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Without guilt:

Happy birthday Uncle Adolf!

Today is the anniversary of Adolf Hitler. I have just read Pierce’s article on Counter-Currents, a webzine that published also another article that I had previously quoted in the previous incarnation of this blog.

2 replies on “Without guilt:”

Hello César,

Thank you for finding and posting interesting comments and articles like in the blog-entry above.

Although your blog mostly aggregates articles and comments by others, I value it highly because you find and publish good stuff.

Over the preceding years I have also read parts of some of your books (the translated parts that you published) and your articles and find most of them very interesting.

Sometimes I am not immediately sure if you authored an article or if it is possibly only a quote (and have to search a bit on the page), so:
Do you have on this blog (or another one of your blogs) a category for articles that you wrote yourself originally in the English language?

Do you allow that one or two of your medium-length articles are anonymously translated and published on Altermedia D (of course only properly translated and with César Tort correctly named as the author and the article linking to your blog)?

Of course the sentences of the translated text would not be as long-winded as the preceding one.

When an article has no name attached to it it’s authored by me (except the anonymous “quotable quotes”). There are lots of such entries in this site.

Yes: you can translate everything I’ve written. Revise your email that starts with “steu…”, that I got when you apparently commented in 2013 under the public name of W.S.

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