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Evil Hellstorm Holocaust Thomas Goodrich

Let’s start the new year…

With an interview to the author of the most important book of the 21st century to date:

I’ve typed
some excerpts
directly from the book

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Postscript of January 4:

From Tom’s desk:

There seems to be a good many people who are critical of Hellstorm because they say it is too graphic, too bloody, too over the top. I think the implication is that I am throwing this out there in a gratuitous sort of way and that I derive some vicarious pleasure out of reporting such horror. Here is a response I sent someone last evening, and a quote you may use if you see fit:

As far as the graphic–to a sickening degree–nature of the book, I, of course, realize this but I’m not sure what to tell people. These things were done to these victims. I am not making this up or embellishing the accounts for some sadistic pleasure. If I was tortured to death by some human monster, I would want every one on earth to know just exactly how I was killed down to the last detail. To simply say that I ‘was tortured to death’ does nothing to show the full depravity and evil of the torturer. These monsters inflicted the pain and suffering on these people and I refuse to hide one bit of their vicious depravity, though it may make readers sick. To those who say the book is too violent and too graphic, I say “read the book, then read it again, read every damn word, read it and remember it, then make sure you fight to prevent it from ever happening to anyone again.”

And by the way, Cesar, as I type some of this same type of torture is being used on victims right now in the numerous CIA-run torture hells around the world. Americans have been torturing people for quite a long time now. It neither began nor ended with Germany.

Hope the New Year is treating you well.


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Re the postscript:

When I lived in Manchester in the UK I purchased a copy of the abridged Gulag by Solzhenitsyn. An intelligent friend told me that he had heard that reading that book was a depressive experience.

I couldn’t understand those words, since I found the reading absolutely fascinating. Horrible revelations, yes; but fascinating insofar as, by reading it those days, I realized that the system had been lying to me for decades.

But my English friend’s words were revealing. I soon understood that most people want to understand the human tragedy without sharing at least some pain of the victims.

They ignore that that “Mr Spock” method is sheer psychological dissociation. To grasp the pathos of a tragedy, both fictional and non-fictional, you have to suffer: and the fact that most westerners want to understand recent history without the agonies it involves shows that many of us have become intellectual or emotional cowards.

To quote Goethe’s lines:

Who never ate his bread in sorrow
Who never spent the midnight hours
Weeping and waiting for the morrow.
He knows you not, ye heavenly powers!

Happy New Year Chechar, and to all your wonderful readers and commenters too 🙂 Your blog continues to be a thing of beauty and a light for many, including me. Thank you!

Still waiting for my copy of Hellstorm to arrive, but one I’ve nearly finished and got for Christmas, I also highly recommend. It is “The Forgotten Soldier” by Guy Sajer.

It’s a first hand account of a volunteer from Alsace into the Heer of the Wehrmacht, aged almost 17 when he starts his way to the Eastern Front.

Graphic, highly emotional, and written with a love for his adopted country and her people, it recounts vivid details of many battles, the retreat and the sad and brutal end of the last of the truly great European nations.

Sorry, I was looking at Amazon UK. It is available at Amazon USA. It would be good if it could be purchased from Amazon UK. A book of this importance needs to be getting out to as many people as possible.

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