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Deranged altruism

Woke Christianity (excerpts)

by Robert Hampton

“I think the problem is white evangelicals don’t see Jesus in immigrants, refugees, people of color, and demeaned women,” she once tweeted. She claimed the downtrodden of today would one day lead Christianity: “The folks you’re shutting out of the church today will be leading it tomorrow. That’s the way the Spirit works. The future’s in the margins.”

Polls show that young white evangelicals are far more likely to support gay marriage and mass immigration. White evangelicals as a whole are mostly opposed to LGBT causes and America’s demographic transformation. However, white evangelicals between the ages of 18 and 29 say they are more inclined to vote for candidates who advocate for LGBT causes, more immigration, and the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The New Yorker report also said that young evangelicals are skeptical of the nation and view nationalism as un-Christian.

Progressive Christians imagine the faith, and Jesus Christ, as embodiments of modern social justice. “This dude was breaking down gender roles and taking on racial issues that made people around him hate him,” one Hispanic evangelical told Griswold about Jesus… They also say Jesus was a refugee and black in order to support arguments in favor of America’s demographic transformation.

“When I think about where most of Scripture points me, it is toward defending the poor, and the immigrant, and the stranger, and the prisoner, and the outcast, and those who are left behind by the way society works.” His Christianity is not one that defends healthy values, the national community, or even the traditional family. It is opposed to all those things. The Other is the great purpose of Buttigieg’s Christianity, and it conforms to the technocratic neo-liberalism for which he advocates.

Fellow Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker also articulates this same vision of Christianity. Religion News described Senator Booker’s Christian approach as “multifaith, LGBTQ-inclusive, liberation theology-influenced and social-justice focused.”

Maybe the European New Right had a point when it argued that liberalism is just a secularized form of Christianity.

Woke Christianity could become a major theme of the 2020 Democratic primary. It’ll certainly come out when candidates need to virtue-signal about the utter immorality of nationalism.

Conservative evangelicals may remain the majority in their community, but they still show the woke influence. The conservative Southern Baptist Convention did issue an embarrassing condemnation of the Alt Right in 2017. Apparently, nationalists are a bigger threat than secular progressives.

The globalists need every institution to support their agenda. Woke Christianity helps advance that goal by subverting the churches that lag behind “progress.” Contrary to its marketing, woke Christianity does not challenge power—it reaffirms the prevailing order.

It only challenges white America.


Editor’s Note: Read it all on Counter-Currents. I am using again Giotto’s painting because of what I said in ‘On empowering birds feeding on corpses’, which reminds me very strongly the first paragraph above. It debunks the white nationalist claim that the Jews ‘did this to Christianity’. The fact is that the gospel message is the problem; the JP, merely its epiphenomenon in the US.

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Please share backup site address on deep web. Its how we have to roll. Dissident style.

The seconds I liked most (after 10:30) are the ones where the guy says that Aryan males have been emasculated, with a drawing of a warrior of yore on the background.

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