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Alex Linder today

Listen to today’s interview: here

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Great to hear some audio from him again. There’s no one like him. Good on her for having him on but, god damn, it annoys the piss out of me how Carolyn keeps engaging in White snobbery and, in this case, at the worst possible time. You don’t spit on allies, especially allies who are pioneers the way Greeks are now. Alex shut it down before she got a chance to really get going but she was trying her best. Abrasive woman.

Linder is the only man in the entire movement who has presented some genuine criticism of NS. When the ethnostate is formed, I hope he’ll be one of its architects…

There’s never going to be an “NS ethnostate”, unless Harold Covington or Jeff Schoep flee to some remote jungle in Africa or South America and set up one. So please, relisten to Linder’s discussion: he clearly stated he would put his life on the line to stop any such attempt to create a national socialist (Nazi) ethnostate. So he’s never going to be “one of the architects” of that proposition. Like me, he’s going to oppose any such efforts.

Likewise, he’s far from the first to offer “genuine criticism” of an NS ethnostate – I’ve already eviscerated that idea – in detail – well over a decade ago. And the idea of creating a WN ethostate interlinked with various sub-states following their own socio-economic interests was also my idea, also submitted (in detail) on VNN forum years before Linder. That’s the problem with the etherealness of the Internet, that ideas vanish like vapor in the early morning sunlight, as happened when VNN forum was wiped clean during a cyber-attack.

As I once stated, if Nazis want their own sub-state, then they could have that, but no more. They could fly their swastikas, march to Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles, and worship Hitler for eternity – but they will not be in charge of the WN ethnostate.

In fact, I have created the only detailed and viable blueprint, in existence, for a WN ethnostate. It was accomplished years before Linder appropriated parts of it as his own, and years before Harold Covinton’s concept (which Butler created anyway). That WN morons of the Stormfront type are, far and away, the greater part of white nationalism today is to our everlasting regret and (probable) defeat. That the futility of Neo-Nazism keeps rearing its head, along with all the absolutely idiotic Holocaust revisionism, is why we are losing. In the end, Linder understands part of the solution, but not all of it. Clearly, I may be the only one who does…

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So please, relisten to Linder’s discussion

You misunderstand. I’m perfectly aware that Linder is not a Nazi and that he doesn’t want a Nazi state.

I think you’re over-exaggerating the Nationalist Socialist element in the modern White Nationalism movement. Most of the ideological or aesthetic holdout elements of Nazism within the movement seem to stem from older guys (like Covington), who haven’t totally cleansed themselves of their old National Alliance mindsets.

If to secure a white homeland we’d need a Stalinist worker’s paradise then so be it. If we all needed to convert to Islam, then praise Allah for I would embrace that too. If it required me to goose-step in overly-fashionable NS uniform then so be that as well.

I just want the enthostate: everything else we can sort out later. Secure the Race first before we decide what idiotic economic policy we’ll follow in lock step.

“In fact, I have created the only detailed and viable blueprint, in existence, for a WN ethnostate”

Could you link me to your work? I gobble up any proactive material relating to how the enthostate can be formed

“That WN morons of the Stormfront type are, far and away, the greater part of white nationalism today is to our everlasting regret and (probable) defeat”

I wouldn’t worry to much about these types: they seem highly representative of the movement but that’s only due to their more visual nature as well as the fact that the Jewish mainstream WANTS these people representing the face of White Nationalism.

Case in point: American History X.

“years before Harold Covinton’s concept (which Butler created anyway)”

In defense of Covington: he constantly repeats that he is not the father of the NW ideal.

Keep thinking outside the box; at least you are using your brain, and commonsense.

An Ethno-State will be actualized. The nay-sayers only are afraid of what they cannot conceive, and those who can conceive, are afraid of the lightning. So it has always been.

Have you ever read this ?

This is the man who first used the term White Nationalist, and was one of the first to establish its existence.

bluegrass: “I just want the enthostate: everything else we can sort out later. Secure the Race first before we decide what idiotic economic policy we’ll follow in lock step.”

There will be no “sorting out” if the National Socialists win. Remember, these are Nazis we’re dealing with here – Hitler worshippers – and if THEY win, no one will be allowed to oppose or disagree with an NS ethnostate. To attempt to do so will mean, almost certainly, your death. Never forget: to the victor goes the spoils.

Here’s the link: 7 Foundations of a WN Nation

I’m going to go with a hunch and say that the kind of men I think your hinting towards will in fact not, and in no way will ever get close to acquiring the helm of power in either a full-fledged enthostate nor control the ranks of a paramilitary WN organization.

To begin: Pierce is no longer with us, and thus his brand of Stalinist suppression and Leninist revolution has lost its main intellectual propagator. If there will be a WN leader in our future he will not have Pierce next to him whispering bloody ideas.

I often wondered what Hitler would have thought of The Turner Diaries could he have read it: if he himself would have found the book’s violence over the top and overly-indiscriminate.

“There will be no “sorting out” if the National Socialists win”

My question to you:

What if, by some divine premonition, you learned that the only way the White enthostate will be realized is through Nationalist Socialist ideology? What if any other policy besides following the Nazi ideal in lockstep will mean eventual failure?

That “sorting out” could very well be a civil war in the White enthostate following its emancipation.

If our race’s survival requires two politically opposite WN groups working together to secure the enthostate, despite an almost certainty that they will kill one another immediately following the completion of their objective, then so be it.

I don’t like being this compromising, but we really don’t have much time nor will our enemy’s simplify the process. We must begin deciding on the general principles of our ideology that will bear the fruit of physical action as soon as possible.

I look forward to reading your link.

Bluegrass: If a National Socialist state was the only way to win, I’d throw my lot in with them, and then hope for the best. Obviously, we have no way to know the outcome beforehand, so competing WN ideologies may well be the result – with bloodshed waiting for the loser at the end. My point is simply this: it is better to know what kind of WN government awaits us down the tunnel, in exactly the same way Hitler and his followers knew what kind of government awaited them at the end of their struggle.

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