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The UK race riots

(A most embarrasing scene in the recent London riots…)

“In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”
—Enoch Powell, Rivers of Blood speech.

Enoch Powell was right. But the System killed the messenger. The Labour government with its insane immigration policies is guilty of a colossal crime against its own people. In the most recent thread about the UK race riots at The Occidental Observer:

Mark said…

@ “The events we see in the UK and in Wisconsin will continue until White men defy the laws of the land and start conducting guerrilla warfare against our enemies. No amount of blogging or book review writing is going to change a thing.”

Jon Wood said…

Mark: Thank God! Someone finally said it!

The reason we are all stuck in this blog to intellectualise about this crisis, is because that is what we have allowed ourselves to be reduced to. We are allowed to ‘talk’, but even then, blogs such as this are compelled by law to impose limits on what people can say. In particular there is a widespread prohibition in most Western countries against any statement which could be construed as inciting hatred against a particular race, ethnic group or ‘people’, unless it’s about whites.

So, we are really stuffed unless people can break free of what is clearly a determination to prevent white people from forming a ‘meeting of minds’ with the purpose of getting our act together.

On the issue of the media coverage of the UK race riots (yes, that’s what they are!), it has been quiet amazing to watch the lunatic left internationalists going into verbal overdrive on every media outlet. It’s almost funny, if it were not so serious, to watch these morons prattle on with one social theory after the other. And, and, and! Not once has the racial element been acknowledged.

The racial element to these riots is right at the core of the issue, and everyone knows about it, but no one in the media will speak its name.

I said…

Mark and Jon: you just nailed it. Time to order The Brigade from Amazon and start to think seriously…

7 replies on “The UK race riots”

In a future novel, I will portray a group of white men and women who have several critical things in common:

1: They are all WN’s

2: They are all in their 60’s or older

3: They all have been informed by their doctors that they have terminal diseases – prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc.

4: They are sick of what is happening to whites

5: With nothing to lose, they train themselves in the short time they have left in the use of sniper rifles, automatic weapons, and construction of truck bombs

6: They use their newfound skills against key government targets with the intent of inflicting as much damage as possible

Keep in mind this is only a work of fiction, and nothing more.

The drama will come in following these dozen or so characters throughout the course of the novel, the obstacles they face, the successes and failures that befall them, and the courage they must find within themselves to meet the end, so that those who come after them will have a future.

Step 1 is to not rely on the police or existing authority structure for anything.

Step 2 is to be living with other people who are willing to do the same. That is harder. Different ways of doing this; building up family, clan, tribe connections, as well as allying with other people not immediately related. But I suspect family relations may prove the strongest and most reliable links.

Moldbug’s “ten men who know the truth, for if they gained power, they would keep it” is the sort of thing I have in mind. If a mini-society can be created by people who understand the principles behind civilized society and how to maintain and expand it, it can grow, and eventually outcompete what passes for civilization today.

I do not see any point in talking about old people performing suicidal actions. That will not change or refound civilization. What is needed is young men, raised with certain attitudes, having thoroughly internalized those attitude, and with companions of a similar mindset. They will have the energy and the quick thinking and the willingness to take risks that a generational conflict requires – and this IS a generational conflict, it isn’t going to be solved in a quick 10-year war of independence or anything of the sort, it’s going to be more like the reconquest of the Balkans – or worse.

(And yes, I know Moldbug is Jewish, and uses way too many words to say anything, and I have noted certain attitudes and assertions of his that I think are incorrectly informed by his ethnicity. He has a lot of useful things to say anyway.)

In another TOO thread on the UK riots, Anglo Saxon said:

These riots and lawlessness with obvious racial overtones, come as no surprise to me, and indeed as no surprise to many others who know contemporary England well. I for one have been forecasting such a social explosion for nigh on fifteen years. I could literally smell the tension in the air whenever I visited London. More recently, I have been stating my belief that England will descend into full-blown civil war before end 2015.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGwk0NsW69o&w=560&h=349%5D

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