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MacDonald and psychiatry

Discussing in a radio show with Carolyn Yeager the horrific Connecticut killings perpetrated by Adam Lanza, Professor Kevin MacDonald, who in addition to his studies on Judaism is familiar with child psychiatry, said:

I am in favor of biological psychiatry and in the understanding of all of these mental disorders in a biological manner.

In other words, like virtually all psychology academics, MacDonald is grossly misinformed about this subject.

Biological psychiatry is a pseudo-science insofar as the etiology of mental disorders is not somatogenic but psychogenic. I wonder if MacDonald knows that there’s an entire journal by professionals in mental health, Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry that aims to debunk the claims of biological psychiatry. (For my own take on this very subject, see my paper that took years of research, “Why psychiatry is a false science”.)

In the interview MacDonald also said:

I don’t think we can really understand what is going on in his [Lanza’s] brain.

This confusion of the “mind” with the “brain” is pandemic too among the brainwashed, that is, almost all American society. MacDonald seems to ignore that the mind is not the brain, and that we can commit heinous acts, say killing children, with perfectly normal brains (though our souls must be rotten to the core).

Those psychiatrists that blame the brain for any mental disorder and try to fix it through physical means are similar to a hypothetical computer technician who claims there is no software—only hardware—, and always tries to fix the computers’ viruses of his clients by messing the mother board with his pliers. “Never use an antivirus if the software doesn’t exist.” The fact that in humans the “software” does indeed exist escapes the brainwashed individual. Again, see my paper linked above. It demonstrates that psychiatric bio-reductionism is as unscientific as the methods of this hypothetical computer technician (Greg Johnson corrected some of my syntactic inaccuracies of that paper).

MacDonald said:

His mother should have put him [Lanza] into a treatment facility… She seemed to be aware that he had severe problems. She apparently quit her job to be with him all the time… She knew that he had these demons. Well, if she had taken him into a treatment facility and if there would be good psychiatrists there they would not leave him out on the street. I do think that a lot of people have to be confined… In the old days we used to put [homeless people] in psychiatric hospitals.

There are no “good psychiatrists” in “psychiatric hospitals” for the simple reason that psychiatry is as pseudoscientific as, say, parapsychology or UFOlogy. MacDonald’s statement is also very common in his profession but is plagued with so many errors of judgment about both mental disorders and the psychiatric profession itself that I wish that my whole book was translated to English to be able to link it now!

Suffice it to say that when I lived in Marin County in California I interacted a lot with white homeless people, most of them perfectly sane. I wonder if MacDonald and his colleagues can see that living on the streets causes severe mental distress and not the other way around: that so-called schizophrenics end up homeless? Furthermore, unlike the ubiquitous Hollywood stereotype, people labeled as schizophrenics are, according to statistics and my own experience with these people, not more violent than non-schizophrenics.

In another part of the interview both Yeager and MacDonald stated that the anti-psychiatric ideas that deinstitutionalized the mental hospitals were promoted in the 1960s by the Left. While it is true that at the other side of the Atlantic typical anti-psychiatrists like Ronald Laing and David Cooper were leftists, in America the foremost critic of psychiatry, Tom Szasz, who incidentally died earlier this year, was not a leftist by any stretch of the imagination. What’s more, deinstitutionalization was in no way caused by Szasz’s views, who never had any power whatsoever in institutional psychiatry. Deinstitutionalization in America’s 1960s was a matter of social policy; of federal economic interests vs. state interests.

More to the point, Lanza’s monstrous actions are probably the result of having been victimized by an extremely abusive mother: the most heretical hypothesis in the mental health professions today (as heretical as saying in the academia that “Whites also have ethnic interests” or that “Hitler was not that bad after all”). However, I cannot explain the trauma model of mental disorders here, only link to a brief section of my book of what a psychiatrist, whom incidentally I once visited at his Dallas clinic, says about that model.

