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Civil war

Where will the white revolution start?

Mickey Meadows said:

“I don’t know where the revolution will start, but I do feel sure that it will have to be won in America. Fights have to won where the enemy is strongest.”

Fender replied:

“The revolution will start in either central—Hungary, Romania, Austria—or southern—Greece, Italy—Europe. In my opinion, anyway.”

5 replies on “Where will the white revolution start?”

Hmm… it’s quite difficult to say where within our white world; our people are currently addicted to consumerism and fornication (i.e. the core of modernity unleashed). Perhaps indeed — Greece and Hungary are the most likely nations to revolt via legislative processes.

We’ll see.

“Addicted to consumerism and fornication”. You really used the exact words! What I find intolerable of virtually all people I know is that it’s inconceivable for them to think in traditional marriage (even though I’m not religious) or outside the box of the media’s image of what normal people are supposed to consume.

2,000+ years of history is a mighty wall to put one’s back against. Considering Whites are indigenous to Europe, resistance is easier to defend on moral grounds. Breivik’s ethnic self-defense comes to mind.

As for the Kwa’ ? Classical liberalism is *the* moral framework. 90% of American Whites don’t engage in thought processes capable of transcending it yet. Only the Bible and business are moral, so to speak.

Ave Europa!

You need guns to defend revolution. In Europe we don’t have guns. So, where is revolution going to start?

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