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Obama kills Osama

Yesterday I pulled a comment from another blog. Here we go again:

Jerry said

No Al Qaeda member ever called me cracker. Islamic extremists don’t bring Muslim terror to the Western world: the white-hating racists of the Leftist elite do by sponsoring mass Muslim immigration. Islamic terrorism in the West, like immigrant street gang violence, is just an extension of the violent policy of extermination through racist colonialism being waged by the Leftist elites against their own peoples. That war of racial genocide, of which Islamic terrorism in the West is but a by-product, will go on. The prime emotion I feel over Bin Laden’s death is indifference, like a man waiting for the firing squad being told that the crook who once stole his bicycle had at last been arrested.

Greg Johnson said…

Well said. But it is not just silly kids who are cheering for Team America. People who know better are doing so as well. The desire to identify with a winning team is so strong in people, that racially aware whites will cheer on the system that is destroying us and our future. The killing of Osama Bin Laden, if it even happened, is not a victory of “our” system serving our interests. It is a victory of “their” system serving their interests, the same system that is destroying us.

One reply on “Obama kills Osama”

Jerry’s is right on.

When I heard about it Sunday morning, the first thing that went through my head was Cassius Clay’s “I got no quarrel with the Viet Cong.”


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