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Clueless southerners

confederate-flagIn my previous post I tagged as “cuckservative” the Second Klan for the well-explained reasons that Hajo Liaucius wrote in an original, 2013 essay exclusively for this site. Unlike the anti-Christian insights of Jack Frost about our parents’ religion, what white- and southern nationalists are always missing is that presently whites are trapped in a meta-ethical structure that compels them to behave like pupils of St Francis. Here for example is what Brad Griffin posted today on the Occidental Dissent blog:

Black Run America (BRA) doesn’t meant that blacks literally run America. Rather, it means that the American elite, whom Paul Kersey calls Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs), are running the country as a kind of charity for black people. Every single mainstream institution in BRA is dedicated to the project of black racial uplift, not maintaining “white supremacy.” Because black people are revered objects of worship in Black Run America (think of any number of Morgan Freeman movies), major cities like Detroit, Birmingham, and Memphis have been reduced to ruins under decades of incompetent black rule. We live in a country where civilization itself has been subordinated to “social justice.”

Unfortunately, the thousands of southerners who have been reading Occidental Dissent and flying the confederate flag are completely clueless about the plate tectonics that enabled the ongoing volcanic eruption of “Franciscanism.”

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So you would change the way that many white people spend their Sunday mornings. Now what smart guy? There’s still nigger ball on the Jewtube and your still in good hand with State Farm insurance wth its nigger representative. There’s still Cultural Marxism in the schools with or without the King of the Kikes.

I don’t understand this comment of yours as I didn’t understand your other comment in the other thread. This post is merely a small appendage of what Frost and I have been saying in this site in dozens of entries. (See also The Fair Race’s long section on Christ-insanity.)

You know exactly what I’m talking about. If you remove the “sky gods” what do you replace it with? I’ve got an idea. It can little be debated that we have a materialistic and selfish people. Instead of moaning and groaning about it like a bunch of cloistered monks, why not capitalize on it? The major collapse you keep talking about may still come. But, right now it’s about as useful as Zionist Christianity, unless you have hidden tunnels with a revolutionary army I don’t know about. “Those niggers and beaners are trying to take your shit” is as good a meme as any and it’s all about materialism and freedom. We might have grand intellectual ideas, but the masses don’t need to know that. The masses are the “might” and the people that control them are the “power”. The masses act nihilistic and weak until you start taking their stuff. That mentality might disgust us, but it’s reality.

What do you propose as an alternative to Christianity, in North America?

National Socialism had* a significant specificity to Germany, insofar as the ethnicity was all ready-made to be slotted into place as the “nation” (i.e., race) in the National part of the name. It was therefore able to harness the centuries of accumulated folklore and heroism inherent in any European ethnicity. A workable mythos needs that sort of depth.

Just bashing the Americans for their Christianity gets old, if you have no convincing alternative. Of course they’re not going to abandon their security blanket unless there is a realistic alternative.

* and perhaps still has, if the Germans can reclaim it in the future.

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