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Helmut Stellrecht Hitler Youth Metaphysics of race / sex

“A People (Volk)”


From Faith and Action (1938) by Helmut Stellrecht for the Hitler Youth:

A people grows from god’s will. Woe to him who wishes to destroy the peoples and make people alike. God created the trees, the bushes, the weeds and the grass not so that they could merge into one species, but that each should exist in its own way. Just as a tree, a people grows as a living whole from similar roots, but becoming one, the strongest of its kind.

§ All of the same blood belong to it. A people knows no state boundaries. It is bound by the ties of blood that bind all the sons of a single mother. The German people is a nation of a hundred million. Each German belongs to it, no matter where he may live.

§ A people cannot be destroyed as long as its roots draw on the strength of the earth. Summer and winter may come and go. But it always blooms anew in indestructible life and perfects itself in the strength that rises from its roots towards god’s will.

§ What does it mean when an individual dies? It is as if the wind blows leaves from a tree. New ones grow eternally every spring.

§ The peoples are the greatest and most noble creation of god on this earth. There is no institution in the world, no party and no church, that has the right to make them the same or to rob them of even the tiniest bit of their individuality.

2 replies on ““A People (Volk)””

All your posts of this week have been so inspiring, and I so appreciate meeting these writers you have offered. NoDisinfo.com is down today, and I am wondering why, because it needs to go viral so that all will know that the Sandy Hook hoax is a Moosad job, to try to disarm America so that we can be robbed and savaged, blind and helpless, by our enemy.

Perhaps you will be surprised to learn that, although I don’t believe in any conspiracy theory (CT), I am starting to believe that CTs are good for Americans because they allow criticizing the current assaults on the second and first amendments without the pain of researching thoroughly what exactly happens in a deranged mind (the extremely disturbing subject-matter of my book, Hojas susurrantes):


It is so important that those amendments stand the liberal assaults, that for the first time in my life I support (though I don’t believe in their claims) the ‘Truthers’ of those movements…

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