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Emigration / immigration Judeo-reductionism

“Norway did not need the Jew; we did it ourselves”

At Counter-Currents a Norwegian commenter said:

There are very few Jews in Norway. And contrary to many other western nations, the Norwegian industry of banking, media, higher education, entertainment, publishing etc are not dominated by a handful of Jews. Most Norwegians grow up without ever meeting one.

Originally, the Norwegian constitution forbade Jews (and Jesuits) to enter the kingdom, but even after the ban was lifted, very few settled, and those that did were for the most part arrested and deported during WWII by the Norwegian police. After the war, some returned, some new ones immigrated, but the Jews in Norway have never achieved any kind of dominating influence, as they tend to do in gentile nations.

As for the question of why, they’re a several things to consider.

One is that Jewish ritual slaughter is verboten in Norway, so the Jews must import all their kosher meat from abroad. This requires both effort and expenses, as the native Norwegian production of food is protected by tolls and various regulations that seek to bar foreign products from entering the market. Thus any Jew wanting kosher meat need to buy it from a select few shops at very steep prices. Various Jewish lobby groups tend to press the issue now and then, calling it Anti-Semitic, as Norway was one of the few nations not to lift the ban on kosher meat after WWII, but they tend not to press too hard, as there is an agreement to keep the ban in place from the left to the right across the political spectrum. This, many Jews feel, creates an unwelcoming atmosphere.

Another explanation is that well into the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, Norway was in large a sort of “national” socialist state. One TV channel. One radio channel. Most vital industries were owned by the government—and anything else owned by a small clique of Norwegian industrialists that cooperated closely with the government. This environment was not very welcoming for “outsiders” to do business—and even today the largest Norwegian corporations are either partly state-owned or owned by a rather small “plutocracy” of ethnic Norwegians and Norwegian families that seldom open the arena for outsiders.

A third explanation is that traditionally, Norway has been quite unwelcoming towards minorities. Up until the immigrant waves and the implementation of the multiculturalist utopia policy, Norway was an ethnic homogenous and fierce nationalistic nation that tended not to tolerate any sort of minority making too much fuzz or gaining any sort of influence. Well into the 70s the Norwegian government had active eugenics laws, and these were compulsory employed not only against the mentally defect and the unredeemable criminal misfits, but also against the gypsy minority, as these were judged to be of criminally genetic stock.

So it is sad to say: the suicidal multiculturalist madness; the immigration waves that according to the state census will make Norwegians a minority in their own cities within 30 years; the cultural Marxist ideocracy reigning in the institutions of education, media and higher learning; the “Americanization” of every media and entertainment through import and distribution and replicating of the American mass media pop-culture—all these ills the Norwegians choose to implement on themselves. Or rather, some Norwegians—the political elite and idealist crackpots of the 68 and their children that sought to disseminate in society their own utopian pipedreams of cultural Marxism and ethno-masochistic poison.

Norway did not need the Jew. We did it ourselves.

And at The Occidental Observer Lars the Viking said:

Norway is the only country that stands up to the Zionists because we are rich in oil. In April 2011, Alan M. Dershowitz sharply criticized Norway for its treatment of Jews, writing that:

“All Jews are apparently the same in this country that has done everything in its power to make life in Norway nearly impossible for Jews. Norway was apparently the first modern nation to prohibit the production of Kosher meat, while at the same time permitting Halal meat and encouraging the slaughter of seals, whales and other animals that are protected by international treaties. No wonder less than 1000 Jews live in Norway.”

Dershowitz also stated, regarding efforts by Norwegian Academics to institute a boycott of Israelis that while administrations of Norwegian universities “have refused to go along with this form of collective punishment of all Israeli academics… in practice… Jewish pro-Israel speakers are subject to a de facto boycott” and cited this as a reason why the faculties of several Norwegian universities refused to invite him to speak about Israel .

In 2008, a symposium held by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, entitled Behind the Humanitarian Mask: The Nordic Countries, Israel and the Jews, accused Norway and Sweden of institutional racism against Jews. Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld, chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said that “Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in Scandinavia.”