Briefly, if Lanza’s mother destroyed Adam’s mind society should have committed her, not the victim as MacDonald advised. By committing the original perpetrator, Adam Lanza would have felt socially vindicated and no pathological displacement of his rage on innocent children would have occurred.

But society assaults the victim instead. Through the mental health professions society makes a massive effort to obfuscate the fact that some parents produce the most horrible form of mental hell in a child’s mind. This blindness is precisely what drives the society, as explained in my book, to “re-victimize” a child who already was victim of maddening parental abuse. The psychiatric re-victimization is performed by means of an insulting psychiatric label together with psychotropic drugs and/or involuntary commitment: a blame-the-victim, soul-devastating action that often increases the chances of driving the child mad.

In my writings I speak of “the trauma model” to contrast it with the pseudo-scientific “medical model of mental disorders,” a medical model that MacDonald subscribes (“I am in favor of biological psychiatry and in the understanding of all these mental disorders in a biological manner”). Although the trauma model explains severe psychoses, it can also be used to explain comparatively lesser forms of mental distress, such as neuroses. Those who would like to visualize how engulfing mothers—and I am talking now of cases far less serious than Lanza’s—often drive the child into explosions of rage can see my essay-review of a silly bestseller authored by a junior whose father made a fortune in the Big Pharma.

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Isn’t MacDonald on record somewhere (YouTube vid) declaring “Jewish psychiatry” as bunk…coming from a “Group Psychologist” who was Ph.D.-mentored by Benson E. Ginsburg? The tales that are woven can become confusing. I’m simply an old Le Bon guy myself. (Btw, nice plug for Thomas Szasz.)

In the Carolyn interview Kevin also criticized the pharmaceutical side of psychiatry and added that it’s still in the dark ages, but he still believes that biopsych is genuine; probably in its infancy but genuine science in his mind.

I had to spend five years of full-time research in my life to comprehend the mental health professions. Yes: it’s a pretty messy subject but I believe that presently I can understand mental disorders better than any establishment academic.

Re “…but he still believes that biopsych is genuine; probably in its infancy but science in his mind.” And he also believes that Murka can be saved to be a White paradise…with week-end golf getaways to Mars in red-white-blue space ships. (The sand traps are a bitch!) Go figure.

Re “…five years of full-time research in my life.” Pffft! Big deal, so you invested five years of your life at a jewniversity and are now a dupe of Cultural Marxism. (Cough.) Don’t you know that the magic, philistine formula for liberation is, “Cracker good, Nigger/Jew bad?” 🙂

Nope! I have no college degree. My research was “heroic” insofar as it was all self-taught, which is why I never found a publisher for my stuff and had to do it thru internet and Lulu. (You won’t find all-out attacks on the mental health professions within the academia.)

Unfortunately, here in el Norte in 95+% of cases, children of divorce automatically go to their mothers, de facto if not de jure.

In my own case, so many decades ago, despite being asked about my own wishes and those wishes backed by a psychiatrist, the court awarded custody to my mother, who had just been discharged into her sister’s care from a State psychiatric hospital (diagnosis of schizophrenia, prognosis at discharge ,”poor”). After that, my mother’s sister (cashiered from the Army Nurse Corps at the height of World War Two, and confined for a year in a glasshouse, for being caught flagrante delicto in a lesbian act!) unleashed a barrage of spurious lawsuits against my Dad, to drive him out of the state so his influence would not be available to me.

Why am I patriarchal in social orientation and patrist in outlook? No-brainer simple: My mother was the abusive parent in my childhood, and my Dad the protective parent.

If you have not read Philip Slater’s The Glory of Hera, I recommend you do so: Its topic is classical Greek upper-class childrearing and the various psychopathologies therefrom resultant. I believe Slater supports much of what you say and/or imply about “dragon mothers.”

