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Alaric Ancient Rome Christendom Constantine Demography Emperor Julian Franks Goths Huns Racial studies Tacitus Universalism Who We Are (book) William Pierce

Germanics and Romans

Celtic buffer and Tacitus

Five decisive things

Alaric and the Fall of Rome

Christianity Spreads

The toll of Judeo-Christianity


3 replies on “Germanics and Romans”

Love your blog! Very informative for me as I’ve just recently come to the entire topic of race realism. BUT, you’ll have to excuse me as I am an unapologetic devote of old Europe for which Christianity was, and shall remain, the sine qua non.

I first discovered your blog a while back but was not prepared for its content. Slowly, I’ve come around.

Again, thanks for your monumental efforts.

I am glad you liked it. I just discovered these Pierce articles last month and find them extremely revealing and insightful (the first time I read a racial interpretation of history).

On the other hand, I’m not against, say, Middle Ages Christianity in Europe. Alas, presently almost all Christian churches hold an anti-white agenda…

We’re on the same page sir. It is of course the Middle Ages to which I referred. The muscular unapologetic Christian warrior ethic of old Europe. Were Christianity the pussified, mealy mouthed,sallow chested, pasty faced, limp wristed, feminized jewdaized monstrosity it has become I too would agree with you. But my faith is that of old Europe.

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