Oslo is a bulwark of anti-Semitism and Israel-slandering. Norway is the paradise of political correctness, multiculturalism and anti-war feelings (Frontpage mag).

Last year, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund (that administers the oil profits) divested from the Israeli company Elbit, because it has worked on the Israeli fence that blocked the suicide bombers. The author of the global literary phenomenon “Sophie’s World,” the national Norse hero Jostein Gaarder, wished for the disappearance of Israel.

Google and you will see that the Jews hate Norway more than any other country on earth. Little Norway stands alone and standing up to Zionism.

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Also, Norway has its own oil, so the Eurabia hypothesis of Bat Ye’or doesn’t hold true either.

“One is that Jewish ritual slaughter is verboten in Norway, so the Jews must import all their kosher meat from abroad.”

The same in Sweden. Of course, Muslims aren’t bothered by these laws. Maybe WNs should give in on this issue, in order to score at other points.

Another fact. Jews are more Left-wing the more they are in the minority. In Sweden, Jews are more Left-wing than in the Netherlands, in the Netherlands more than the USA, in the USA more than in Israel.

This is because they try to apply to the large what they see fit to the small (themselves). Hayek, Mises and others pointed out this is a big error and lead to ruin the society and the people.

There is a question I would ask:
If the Jews are not needed to mess things in Norway, maybe they are not needed to mess things in other western places. Westerns did it themselves and Jews are the old scapegoat to deflect the blame from the policies.

The policies advocated by WNs are the same advocated by Leftists and busybodies. What change is the paint and the window dressing. They want mold people with their mold but unfortunately there is not the right mold for all. And who wield the mold and have the power to force people to conform will try, always, to use the power to his benefit not the benefit of the people (if he could know it anyway).

I don’t believe that Jews are the old scapegoat, but the ills that Christian axiology have brought to the white people are so patent for anyone who studies the history of the decline and fall of Roman Empire as well as, more recently, the decline and fall of the Spanish Empire. The JQ is fundamental to understand the last couple of centuries, but most of white nationalists’ perspective lack the needed meta-perspective to fully grasp what’s going on.

Here is what I replied :

“Most norwegians grow up without ever meeting one.”

But Norwegian politicians and intellectual elites meet lots of them.

“very few settled, and those that did were for the most part arrested and deported during WWII by the norwegian police. After the war, some returned, some new ones immigrated”

And then, they created a Jewish museum and a holocaust center in Oslo, with government money, to brainwash Norwegian children. And the Norwegian government paid them reparations.

Do Norwegians believe in the Jewish holocaust narrative? Do they know about the millions killed by the Judeo-Bolsheviks? Is it okay in Norway to say that the Jewish narrative is a joke? Why would the Norwegians naturally care more about the Jews than about the victims of the Judeo-Bolsheviks?

My conclusion is that Norway is not immune from Jewish interference.

– Jewish activists want us to think that the Jews are Europeans. A politically correct Norwegian will say that Jews like Fjordman are 100% Norwegian.

– We know that ethno-masochism is a big problem in Norway. Norwegians are supposed to believe that White people are bad, and non-Whites are good.

– If so, how come it is not all right to vilify the Jews? After all, we are told to believe that they are White people.

Again, my conclusion is that Norway is not immune from Jewish interference.

“Norway did not need the Jew. We did it ourselves.”

I think Breivik is right to say that Norway is not a democratic country. In a dictatorship, you should blame the government, not the people. The North Koreans are not responsible for the government they have. They are basically the same people as the South Koreans. And today’s Norwegians are basically the same people as their grand-parents who lived in the 1930s, and who were not crazy.

Even if Jews didn’t play any role in Norway, it still wouldn’t be true that Norway did it to itself. Even if you think that Norway did not need the Jew, it still needed the American example. The same thing happened in every White country at the same time, against the wish of most people. It means that the problem comes from the top and from international networks. If the United States had not opened its gates to non-White immigration in 1965, it is unlikely that the Norwegian elites would have decided to destroy their own country.

