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“The only way to be heard” according to Breivik

The full quotation from Breivik’s manifesto reads:

“Unfortunately, spectacular actions like these are the only way to be heard.”

Breivik’s action can be understood in a nutshell, as he himself quotes JFK: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”, as shown in this video by David Wood:


Breivik’s manifesto, page 792:

An increasing number of Europeans are opening their eyes to the reality that the democratic struggle through dialogue has been lost.

Page 826:

It is counterproductive, even lethal to waste another five decades on meaningless dialogue while we are continuously losing our demographical advantage.

Still another quote:

Around year 2000 I realised that the democratic struggle against the Islamisation of Europe, European multiculturalism was lost. It had gone too far. It is simply not possible to compete democratically with regimes who import millions of voters.

I may not pull the trigger on unarmed teenagers to make a point, but these are not the words of a mentally unbalanced man.

2 replies on ““The only way to be heard” according to Breivik”

You are correct. The system that exists in this country since 1920 cannot be voted out through political means. It will end it’s depradations only by an opposing strong domineering male entity, which Brevik is the symbolic type, attacking the cause not the symptom.

He is just the first in a long line of destroyers to come.

Both Political Parties in the United States are controlled by an Alien Elite Hostile to the survival of Whites. Only strong decisive action on the part of Real Americans will Dislodge the Parasites feeding off of the citizenry.

Peaceful Means of doing so may not be possible with the duplicity of the approved Political Leaders doing the bidding of the Parasites instead of the American People. Terrorism however is not an effective means of achieving Political Power.

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