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Mixing and Retrogression

Excerpted from the ninth article of William Pierce’s “Who We Are: a Series of Articles on the History of the White Race”:

From the far north they came, the xanthoi, the golden-haired ones: tall, blue-eyed and grey-eyed giants, on horseback and on foot, carrying their battleaxes and their spears, bringing their women and their wagons and their cattle. Warrior-farmers, craftsmen and traders, they worshipped the shining Sky Father and spoke an Indo-European language. They were the Greeks.

The Greeks—or Hellenes, as they later called themselves—crashed down upon the Mediterranean world in a long sequence of waves. The first wave, a relatively weak one—and more properly described merely as Indo-European rather than as specifically Greek—hit about 5,100 years ago, and it apparently took a roundabout course, passing first from the north into western Asia Minor, and thence, by way of the Cyclades and other islands of the southern Aegean, westward into Crete and Greece.

The Minoan civilization was in its essence, however, much more a Mediterranean than a Nordic civilization. The Greeks did not bring civilization to Crete; they brought only the tendency toward civilization and the capacity for building it inherent in the higher human type which they represented.

But inevitably racial mixing occurred, sometimes soon and sometimes later. The Nordics would disappear into the mass, and the civilization they had created would lose its vital spark, stagnating and eventually retrogressing, although it might coast for centuries on its momentum after the disappearance of the Nordic element before retrogression set in. (Racemixing and retrogression were avoided only when the Nordics exterminated the non-Nordic natives of an area instead of merely conquering them. But then there was left no large serf-class for the maintenance of a culturally innovative aristocracy.)

Because the Mediterraneans were only conquered and not exterminated; because they formed the bulk of the economic base on which Greek society rested; because the lifestyle of Hellenes themselves changed, becoming more dependent on agriculture than before; and because race mixture inevitably followed conquest, it is not surprising that the religion of the conquerors underwent a change and assimilated many elements from the religion of the conquered natives.

4 replies on “Mixing and Retrogression”

When the current white societies finally absorb, and interbreed themselves out of existence where will the new barbarian wave of aryan whites come from?

For what it’s worth our Pashtun cousins are kicking more ass than us. Perhaps we simply aren’t cornered enough yet. When the Beast openly targets us for being us (well, moreso) then Wotan rises or we die.

We’ll have to wait 20,000 years or so for melanin deficiency, blond hair, high I.Q., and non-reciprocal altruism to re-evolve amongst the ancestors of all those Nigerians and Pakis etc, that are currently residing in Oslo, Scotland, and Minnesota.

I at least am comforted by this:

Whites disappear, and thus White civilization.

So goes White Civ, so goes Vitamin D fortified milk.

No Vitamin D, the darkness of Nigerians is slowly weened out, and a new “Aryan” people slowly arises from the evolutionary process.

If they end up being carbon copies of the previous Aryans, they’ll gain superiority, invade the world, feel guilty about it, invite the world, and then we restart the process for another 15,000 years.

There will be no complete absorbtion, ever. There is another wave gathering strength as we speak.

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