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On WN cuckservatives

Obviously, most of the people on the “kick ’em out” side of the ledger would hardly consider that an expression of white nationalism. “Cuckservative” is a frame that might be bigger than its founders intended. —The Washington Post

cucks“Cuckservative” is a combination of “cuckold” and “conservative,” a meme that recently has gone viral in the internet. In words of a well-known white nationalist, “The core of cuckoldry is a violation of one’s genetic interests.”

This is my take on the subject.

The Jewish problem in America is mere epiphenomenon of the United States’ two foundational sins: materialism and Christianity, the nation’s double-helix genes. Because white nationalists insist in conserving those two alien cultural genes (cf. The Fair Race), the slur “cuckservatives” is appropriate to label them.

If Republicans are the white nationalists’ cuckservatives, by the same logic white nationalists are the Nazis’ cuckservatives. Unlike Uncle Adolf, and those racialists who have repudiated Christian morality, white nationalists cannot see that the US’s double-helix enabled Jewish take over in America.

In words of Greg Johnson: “A deeper reason that Republicans refuse to play the white race card is they think that their ideals of liberty and limited government are universal rather than tribal” (emphasis in the original). But of course, a specific theology that idealizes universalism is a Christian infection, the white nationalist omits to say. That’s why he and most nationalists focus on Jewry as what they erroneously believe is the primary factor of white decline.

The US’s zeitgeist is still firmly under the grip of the Biblical narrative, even the secularized Americans. Uncle Adolf and his inner circle of Nazis saw the Christian problem clearly, and you can imagine what would happen to a nation if, in addition to the monkey of Christianity, you add the genes of the other monkey of the double-helix: Mammon worshiping. Reading Uncle Adolf’s table talks has been refreshing for me. Reading white nationalists sites on the other hand reminds me what Hajo Liaucius, an European, said about the Second Klan.

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This picture says it all.

And yet so many WN’ers waste their time bashing Dylan Roof and not long ago, there was a call for WN to ‘shame’ single mothers, although most of these single mothers are ‘white’ and have ‘white’ kids.

That is because WN= Jew Spew and WN = ZOG

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