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Mistero e melanconia di una Strada

calle misteriosa

Painting of the day:

Giorgio de Chirico
Mistero e melanconia di una Strada
~ 1914
Kunsthalle, Hamburg

3 replies on “Mistero e melanconia di una Strada”

Really melancholic and mysterious. I don’t like modern art that much but this painting is really provocative. Makes me feel something strange — which is a reliable indicator of the great art.

By the way, did you attend an Arts College or something like that Chechar? I mean, where do you know all of these paintings from?

De Chirico really depicts the oneiric world that very few of us know (insofar as dreams are forgotten once you wake up): a door to the unconscious as another commenter said in the thread on Il grande metafisico.

When I was a small child, thanks to my father’s artistic proclivities I started to make watercolor copies of Modiglianis, van Goghs and many other of my favorite painters. Yes: my child mind was formed in the audiovisual arts.

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