MacDonald is a respectable man, and he has my eternal gratitude for his books, the first scientific treatise on Jews and anti-Semitism ever; during the last three thousand years, anti-Semitism consisted only in remarks, anecdotes, propaganda, and quotes. I personally know at least two smart, but “lukewarm” persons who became violent anti-Semites after having read MacDonald. They told me that a scientific approach was necessary for them to take anti-Semitic theories seriously.

But MacDonald undoubtedly lives a certain bourgeois lifestyle — his house in California stands as a beacon of that — and I believe it has softened him a lot. Comfort and pleasure do soften. I know it, since I come myself from a quite affluent family. This is why it is so important, when you are gifted with wealth, to keep your head cool, flee unnecessary comfort, and practice outdoor or extreme sports as a way to keep in touch with nature. I don’t recommend you dump your house and burn your money, just that you use this money to support productive causes rather than use it to buy silk pajamas and delicatessen.

Someone softened by comfort and pleasure will tend to be less radical on most issues than someone who lives in a cave, and will tend to outright reject sinister “conspiracy theories”.

It would explain the naive and optimistic attitude of MacDonald toward the practice of psychiatry, which has always been, since its beginnings, a big “fuck you” (pardon my language) to Western civilization and German Ordnung, and which has behind it a long trail of cadavers and broken lives. This trail fortunately does not include mine or one in my family, but it could have been. Everybody is at risk, simply because the mass media peddle the pharmaceutical and medical lobbies’ agenda 24h/24.

Nationalists, including the good doctor, are unaware of the levels of monstrosity reached by American psychiatry against whites from the beginning of the last century to the 1950s. Do you know that the shrinks cut the brains of thousands of sane, young whites in order to make them submissive (before the Ritalin era the way to control the young was simply cut their brains)? Of course: they were first labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis but—and this is pivotal in my above-linked paper debunking biopsychiatry—no medical test to prove that something was wrong with these victims’ brains was actually performed.

I describe these atrocities, that nationalists largely ignore, in great detail in my book and other writings in Spanish.


It’s only in a few western countries that people are ridiculed or thought to be irrational for believing conspiracy is a useful explanation for anything. In the rest of the world people take it for granted that conspiracies are a fact of life.

I must say I side westerners here. Conspiracy theorists suffer from what we call “paleologic thinking”. Search the term in this blog to see what do I mean.

A psychiatrist possessed of the belief that “Only the patient’s mental life is important; external events or circumstances are irrelevant.” is a perfect tool for abusive parents.

You have summarized the problem with psychiatry in one sentence, bravo.

Not only the perfect tool for abusive parents, but as you may intuitively guess, also for abusive or unnatural governments. The governments that exist in the West right now are not abusive, unless you take this term with a grain of salt, but they are certainly very unnatural (going against Nature, going against genes).

It is not by chance that the ascent of psychiatry in America in the 1980s went hand in hand with the definitive establishment of Jews’ ascendency in this country’s political arena, the explosion of reality shows and sewer culture, and the terminal death of the ideas of racial conscience, virility and manliness, or even intelligence and technological progress.

It seems, for example, almost taboo today to say on public television that we should continue the automation of the economy started by Henry Ford, or invent a new machine in order to save the economy.

What does psychiatry has to do with that, you may ask? Simple: psychiatry is the feminine science by excellence, inasmuch as it seeks to eradicate frustrations (which are perfectly natural) and ambitions (derided as “illusions of grandeur” and “neuroses”) to replace them with some kind of ethereal happiness. “Don’t worry, be happy” is the motto of perhaps not all psychiatrists (there exist a few honest and smart psychiatrists; they mostly deal with real illnesses, not fads), but at least of a few.

I don’t know what Hitler’s position toward psychiatry was in his time, since there were no psychiatrists and no psychiatric drugs, but I would venture to say he would be very much in favor of banning psychiatry if he were alive today. Like Alex Linder, who seems to be the only one in the very much autistic “WN scene” to notice there’s something wrong with half your population on psychotropics.

