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Castilian intolerance

When in December I closed the comments of this site for a couple of months, I put a link to this notice:

I am a very busy person and do not have a moderator who is approving or censoring comments. If the visitor is not someone whose personal religion is virtually identical to the ideology of the SS Germans, I would suggest that he not even try to post a comment. Otherwise, email me ([email protected]) and I’ll consider your comment.

To illustrate what was the guiding ideology of the cream of the crop of National Socialism, I would suggest that you read the last pages of the latest book I have compiled, On Exterminationism (PDF: here, hard copy: here).

Apparently, some visitors continue to ignore what I am trying to do on this site. See for example what I just said about my Castilian intolerance: here.

I think visitors should take seriously what I said in December, especially the words: ‘If the visitor is not someone whose personal religion is virtually identical to the ideology of the SS Germans, I would suggest that he not even try to post a comment’. As I wrote in one of my autobiographical books, one of my ancestors, José María Tort y Vivó, mentioned by José Zorrilla in Recuerdos del Tiempo Viejo, lived opposite the building where the Inquisition of New Spain had its headquarters.

4 replies on “Castilian intolerance”

People think my attitudes are “too fanatical and harsh” – but where has softness and tolerance gotten us? On the verge of extinction.

That’s why there is a category for some posts on this site, ‘feminized western men’, an evil that afflicts even today’s racialists (but didn’t afflict the Nazis).

With all the glory and praise that can be given to the SS, it should be recommended to emulate their example. When I was training myself to survive alone in the woods around the age of 17 in a hut that I built, I found the image of the SS to be enough to motivate me. Simply by asking myself the question, “What would an SS-Mann do” or “How would an SS-Mann act”, I drove myself through situations that would otherwise break the weak people of today. Even when I was actually lost in the woods about a mile from my parents’ home I charged myself through the forest, not drinking any water, being cut by brambles and greenbriers on my face and through my clothes, seemingly running in circles at first. By focusing my mind with the courage I had learned from their example, I abandoned fear itself and focused on my surroundings; eventually making my way back while following whatever terrain looked most familiar. All due to my aim to follow the fighters of True Germany.

That being said, I have nothing against the SS. However, recently I have begun to believe that the creation of a successor to the SS should be rethought: namely how such a force could be made today and how it could be maintained, even without a state to support it. The SS was perfect for its time yet because we have no state in our possession, it is implausible that it would be visually identical to its precursor. Some will find secrecy a la modern black operations to be distasteful, yet in order to avoid unnecessary martyrs I currently think massive infrastructure would be needed to give any pro-white force a chance to develop and recover.

I have ideas for this but due to potential feds I do not think it is wise to discuss online.

With the ethnocidals in power, obviously the SS cannot be revived. But what I had in mind is something different from what you say.

As I said above, you have to read the final pages of the referred book, where the Master Plan East is discussed. The point is that the Aryan whose values have already been revalued feels no Christian guilt for such an achievement.

In other words: if white nationalists had already revalued their values, they would be saying the same thing that Himmler and his associates said with a new name, “Master Plan South” in the sense of conquering Latin America for the fair race, after reconquering North America with due ethnic cleansing.

Not thinking big, a la Turner diaries, is what irritates me about American racialists today. And if they don’t think big, it’s simply because the Jew who wrote the gospel tells them that those ideals would be sinful.

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