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Thank you, German comrades

Well, at least the German Metapedia is recognising my birthday. Potentially, Germans (Americans are stuck with Xtianity) could be the driving force behind an Aryan awakening if only some of them started to realise that the System has lied to us in two fundamental issues.
As we say in the Masthead comment, the overwhelming majority of the martyr stories, allegedly ordered by Roman emperors, are lies (see also the 2013 book, The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom by Candida Moss).
On the other hand, the real martyrology of white Hellenes (‘pagans’ in Christian Newspeak of the 4th century) perpetrated by the Christians after Constantine handed over the empire to his bishops—many of Semitic background! (as those who skinned Hypatia)—, has been concealed in a history written by the Christians.
Exactly the same can be said about the Second World War: victimology has been reversed in the current narrative to the point that, when someone asks me if I recommend a single book, I don’t recommend any of my books but Goodrich’s Hellstorm.
Thanks again German comrades overseas! The truth we are trying to convey in our sites potentially can shift the paradigm—if only enough Aryan males realised that they have been deceived with lies, lies, and more lies, lies…

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I want to donate. Is everything ok with your paypal account? Asking because PayPal continues with deplatforming “nazis”.

Germans went from the monocultural utopia from the 1930’s to the multicultural utopia of the 21st century. lol Passing through the economic
übermensch of the East Germany.
Not forgetting that they pretty much abandoned Christisnity and embraced the Holocaust cult.
This people can’t lead even their women.

No, I entered a fake one in comments form. Should I contact you per e-mail prior donating?

Happy birthday!
What do you think about the National Socialist Underground? You haven’t mentioned it at all. One of the terrorists was a woman, Beate Zschäpe, and that’s sad. But then again, one of the last Werwölfe was a little red riding hood, Ilse Hirsch…
Of all the German regions, eastern Saxony seems like the most decent. They were the only land with the Kreise where the AfD won in September 2017. Also, remember the Hoyerswerda riots!
By the way, long ago I read a great liberal article about Saxony from the 1990s, have been searching for the author for a good hour, finally found it! The correct key word was “dutch english writer about japan married” – Ian Buruma!
So many years past, and the future is as murky as in those smelly autumns among the ruins of Bolshevism where the triumph of capitalism was so certain…
Too bad they have Slavic blood, and a significant minority still speaks Sorbian there…

I don’t think that Beate Zschape being female is completely sad. I think that desperate times do call for desperate measures. And remember that there was only 3 of them; they were not a fully functional operation. If they were, they could have the women doing things like encryptions and intelligence. I am pretty sure Pierce depicted women having certain violent roles in TTD and, unlike Tubby McCovington, was not a feminist.
As for East Saxony, I think that during the times of the Third Reich, anthropologists called attention to the majority Nordic people of that specific area of Germany.
By the way Cesar, I owe you a happy birthday. I apologise for any disrespect.

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