Psychiatry: one more problem to solve for us, WNs.

As if he we weren’t having already enough.

Boredom in the face of problems could explain the apathy of the WN blogosphere (notably of Counter-Currents) toward the problem, Caesar. Positivism may be involved too, as there is nothing more depressing than hearing tales of lives broken by psychiatry, and engaging in debates with people on drugs who think that they are attacked when one attacks psychiatry.

Google Translate used to suck in the 2000s, not so anymore. In ten years, I think it will be quite usable.

Your Spanish blog post was pretty much very well translated.

From the point of view of politics and law, psychiatry is an organ of society

Indeed. Psychiatry cannot respond to the definition of science because it presents its arguments in a non-falsifiable manner (how can one measure satisfaction and happiness accurately? Simply having this pretension means being the biggest arrogant asshole on Earth), but as it seeks to control and affect the lives of people, notably by institutionalization, it is an organ of society like any other.

That’s why, oh dear, the State and politics are so important. The State really does affect all areas of life, never mind what libertarians and “drop-outs” say.

I quite enjoyed the comment from “Carisa de Armas Rowen”. She could very well have defended electroshock “therapy” (which actually destroys brain cells and works by transforming people into happy lemmings, as I learned from Wikipedia itself with horror) in the same fashion.

I notice that all defendants of psychiatry tend to be women. Is there a trend, there?

What could explain, according to you, the passion of women for psychiatry and psychotropic medication?

Blind conformism does not play the only part, there must be something more.

You must not know him, but there is a very well-known figure in the French WN scene, one of the translators of Julius Evola. He wrote very radical — to the point of involuntary comique, but always extremely smart and cultivated, posts on women and Jews.

I think it could be of interest to you. His pseudonym is suumcuique, and he posted mainly in the French section of Stormfront from 2010 to 2011.

“What could explain, according to you, the passion of women for psychiatry and psychotropic medication?”

Yesterday I watched again one of my favorite interpretations of Pride and Prejudice and told me to myself that, although the Bennet girls were lovely, you need to be insane to empower them (think for instance of Lydia).

I cannot speak for all women but once I had a discussion with my sister who felt depressed. You could imagine that if I was the only person on planet earth who has written a very long book online debunking psychiatry in Spanish she would be interested in my opinion.

She wasn’t interested at all. She even did not take advice from a therapist that discourages psych drugs. She needed something “fast” for her depression and ended up purchasing anti-depressives.

My sister has an IQ far lower than my own one. Women tend to infantilize everything precisely because they think with their emotions. They are very cute as characters of Austen novels but if a culture commits the astronomic blunder of empowering them beyond the Austen mores, the race of that culture goes inexorably extinct.

My dream is going back to the P&P world once the ethnostate is formed, with the exception that instead of Christianity we will have NS-like Aryanism as the secular religion that holds hetero marriage as holy and sacred as in the Austen world.

Meanwhile… I wouldn’t worry too much by taking women seriously. Those creatures were created to love them; not to understand them.

If it can bring you solace, I have an old (compared to me) friend who has an IQ at least as high as you who couldn’t convince his own mother not to take Prozac; the funny part is that he graduated from a very famous grande école and is also an expert in drugs, capable of quoting you the effects of each narcotic known to man, and giving you personal input.

Today, his mother is in an insane asylum, in a terminal condition of non-recovery. Prozac, well, did nothing for her, since her problem was unsolvable — something like a man who leaves the house to find a prettier woman.

He is quite funny, but you can detect a big frustration and cynical sprouts in him.

I personally have prepared myself to be ready to forget about my own family… if they must perish or be race-mixed, I will have to swallow my emotions and just accept it.

You can’t fight the “System”, as we call it. You can just try to be forgotten by it, and get revenge one day…

Germanic National Socialism and Adolf Hitler have absolutely nothing to do with Murkan White Nationalism.

