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Jared & Kevin

Since I was disappointed with American racialism I have only occasionally been visiting The Occidental Observer and American Renaissance. But even in these sites we can see the extreme level of feminisation of the white male of today. Recall Himmler’s brief preface to the pamphlet I have been quoting, Sieg der Waffen – Sieg des Kindes (Victory of the Arms – Victory of the Child):

Men of the SS and Police!:

Two weapons are available to each folk in the struggle for existence. Its fighting strength and its natural fertility. Never forget that the fighting strength alone cannot secure the folk’s survival into the distant future. The inexhaustible fountain of its fertility is also necessary.

Read this book, which I have given to you, and act accordingly. The victory of German arms must be followed by the victory of the German child.

H. Himmler.

Two things together can save the Aryan race: their ability to fight and their fertility: two sides of the same coin that it’s impossible to separate. Since the western states of the world today are trying to exterminate the Aryans, the only chance to reverse the process is to seize power during a revolution. Only after that would the laws favour white marriages. In contrast, with an ethnocidal state and culture the advice to marry white women cannot, in the long run, be successful due to the tide of colour.

That should be obvious. But American racialists don’t think in terms of Waffen for a future revolution. Kevin MacDonald published today Was ist Weiße Identität? on the White Date website’: an article about a dating agency for whites. This is palliative, like palliative medicine given to terminally ill patients. What ultimate good is such an agency if the male cannot force the female to have ten children? Recall a passage from On Beth’s Cute Tits that appears on the sidebar: in a patriarchal society the power of reproduction lies in the male; in feminist society, in the female. With the current laws in today’s West, forcing a woman to have many babies is illegal.

The article that Jared Taylor allowed this day, ‘Proud to Be Gay and Proud to Be White’, is even worse than Kevin’s. Jared passes the microphone to a lesbian who was discriminated when applying for a job for being white. We can already imagine a booklet whose preface was signed by Himmler making concessions to homos! (The AmRen article uses the Newspeak term ‘gay’ which in Oldspeak simply means ‘cheerful’. Racialist sites should always use Oldspeak!)

What bothers me the most is that, other than The West’s Darkest Hour, no site realistically defends the Aryan race. Or is there another site that makes not a single concession to the ethnocidal ideology?

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Why do you say that, apart from you, nobody really defends the Aryan race? What is wrong with the National Alliance? I have been visiting their website for years and I could not find anything that goes against national-socialist orthodoxy. They are clearly and unashamedly pro-white, anti-jewish and anti-christian.

But they haven’t published Pierce’s most important non-fiction book. Or have they already? For almost a decade I had to publish excerpts from Who We Are (within The Fair Race) because NA didn’t.

Defending the Aryan race means revaluating all values. As far as I know, Pierce did revalue them. But not the NA. When Will Williams came to this site I asked him why Pierce’s book hadn’t been published. He told me they planned to do it. But I always suspected that the main reason was that the fictionalised exterminationism of The Turner Diaries appears in Who We Are already in non-fiction form.

If those of NA didn’t publish the book of Pierce, who died in 2002, for that long, we can suspect that they might continue to subscribe to Christian ethics somehow.

Furthermore, I already told you in another comment thread that being ‘anti-Christian’ is not a parameter. To be a priest of the 14 words you have to have transvalued Christian values back to the Greco-Roman and Nazi values. And NA after Pierce’s death doesn’t seem to promote exterminationism the way I do on this site (see the book On Exterminationism that appears on the sidebar).

Interestingly, Alex Linder is indeed an exterminationist. But he has other kinds of axiological problems. Linder subscribes to American libertarianism, an ideology that lends itself to all the corruption of the mosquito-filled swamps we see today.

The priest of the 14 words is as intolerant and purist as a Spanish inquisitor in the face of any blemish that endangers the existence of the nymphs that also appear in the sidebar.

I understand everything you said, and it makes sense, but don’t you think that as an organization it would be suicidal for the National Alliance to openly advocate the extermination of certain people? Do you realize what you are saying? Their website will be destroyed and all the leading members arrested, without having achieved anything. For a public/political organization in a society fully controlled by the enemy, such an attitude is a recipe for disaster.

PS: Don’t use the word “nazi”, it is an insulting name coined by the Jew Konrad Heiden in the 1920s to attack and ridicule the NSDAP and its members. We must not use the enemy’s language.

Commander George Lincoln Rockwell used that word. And nobody has tried to arrest Linder for his open exterminationism. Kevin Alfred Strom, the intellectual who has been writing interesting articles at the NA website, is far more softer than Pierce (let alone the SS gang).

Just to clarify, in the old days before advanced sanitation and food producion a significant percentile of children didn’t survive infancy or until adulthood.

In a technologically advanced (white) society would women having 10 children really be so desirable?

Especially in the context of “psychoclass”; with so many kids to one household individual children might not receive enough of the personal attention and care which might be required to develop in an optimal way.

The obvious objective would be to conquer the world for the Aryan race, just like the SS Nazis promoted marriages with a healthy amount of kids.

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