: whose domain area was plunged into spiritual and material miseries. And it was precisely this social, economic and cultural success which could have won the hearts and minds of white nations, achieving an extension of this “third way” throughout Europe, and around the white world. And this is what had to be prevented at all costs.

He had to be slain and his example (his victories, successes) at any price. They had to destroy and stigmatize him. Make him the embodiment of evil, absolute evil. And they succeeded. They defeated our first Reich, and sullied her memory.

The horrible public image of Hitler (and the Nazi period) developed by the enemy is also our image, the image of the Aryan nation—of each and every one of us. Hitler’s enemy is the enemy of our people: the one who fights him. The one who insults him insults us.

The military defeat suffered has not even weakened our “faith” and our loyalty to our people. Neither has the perverse propaganda taken its toll on us. Our genius is indestructible. Sooner or later we will rewrite History. In the end, whites, the Aryans, shall win.

Until the next time,


One reply on “Aryan thoughts, white thoughts (2)”

“He was condemned, he and his project, from the time he reached power.”

Yes, but what does Hitler really represent that scares modern white people so much? I don’t think it’s race.

Look at the fallacy involving the moral superiority of Americanism over Nazism (as the post-war narrative goes); the former produces a system whereby all can be winners and masters of their own reality, while the latter is an antiquated ideology of hate comprised of masters and slaves, winners and losers.

What annoys me to no end about this attempt to justify liberal democracy (Americanism contra Nazi Germany) is that the proponents believe the problem of politics can be solved by Americanism (Kristol and Fukuyama). As if Americanism, with its egalitarianism, is always ‘fair’, while traditional, discriminatory regimes are archaic and ‘cruel’.

No, politics is a zero sum game. There are always winners and losers.

This is what scares white, liberal, American baby boomers and the Greatest Generation. They want to end history and have a birthday party for themselves everyday of the week (and they have since 1945) without thinking of the consequences.

These white, degenerate narcissists have promoted an ideology which will gaurntee that they are indeed winners, and that their children and the entire future of the white race will be the losers.

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