I don’t care. Hitler was our horse, that’s the only point to understand. Unless you hate Germans or are Pole, I guess…

Murkan fool. I was born in Vienna, raised in a Germanic household. Father, grand-uncle, and maternal grandfather (who actually was a card-carrying NS) served in the Wehrmacht. Grandfather fell, grand-uncle did time in a Russion POW camp.

I repeat: Germanic National Socialism and Adolf Hitler have absolutely nothing to do with Murkan White Nationalism. Nothing.

I am not a White Nationalist, but a German supremacist, a prometheist and an anti-Semite. I use the term “WN” for convenience only.

So I could care less about all that. But thanks for your input.

Sorry for your loss. Germany’s defeat was truly a tragedy, for everyone.

Re “I am not a White Nationalist.”

Well, neither am I, Deviance. That much ground we share in common. Interesting that we should share it in a WN blog. Or is it? Now all we need is for Chechar to declare that he is not a WN. You see, there is so much more going on in this world that is light years beyond the WN narrative of, “Cracker good; Nigger/Jew bad.” But that seems to be where WN has been spinning its wheels for 50+ years. It cannot and will not make the shift to the next, necessary level. Ideologically and politically, it has shot its wad. It’s not complicated.

The term WN is tactical, not strategic. Of course: people are divided in ethnic groups. Although the Amerinds I see every day in Mexico and the Indians in India look similar they don’t belong to the same ethnic group.

The same with whites. But now that the crash of the dollar will unite all breeds of “whites” after the cities at both sides of the Atlantic become killing zones, thanks to the behavior of Negroes and Muslims right after the coming financial accident, whites will be united temporarily as “whites”. So the term WN will make sense temporarily, though most Greeks and Sicilians and the brownish Portuguese are hardly “white”.

By the by, I am also a Pan-Germanist insofar as, unlike my fellow Meditarraneans, Germanics kept their Indo-European blood pure.

It is always necessary to remember that a psychiatrist is a human being just as we are, and he puts his trousers on one lg at a time as we do. It is all-too-human to defer to the wishes of the person or entity who signs the checks for the fee.

While browsing art pictures on DeviantArt, I stumbled upon — by complete chance — a comment from a member with NS sympathies. There are many such members on this website, as censorship does not seem present.

He seems to live in Sweden, and says he has recently been convicted with “anti-social behavior disorder” by a court of law and its appointed psychiatrist for his pro-NS activities.


It remains to be confirmed if indeed White males in Sweden risk a psychiatric diagnosis for being “racists” or other scary things, but I wanted to share this intriguing discovery with you.

Hopefully, the diagnosis of anti-social disorder does not involve forced electroshocks, and we will probably never come to it. But it probably involves forced “psychotherapy”.

Mr. Tort, you are an aficionado of science fiction as I am. As this is so, you might be familiar with the personages of Sasha Peterson and her twenty-year-old son Phillip, characters of John Brunner’s Novel, Stand on Zanzibar. If you are, then probably you, too, see an analogy to Adam Lanza, and you understand why young Phillip kills his mother and goes amok.

No: actually I only like very few of Arthur Clarke’s novels, though I presume that there’s beauty among other sci-fi writers of the golden era, such as Ray Bradbury (whom I have not read).

I won’t even begin to try to add to this wonderful discussion about psychiatry and such that you have presented here, chechar, but feel I MUST take umbrage at the certitude of the statements you have made about Adam Lanza, RIP, and his dearly departed mother, RIP, which are very much at odds with what I have concluded, after studying those whose research to me PROVES beyond a reasonable doubt that the government and zionist-controlled media stories about both of them and the tragedy of Sandy Hook are false, fake, untrue. You can get ahold of the great physician and brilliant very moral truther, Dr. K, at his website http://www.NoDisinfo.com, and he can set you straight. (He also wrote RIGGED.}

After researching this event some more, I found out that you are right when you blame the mother. She was essentially extremely overbearing and perhaps even physically abusive, and over time Adam developed – on top of his Asperger’s syndrome – conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and had “an atypical preoccupation with violence”.