Like Michael O’Meara I believe that the main enemy in today’s world is the US. Even before the Jews took over the US the still un-jewified Yankees precipitated the civil wars that emancipated the Negro. And even before that war importing Negroes by Dixie’s lazy aristocrats was such a monumental blunder that it gives me speechless.

Presently I see our fight as debunking the French Revolution’s new god of equality and the myth of the brotherhood of all men: a god created by non-Jewish enlightened philosophers and revolutionaries who emancipated the Jew in the first place.

That god is still worshiped by virtually all Whites. The gentile liberalism that Jewish influence only catalyzed in the 20th and 21st centuries for their own interests is the second suicide attempt perpetrated by Whites themselves. Presently I am reviewing several books on the fall of Rome and the Early Middle Ages and IMO it’s beyond reasonable doubt that once in a while Whites like to commit cultural (and eventually racial) suicide.

“The gentile liberalism that Jewish influence only catalyzed in the 20th and 21st centuries for their own interests is the second suicide attempt perpetrated by Whites themselves.”

I agree. And I doubt there will be a third.

“our fight as debunking the French Revolution’s new god of equality and the myth of the brotherhood of all men”

Precisely. However for accuracy’s sake it should be noted that it didn’t begin with the French Revolution; the American Revolution was at least partly based on the same ideology.

I’m currently reading Kunstler’s “Geography of Nowhere” and he actually has quite a lot to say about the American pretense that class doesn’t exist, that everyone is the same, all while acting in direct contradiction to that, and how the specifically American circumstances created a society where class (an inevitable fact of human nature) wasn’t properly integrated into everyday life.

Good point. Are Jews White or aren’t they? If they are White, they cannot be victims of racism, meaning the holocaust wasn’t racist. If they are People of Color, they cannot be racist. This means Zionism can’t be racism, and Israel is free to do to the Palestinians as they wish. Both conclusions are unacceptable to the Left.


The Atheist Left is as bad as the Christian Right.

Chechar: “I believe that the main enemy in today’s world is the US”

It works in concentric rings :

– In the West, the anti-White ideology comes mainly from the United States.

– In the United States, the anti-White ideology comes mainly from leftist networks

– In leftist networks, the anti-White ideology comes mainly from Jewish activists

Jews are not the only culprits, but they play a decisive role.

In France, anti-immigration activists are sued by Jewish organizations and vilified thanks to the Jewish control on the media. It has nothing to do with the United States.

“Presently I see our fight as debunking the French Revolution’s new god of equality”

The French revolutionaries didn’t give much thought to non-Whites. They never thought of replacing White people with non-Whites. Their phony defense of equality was little more than a denunciation of the monarchy. It had nothing to do with racial equality between Whites and non-Whites. Inversely, today’s ideology of race-replacement has nothing to do with egalitarianism. Equality and replacement are two different things.

A small note: the “French revolutionaries” of 1789 were actually a very small and very organized splinter group, with financial backing, defined leaders, and access to precise field intelligence, such as the state of Parisian garrisons, the location of weaponry caches, and the assurance that Louis XVI would refuse to fire on them. Certainly not a huge and spontaneous popular wave inspired by the “ideals of the Renaissance” as it is commonly thought in the Anglo-Saxon world (as if the average individual was actually reading books in that time!).

Not more than 500 people took part in the Bastille assault, and no resistance was actually offered by the prison troopers. The group then drew support from parts the Parisian population, but their numbers never really came above 2000. The French masses taken globally were either apathetic or softly supportive of the monarchy.

This was a Coup, like every other “popular revolution” in history.

Can we therefore say it was a manifestation of White liberalism? That would be tantamount to viewing the 1917 Bolshevik “revolution” as a manifestation of a Slavic tendency toward communism.

“I’m currently reading Kunstler’s Geography of Nowhere

That’s a good book. His description of Disney World is hilarious.

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