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Hunter Wallace on the Jewish Problem

A comment by Wallace on September 21, 2011:

As someone who considers Jewish influence an important problem, but not the only problem, and as someone who believes the matter should be dealt with in a reasonable and responsible way, the problem is that the clown movement (which has always overlapped with WN) is constantly sabotaging every attempt to discuss the issue in public with their theatrics.

Why do people steer clear of the Jewish Question? I’m talking about people who know that issue inside and out like virtually everyone involved with TOQ. I know all about the Jews. There are tons of people in the conservative movement who know all about the Jews.

It is because of the clown movement. Just look at the discussions we are having here at Majority Rights: Jews Did 9/11, Jews Did The Civil War, Jews Did Norway, etc. Look no further than the comment section at The Occidental Observer.

Now, even if you believe that Jews had foreknowledge of 9/11 (future historians will one day resolve that question), what about all this other nonsense that J Richards is stirring up here? It almost seems calculated to make discussion of the Jewish Question look kooky or insane.

Do you remember my blog Antisemitica?

Just to make a point, I could find something bad that Jews were up to on an everyday basis just by reading their own websites. What that segment of the Jewish community does on an everyday basis is damaging enough to them. It would be sufficient for Gentiles to draw attention to what they are doing on a daily basis and to start criticizing them for it in a reasonable manner.

Instead, we have the clown movement coming up with all these absurd conspiracy theories, and accusing people of being “controlled opposition” and “Jewish agents” and “secret Jews” and “Cass Sunstein operatives.”

Probably out of sheer annoyance more than anything else I stopped talking about the issue. I used to talk about it all the time (see my debates with Guy White), but I rarely discuss it anymore. Just because there is a perception out there that it is kooky to obsess over the issue.

My attitude toward the Jewish Question is probably representative of people who know all about the issue, but who have quit discussing it, or who avoid discussing the issue altogether. It is fundamentally an attitude which has been shaped by interaction with the clown movement which is a bigger obstacle to discussion of the Jewish Question than the Mainstream Media.

Don’t believe me?

Every other issue has gained mainstream traction… the racial double standard, criticism of multiculturalism, black-on-white crime, opposition to immigration, HBD discussion of differences in intelligence, attacks on free trade, attacks on globalization, assertion of a pro-White identity, etc.

“White Nationalism Lite” is penetrating the mainstream. It is becoming the common sense of the American Right. I’ve been watching the evolution of sites like Free Republic for 10 years now and can verify this. Jared Taylorism and Sam Francisism is triumphing now.

The Jewish Question though… that remains stuck in the mud. It is stuck in the mud primarily because of the presence of the clown movement who alienate and annoy people who agree it is a serious issue.

Kevin MacDonald is one of the few people who is capable of discussing the Jewish Question purely as an academic in a measured and responsible way. For every Kevin MacDonald, there are thousands of Der Linders and J Richards out there, whose rhetorical radicalism undermines and sabotages MacDonald on an everyday basis.

How many times have I heard it now: “You know, Kevin MacDonald has a point, but his followers are nuts, so lets not go there.”

The Jewish Question will go nowhere (unlike immigration, unlike black-on-white crime, unlike reassertion of White identity) until that perception begins to change.

3 replies on “Hunter Wallace on the Jewish Problem”

I quit reading Hunter Wallace after this monotonous September 21, 2011 harangue about the JQ and the “clown movement.” As Carolyn Yeager pointed out in a recent podcast on the new White Network “The Truth Isn’t for Sissies.” The jews are bad news. Hold up the mirror of race in their face.

You are committing a classic category error here. Who can have more hairy balls than exterminationists like me (see e.g., my latest comment in the other thread). Your error consists in confusing sissies with rational nationalists who abhor all sort of nutty conspiracy theories. Criticizing monocausalist paranoia has nothing to do with sissieness or faggotry of any kind.

I find myself “naming the Jew” a bit too often. It will get you a few nice pats on the back in the White Nationalist cyber world but out in reality any Judaic ranting will be met with little more than blank stares or hostile posturing.

I’ve had a much better success in getting people to see past the Jewish veil of innocence and victimization by using many of their Yiddish words in casual conversation: Shiksa, goyum, things like that.

I fantasize of calling something goyum in front of a body snatched pod, after which they question me on the meaning of the word. After learning that it is derogatory (no matter how much Jews try and obfuscate the word), they’ll go on a bit of internet historical searching and then BAM!, they’re reading Kevin Mac in no time.

“‘White Nationalism Lite’ is penetrating the mainstream. It is becoming the common sense of the American Right. I’ve been watching the evolution of sites like Free Republic for 10 years now and can verify this. Jared Taylorism and Sam Francisism is triumphing now.”

John Derbyshire fits in this category as well, alongside Paul Kersey and Steve Sailer. The “dissident right” can somewhat ebb over into White Nationalism light, (Jared Taylor’s White Identity), but mostly it stays in the realm of critique. However, all of these men have benefited, likely immeasurably, by ignoring the Jewish question. Though they rattle the Jewish multicultural cage, nothing they say is anything a race-conscious Jew would disagree with, as Jews have been in the HBD game for far longer than any other comparative race.

Hell, the probably like reading things like Sailer since those I.Q. lists they always put up show Ashkenazi Jews at the top of humanity’s cognitive crop; the whole HBD sphere probably being racial masturbatory fun form them.

For instance, Jared Taylor has absolutely gone bananas adoring the recent Israeli deportation policies, but is absent mentioning the glaring hypocrisy in that Jewish special interest groups all hold extremely pro diversity and immigration policies. Roughly speaking, If this is White Nationalism lite than it has a long way to go before it expects to have any kind of concrete effect on halting Western decline.

My fear is that this steadily growing WN lite is merely a tactical retreat in terms of Jewish media censorship. The Zionists have realized their multiracial Western utopia is becoming increasingly more difficult an illusion to propagate, so their allowing a bit of “white-identity” just so their lies aren’t so utterly apparent against the backdrop of an increasingly agitated and self-aware European populations. However, if an of these WN-lites ever bring up anything related to the “Jewish Question” its right back down to the Nazi name calling sludge pit for any of them willing to call out the undue influence of God’s most chosen people.

Or, this could be Zionism’s time for a bit of its own soul searching. The common conception has been that Jews have the most fear of any white racial consciousness: whether that be pan-European or selectively German or Russian, etc. However, with things like this: (link) you have to wonder if Jews are starting to ponder the cost-benefits of their plan for the deracinating of the Occident. The benefit of a non-racial coffee colored mass and its protection against resurgent European nationalist sentiments may in the Jewish mind no longer seem worth the cost of having increasingly darker third world conditions.

That AmRen link I posted has interesting comments: its diverged very much the Zionist oriented vs. Jews are White people too! battleground.

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