His Mother worked at the very school that he attacked, and by killing the children and staff members in there, was continuing his odyssey of revenge against his mother even after her death at his hands – Transference and projection.

Macdonald is an idiot when he claims that it must be genetic. Where would the genetics come from? What particular gene is it that causes school shootings? The Biopsych people cannot answer this.

It seems that even after taking pills their whole lives, people never learn that not only are these things inefficient, but they make the disorder worse for themselves.

My Father basically come from this generation in Britain (1950s, White Working Class) whom all view the world in a black and white way. They think that everything bad that a person does was predetermined by some biological drive. My Father was saying, regarding Columbine and Sandy Hook, that they should have been murdered as soon as they were born. So as you can see, you are not insane when you claim that society always seems to blame the victim. Sure, those children were victims, but dig deeper and you will see that Lanza was also a victim.

Lanza was a victim not just of his own Mother but of Western society. Same as Harris and Klebold.

P.S Does your DOW mention pseudo psychology?

No, but the expanded original in Spanish does.


It is incredible the level of stupidity and brainwashing of people today. When many years ago a couple of serial killers terrorized Washington, a female psychologist told me before they were caught and identified as a couple of blacks, that the perpetrators must have a biologic problem!

Bio-reductionism has reached insane levels but, hey: all Western society is behaving like raving lunatics these times, especially in your town. (Being English roses the crown of the evolution, look the chimp that the prince chose…).

By the way, I also mention Lanza here:


For your information, the serial killers were known as the DC Snipers.

In my opinion, their M.O was very un-Niggerlike of them. To be able to kill people like that takes a good deal of serenity. Niggers don’t have such serenity.

These psychologists never elaborate on “the biological problem”. If murder is biological, then perhaps Racism is as well, or what about mammon worship? Surely by their logic, the Jewish love of money is inherited genetically. The same goes with the Mafia. Is protection racketeering inherited via the veins?

They just make shit up as they go along, in a desperate attempt to divide and conquer.

…”Being English roses the crown of the evolution, look the chimp that the prince chose…).”

I actually flipped on the news for a short while to watch the wedding this morning, just out of a slight curiosity, I wasn’t properly interested. English Roses all over the place and the prince couldn’t pick a single one? Not only does he marry a swamp-thing, but he couldn’t even get her to be a virgin. Compare this to the lady who Prince William (the coal burner’s brother) married, Catherine Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge). A seemingly polite and modest woman.

Anyway, during the service, an American Negro preacher came along and started screeching for 10 minutes about slavery. No joke. And then the reporter said something about how the new generation of English children will finally be able to see faces of colour in the Royalty.

P.S It was precisely your eliminatedleaves post about Lanza that brought me here.

I am, believe me. It is just hard to tell at times. I think my problem is that I keep it bottled in when I need it, and get very agitated when it is uncalled for. For example, how I ranted at Aryan Son when he started an argument with me for no reason, and called me a “crackpot”.

Even though he was in the wrong, I am ashamed at my behaviour and that I did not control myself and got frustrated at something so little and insignificant in this sick world. Why get so full of rage when some little twerp says something disrespectful, but get less so when more important things happen

I should be reserving such bouts of anger for when it is needed, like this vile and disgusting WEDDING. This shit is an attack against Nature herself and the very foundations of evolution and our own Race. Fuckers should be shot. Anyone who was cheering at this event, and getting all happy and excited should receive a machete to the carotid artery. Fuck them and their entire bloodline. Seriously, how many White children is this going to mentally screw? They are young and impressionable and need role models. Why does this bother no one? Why do my paisans think this is perfectly fine and normal and good? What is wrong with all of them? Why don’t they do anything?

I am anticipating your new post with some positive energy.

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