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Alex Linder said…

“By all means, people are free to waste another 100 years speaking in their indoor voice, raising their niggling finger, and prefacing everything they say with disclaimers. But if you want change, you have to create a national angry groundswell willing to slur and kill and sup on the blood of its enemies, and you don’t get there by appealing to selfish bourgeois cowards…

“We gotta be gross large powerful and scary as all fuck, like a great white shark maw coming up out of the water at the slick black jewmud-seal. We need fiery leaders who can orate and organize. And we need ass-kickers who can stomp all who get between our speakers and the ears and eyes of our people.

We get that, we will win.”

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I don’t see Linder as a strategist. I only like to quote him because I hate feminized western males and we need real men—even if Linder is wrong with his monocausalism, etc.

I generally agree with the sentiment if not the mode of expression.

On our side, there is lots of verbal dissent such as one finds on this site, but there is relatively little physical dissent, i.e. large-scale protests. Pro-totalitarian groups like Antifa are good at creating an inflated sense of power through their mass gatherings. Obviously this is not because they are more courageous or determined, but rather because in front of them rests the state’s police apparatus, which shields them from serious physical harm and legal prosecution. The pro-totalitarian collectives thereby induce a sense of fear and futility in possible dissidents, for they make it seem as if the groups that would protect the dissident citizen were small, weak, and ineffective.

To advance, we need to translate the mass of on-line verbal dissent into physical dissent. Previously I believed we could be victorious by using belles-lettres, yet I now doubt. The average man does not care how beautifully expressed and rational an idea is if ascribing to that idea puts him under the wheels of history. We must show that we are physically as well as mentally capable, that we can counter leftist hooligans.

How though? Every movement needs its violent wing to fully realize its potential, but we’ve hardly been very contemplative on what form our violence potential should take. (For those of us who are intelligent enough to shed the Christian pacifism mindset.)

It’s utterly apparent in the American context that liberalism’s unanswered takeover these past 70 years has been facilitated by their masterful and implicit use of the violent black mob. It is their vanguard, wholly unimpeded and totally effective at forcing White America out of fear to cow to whatever Judaic-liberal decree furthers their own gradual extinction. It’s been like this since the Jews first used federal power to destroy the black mobs most organic and effective countermeasure: the retributive White mob. (i.e. little rock)

In terms of organized White Nationalism, we’ve tried multiple things if you consider everything in the generalized realm of occidental interests. Nazi Germany was our most glorious attempt, but its fate was sadly sealed when the Zionists had taken control of the American industrial powerhouse. There is no doubt in my mind, no matter how gloriously Germany would have fought, that the Jews would have pressed for the Atomic destruction of their enemies until any last vestige of anti-Zionist power was destroyed.

We’ve tried organizing along party lines. In America, the land with the greatest potential for white extinction or salvation, Lincoln Rockwell was making great headway. He was shaking the cage, and thus it was no surprise that Jewish interests had him killed before he really opened the floodgates.

We’ve tried the small splinter-cell like terrorist groups: all operating on some idea that enough violence can awaken the masses to act. However, groups like The Order in the Northwest and Combat 18 never really got off the ground. They culminate in some kind of organization, achieve one or two high profile murders, and then are totally and immediately crushed by the system. Their cohesion and ideology motivated them to action, but their centralization allowed the system to destroy them in one sweeping motion.

We must remember that any WN revolutionary groups, no matter how secretive they operate and restrained within the legal framework will receive no protection from Western law. If Jewish interests see a potential threat for a white awakening then black ops operations, murders, and outright illegality will be employed without the slightest hint of hesitation.

These are the simple the conditions we must work against, which is why 20 or so ideologically pure and violently-capable men won’t be able to accomplish much in the current Western context.

I say we take a hint from the Mexicans. Why has black cleansing from Mexican neighborhoods been so effective and absolute? It required not high-profile terrorism or political representation. It barely dented the news, and blacks just implicitly know that it’s time to move to a White neighborhood or a black one once their old one hits 40% Hispanic.

Amazingly, this was all effectively done by teenage Mexican boys with loose gang affiliations willing to kill blacks or at least threaten to kill them. It does not require some romantic pro-Hispanic splinter terrorist group with I.R.A. style violence, but merely 10 or 15 Hispanic kids representing some neighborhood who deal in a bit of drugs and carry a few guns and knives. Once you multiple the numbers of these operating across a city like L.A. there can be literally hundreds of these organic, isolated amateur gangs, exerting more control and influence on local communities than most would be willing to admit.

It may sound below us, it may sound like cultural degradation, but it deserves some thought. When we let in the barbarians in masse, we must act barbarian accordingly.

We must find some way to convince the teenage American White boy to posse up, load up, and do some petty gang crime in the name of their neighborhood and their race. We must rid the “whitopia” for minorities, and stop making OUR places safer and more enjoyable places to live than their own.

Minorities will follow white prosperity. We cannot defend ourselves from this legally, nor can professional, centralized organizations stop this. It must be organic, something so amorphous and anonymous that the system cannot handle it by informant and false flag. If there is an incident with two anonymous White teenagers randomly beating a black in their neighborhood, it will furiously investigated by the PC powers. However, If such occurrences multiple and become common practice in White neighborhoods, enforcement will have to treat it like any other gang activity out of pure necessity.

It’s this kind of visceral, low grade violence that Non-Whites are most attuned with. We ignore this at our own peril, too caught up in romantic fantasies of all-encompassing and revolutionary acts.

It may seem impossible with our passive White youth today, but with increasing minority contact, with enough economic depreciation, and with White Nationalist supplying through cultural works the foundation for a modern Aryan warrior spirit, we may produce the most effective and readily available counter-measure to White displacement possible.

Who knows, maybe our future leader will grow and adapt in one of these petty gangs, developing the grim and necessary violent mindset to lead our people out of what will unquestionable be a bloody and difficult salvation.

Yes, you’re right. It’s easier said than done. It was late; I was over-enthusiastic; I wrote a- rather than subscribe.

You make good points though.

What “mass of on-line verbal dissent?” The two or three responses that you get to your posts? The Nutzi variety or the angry Republican variety of Amerika-Firsters such as Linder, Ready, McDonald? Under which banner? To “save” a White Amerika that is not, never has been, and never will be? Ergo, “We must show that we are physically as well as mentally capable,” does not apply; neither is exactly in abundant supply. Just sayin’.

What “mass of on-line verbal dissent?” The two or three responses that you get to your posts?

What, you think that insufficient?

The Nutzi variety or the angry Republican variety of Amerika-Firsters such as Linder, Ready, McDonald?

The Nutzi variety, naturally! Assuming definition #1 is what you mean by Nutzi.

Under which banner?

I like this one.

To “save” a White Amerika that is not, never has been, and never will be?

If I cared about America/Amerika/Umhericka, this sentence would dash all of my hopes.


Ave, Sebastian!

“We must show that we are physically as well as mentally capable,” does not apply; neither is exactly in abundant supply.

Well, yeah. If most people were “physically and mentally capable,” then there likely wouldn’t be a problem. The very fact that both qualities are rare means, I think, that they should be cultivated and used effectively wherever found. I’m not so delusional as to believe that there is an “abundance” of commentators with the body of Achilles and the mind of Odysseus, ready to smite every opponent.

Just sayin’.

Just replyin’.

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