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“March of the Titans” – prologue

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8 replies on ““March of the Titans” – prologue”

An instructive, educational post, as usual. Texts like this one should be a mandatory reading for White kids.

TWDH: one of the top White Nationalist blogs available on the web.

Any STATS for that?

On the other hand, I fully agree with you that Kemp’s preface is an absolute must read, and I cannot understand why this book is only very rarely mentioned in the movement. At Amazon Books however, this book is really loved by the few readers who have reviewed it.

This is certainly true on a macro level. Though much of this is the natural consequence of empire building where alliances are forged with the outer groups to strengthen the elite. Unfortunately, these civilizations tend to last hundreds of years before they finally crash.

Anyway I think we have a bigger problem today with International Jewrey. Consider Scandinavia (the ‘purest’ whites) who are welcoming in hordes on mass, without any reason whatsoever. This is clearly a new phenomena historically. Europe is only 8% non-white and I think a reconquista is inevitable. What’s dangerous is the Judeo-Anglo worlds military power that threatens the homeland.

This time the crash will become much sooner due to the fact that the fothcoming collapse of the dollar in the US will send shock waves throughout the West. History is with us this time…

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