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Who wants to punch left?

Yesterday’s post by Chris White criticising Millennial Woes has given me an idea. I have not tired of punching left since, exactly six years ago (November 22, 2011), I started criticising Greg Johnson because of his promotion of degenerate music at his webzine.
Question: Any other interested in criticising here the Alt-Right? Many of us are fed up with them, as can be seen in this pivotal article.

10 Replies on “Who wants to punch left?

  1. I’d be interested in criticising the Alt-Right, which is something even worse than White Nationalism, actually I think the Alt-Right is the worse thing that has been produced by the Movement since the fall of the Reich in 1945. This is partly to do with how liberal and degenerate Western society has become even influencing the Movement in more recent times but also to do with the Alt-Right’s own ideological timidness.
    I think a history of the Alt-Right needs to be compiled, one tracing its origins because it seemed to come out of nowhere (though of course it didn’t). If I remember correctly, the first I heard of it was in late 2015 alongside the term Neo-reactionary (although I remember reading Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right website in 2011) and thinking how pathetic it was that the latest psuedo-intellectuals associated with White racialism didn’t even want to be called White Nationalists but needed something inoffensive like Alt-Right or Neo-reaction instead.
    We need to illustrate the flaws and failings of the ideology of the Alt-Right but in doing so we also need to make OUR ideology clear. The ideology I personally subscribe to I would not call National Socialism as I think NS died with Hitler (though I can believe in the possibility of an Esoteric Hitlerist religion) but nevertheless it is extremely similar ideologically. Like NS it has Nature as its basis. I know you call your own ideology National Socialism Cesar.

    1. Well then call it Hitlerism.
      My original idea in the podcasts was to criticise WN / Alt-Right. Now that I cannot speak fluently in a second language at least I can do something here. But…
      I feel kind of crazy criticising* them all by myself.
      (*) I dislike WNsts’ term ‘counter-signalling’.

      1. Like I said, I’ll aid you in criticising the Alt-Right. But let’s wait to see if anyone else wants to join us in that criticism.

  2. It would be the most productive use of anyone’s time. If you’re going to gain any converts or wake anyone up it’s going to be from that group, or someone who reads what they are saying.
    A big tent alt-right full of Christians, feminists, traditionalists (gynocentric traditionalism, not traditional patriarchy) is going nowhere. There are no strong leaders but instead everything is dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator, they are leading from behind.
    Criticising the alt right is exactly what is needed right now, a new movement can organically form out of that trash dump. Telling people what they already know doesn’t produce any tangible results which is what the far right has been doing.
    There’s no one doing this right now, so we are stuck with nothing, no coherent well thought out ideas or direction. Just Richard Spencer and his fanboys who are already to the right of him.
    They are full of so many failed ideas that they do more harm than good. The white genocide meme is the most whiny, victim playing, most failed piece of propaganda ever conceived. This meme has been around for around 15 years and nobody stopped to think that maybe it’s a bad idea.

  3. The Alternative Right started in 2010 with Richard Spencer’s website of that title. It gathered a motley crew of pagans, eugenicists, “traditional” christians, and jews. The Alternative Right was jewed at birth, given that Spencer’s mentor was Paul Gottfried. Alternative Right (the site) was fairly high brow but obviously compromised by Abrahamists of both jewish and christian persuasions. What we’re seeing now is a merely a return to its roots in a more vulgar manner. What is most surprising is that White Nationalism managed to appropriate the name at all (its only success)!
    Conferences have been jettisoned in favor of narcissistic performances and more naked huckstering. The Alt-Right is now a business model and nothing more. Any two-bit whore can use it as a vehicle to solicit donations for the most minor criticism of Skraelings as long as she looks passable. Or not, in the case of hideous Alt-Right transexual “Blair White.” Humorously enough, Spencer originally envisioned the Alt-Right as a “big tent” movement. Only two things come in big tents: circuses and itinerant preachers.

  4. A demonstration of the sad state of affairs is this thread on 8ch’s /pol/: link
    Putting aside the tired cheerleading of every tinpot dictator who just happens to be against America/Jews regardless of whether they’re really helpful to Whites, you see desperate attempts to go “Da Jews are da reel waycis” complete with trotting out pictures of Niggers and Goatfuckers in German uniform. They still accept the core premises of Liberalism (hostility to Aryan supremacy, trying to be moralistic about the conquest of Slavic territories, pushing the underlining equality of man).

    1. ‘…trying to be moralistic about the conquest of Slavic territories’

      This is what handicaps WN/Alt-Right: these guys are still egalitarians who believe that all whites are equal (and that we must even see as ‘whites’ those Caucasians of mixed ancestry).
      WN/Alt-Right must die in oder that Hitlerism may be reborn.

  5. My understanding is that Greg Johnson moved to Hungary after a Counter Currents meeting in Seattle resulted in a public “outing” by an infiltrator. So much for saving American whites.

  6. I would have no problem with the Alt Right if it was an actual movement that fought politically in the real world – using both the ballot box and the gun. Real world politics does require some methodological-based compromises, but even something milquetoast would be a start. Remember that Hitler was standing on the shoulders of more moderate conservative and nationalist parties that set the scene for the NSDAP’s rise. In a British context, a party to the right of UKIP is needed, not necessarily National Socialist in an explicit way.