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The king of the animals

With the exception of Animal Planet I usually don’t watch TV: it’s the vehicle from which the System has been brainwashing us for decades. But yesterday I experienced a revelation. A program about the coming extinction of the lion in Africa (ca. 2020) stated that the male lion is not the ornamental, passive guy we have seen in the other programs of wild animal life. The lionesses hunt during the day, true; but with night-vision cameras the role of the male lion has finally been revealed.

It turns out that, for ages, there has been a war between the two super-predators of Africa: the hyenas and the lions. And the only way for a clan of lions to mark their territory and survive is when the healthy male lions hunt and kill the female leader of the hyena clan that dares to trespass the boundaries (which usually happens at night). Footages of male lions hunting and killing the leader of the hyenas are a treat! I had never seen it before.

Yet since it’s precisely the splendid male lion the specimen that man has been hunting down for decades, the population of lions dropped from more than 400,000 to a tenth of that number.

Similarly, in our species a liberal system led by the Hyenas of mankind has been hunting down the White males for decades with feminist laws and a Gomorrean culture that turns them into the feminized western males, degenerate race wee see today overwhelmed with gratuitous guilt complexes.

From the nationalist viewpoint the moral of the story is that, if boys don’t behave like real men again, if we don’t get back our ruthless predator spirit, if we fail to raise a gun again, like the lion we’ll go extinct.

Focus Northwest.

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Chechar, I think this is as good a time as any to say that you’ve put an amazing blog together. Regardless of the points on which we disagree (and which I don’t want to discuss in this thread), I’m full of admiration for that. Congratulations.

Thanks. This blog is mainly a collection of the best thoughts on WN I’ve seen on the net. My original contributions are minimal (I started to think in genuine WN terms only until the beginning of the last year).

On the “H” man and his Reich… well, I hated him as late as 2008. But it’s precisely the moral imperative to behave like lions again, and not as pussies, what made me change my mind (I forgot to state in this entry that, according to the documentaries, without the male lions the decapitated clan is easily overrun by the competing hyenas).

Yes: Trainspotter is the man. What we now need is that these ideas spread throughout a couple of decades before real action takes place.

“the moral imperative to behave like lions again”

A true European must be mighty like a bear, not like a lion.

In their mythologies, our ancestors liked to identify with the bear. The image of the lion and the eagle arrived later, with the oriental influences on the Roman Empire. But in Roman circus games, when a bear was pitted against a lion, the European bear would kick the lion out of the arena.

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