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Energy / peak oil Racial right

WN & peak oil

Nothing is ‘free’, not even ‘virtually free’, especially not energy. No one, absolutely no one, gets to dodge the bullet of Post-Peak Oil energy devolution. A global civilisation, to which Murka is the metaphorical Rome, collapses; it comes to an end… In historically relative terms, the current century will make the Black Death seem like a nose bleed.

Why most Murkan White Nationalists cannot see, will not see, or refuse to see how this most devastating of historical events will impact racial politics is simply mind-boggling. Wait! No, it’s not all that mind-boggling at all, but that is another matter, another day.

Sebastian Ronin

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This quote appears in On Exterminationism, which is in the process of being proofread before being republished as a PDF.

I once thought an analogue of Rome’s History to WW2 would be Julian’s failed attempt to resurrect the Old Roman Gods, but that’s not really an adequate comparison.

From a Karelian macroscopic point of view, WW2 was the answer to the question “What will the most advanced race of Homo Sapiens do with the oil technology they recently discovered?”
Will they use it to exterminate the inferior races and secure their speciation? Or waste it all to over-breed the inferior races in an attempt to extinguish themselves?

Had we answered that question differently, today we would be unraveling the mysteries of the human mind and perfecting our genome. Instead we’re doing everything to keep this disgusting ethnosuicidal party going.

The notion that billions of tons of oil are spent frivolously every year to allow billions of gooks, niggers and street-shitters to eat, reproduce, move about and do their useless quotidian tasks… it’s a mental exercise in determination. It’s a test of one’s resolve to carry the 14 Words.

We could have had the path of Vishnu, and preserved many of our works, and Nature’s works as well. But we betrayed Vishnu’s messenger, Adolf; so now there’s only the path of Kalki ahead, which will destroy 99% of everything we’ve accomplished, just like Rome.
The Reset Button – all because of a fucking moralistic flaw in our brains that was exploited to it’s zenith.

I wish for nothing but to push that button, it’s the best thing that could happen to us.
It just saddens me to think that Adolf, Leonidas and Herman will probably be forgotten after that button is pushed.
But the Blood will survive, and that’s what matters.
It will survive, as it did against many previous Black Deaths and 1945’s.
Aryans will rise again, will kill again, will build again, will LIVE again.
That’s the notion that maintains my resolve.

The coming Day of Kalki will make the Hellstorm Holocaust look like a children’s birthday party.

To paraphrase Savitri Devi, the next time it will not be the finest nation on Earth who undergoes destruction but humanity who undergoes the inevitable destruction. The next time, it will not be the Superman who commits suicide in a bunker while the subhumans jeer with delight but the billions of subhumans who will meet their inevitable demise. The next time, it will not be the elite of mankind who are put on trial to be judged by the dwarves in “the most famous trial in human history” the Nuremberg Trial, but humanity who will be weighed in the balance on Judgement Day and found to be wanting.

I’m convinced of it. There is a climax coming this century, which will be the logical conclusion of recorded human history.

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