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10 Replies on ““Join me comrades. Join me here in the Northwest homeland, where you belong!”

  1. Is there a “leader” of this Northwest homeland? If so, that implies there are sub-leaders beneath the leader. Who are they, what are their names, what kind of life experiences do they have? Are their identities being intentionally kept secret? If so, is it because they have criminal records or because of something else? To me, these are valid, legitimate questions. However, to those who have something to hide, they are questions that will never be answered.

    1. I guess it’s because no member of the NWF inner party would be foolish enough to reveal his real name now that the US government just passed a Cesarean law that makes Obama so powerful as incarcerating anyone he pleases, with no trial.

  2. Then why has the head of the NWF’s inner party been foolish enough to reveal his name? You see, that doesn’t make sense, and when I see such nonsensical reasoning as that I immediately begin to question to whole enterprise.

    I surmise that the real reason is that the so-called “inner party” is made up off tatooed knuckleheads wearing earrings and Doc Marten boots. Again, this silly “secretiveness” is for numbskulls and cretins, but not for serious-minded individuals.

    Just as I thought…

      1. I’m aware of that. But if you listen to his plea for individuals to relocate the the Northwest, he mentions that they may be required to “go to prison and even die” for doing so. Now, that’s okay as far as that goes. But to ask those things of people while one’s own leadership members remain anonymous and hidden away is beyond reasonable.

        Let’s take another example: April Gaede. She too has been asking people to move to the Northwest, in order to build and populate her Pioneer Little Europe’s. She does not hide who she is, nor the identities of her husband and children. She frequently names those who have joined her PLE, stating in what towns her members are settling in. Furthermore, she gives her current estimated numbers of members at around 500.

        Covington’s plan lacks these kinds of details. It’s all a huge fog. To succeed, Covington needs to start naming who his leadership is, the towns they occupy, how many settlers do they actually have, and so forth. “Secret” compounds don’t work. “Mysterious” membership figures arouse suspicion. Too much “concern” that the “Feds” are coming to get you only means that you’re just another Aryan Nations ready to be taken down.

        As a side issue, I don’t like the tri-color flag. It looks weak. A better one could be designed.

      2. It’s a no-brainer that candidates to future guerrilla fighting cannot publicize their names. As to the flag, in the white segment (horizontally rearranged) I would add the Florentine Fête painting emblematic for this blog: Blue means the heavens, green means our land, and the Fête murals in the middle, white space of the flag mean the divinity of the white race.

  3. “What is “weak” about a tri-color flag? Horizontal would be better than vertical.”

    Fair question.

    My answer is this: a flag is symbolic by its very nature. It’s intended to mean something. In the case of the HAC flag, the green stands for the hypothetical country’s “land”. Okay. But every country has “land”. So, taking up a huge chunk of a flag’s “territory” is the act of trumpeting its land. It’s akin to saying my country has “sky”, or has a lake or a river or a coal mine or whatever. Doesn’t mean much.

    The blue bar on the flag is proclaiming that the Northwest has a “sky”. Oooookay. But…so does every other country on earth. Again, that proclamation doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

    I suppose the white bar refers to the white race. The problem with that idea is that white is the most commonly used color in the world’s flags. As such, it’s a problematic use of that color for that reason.

    Another thing: the flag looks like too many European tri-colored flags. It’s confusing for that very reason. It’s not distinctive like the American flag (though since the US was founded, a few Asiatic/African countries
    have stolen elements of it) or the Nazi flag. That right there makes the flag “weak” as a distinctive symbol for a whites-only country.

    In conclusion, MANY more designs for such a flag should be created and considered.

    Side note: HAC himself has stated that the Federal authorities already know every single person’s name involved in not only the Northwest Imperative effort, but throughout the WN movement as a whole. HAC said that. Therefore, since the Feds already KNOW all of our names and where to find us, there is NO reason to keep the names and the numbers of the Northwest Imperative “secret”. (except to conceal that it’s not succeeding)

    Hold Back This Day
    The Towers of Eden

    1. I’m actually partial to the flag. Also, I believe Harold is alluding towards the European tri-colored flag’s Indo-European roots.

      The original Aryans/Indo-Europeans possessed a generalized three class system: Herder/farmer (blue), Priestly/druid class (green), and warrior class (red or white)

      I could have mixed the colors up, but I believe it falls into that pattern and is the root cultural reason for the tri-colors propensity within European cultures.

      It does seem to be “missing” something though.

      Harold would commit public relations suicide were he to bring back any Nationalist Socialist aesthetics in my opinion.

      “HAC said that. Therefore, since the Feds already KNOW all of our names and where to find us, there is NO reason to keep the names and the numbers of the Northwest Imperative “secret”

      You should be a bit more optimistic. Yes, I’m sure the FEDs know every single fully involved NW front member, but the FEDS are hardly the only group one would wish to stay hidden from.

      A legion of anti-fas, Jewish and liberal journalists, general quacks, and guys with Nazi-female sexual fetishes who do not have the ability to seamlessly acquire identities like the Feds do would likely stalk every member of the NF if their identities were openly made public.

  4. “I’m actually partial to the flag. Also, I believe Harold is alluding towards the European tri-colored flag’s Indo-European roots.”

    We both realize that passing judgment on a “flag” is rife with subjectivity and personal likes and dislikes. Each to his own, in other words. But with that in mind, HAC’s NW flag reminds me too much of the African flag of Lesotho:

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    The Towers of Eden