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Brigade (novel) Civil war

The Brigade excerpts, chapter XXIII

by Harold Covington

“Into The Lion’s Den”

Covington in uniform
“They’re goyim, David,” said Shulman. “What’s the first lesson you and I both learned in yeshiva school? Never, ever trust a goy, for they are beasts without souls. All of the sons of Esau hate us unto death, because our blessed forefather Jacob stole their birthright and left them with nothing but a mess of pottage. They’ve never really resigned themselves and accepted that as a done deal. No matter how often we keep filling up their bowls with pottage, they secretly want their birthright back. I’m convinced I’m right. One of the people on that list betrayed our friends and our elders to their death, and they’re still doing it as we speak, still helping these animals to kill us.”

“Yeah,” said Danziger bitterly. “Tell me about it. Before I came down, I heard on the news that the sons of bitches murdered Herschel Rabinowitz from MGM this morning. They got past his cameras, the guards, everything, and they shot him through the window at his own breakfast table in Malibu.”

“Fuck me, Hesh is dead?” exclaimed Shulman.

“Deader than a dog turd in the road, mine friend,” confirmed Danziger with a grim nod. “The day before that they rammed a car bomb into the main office of Fox News and damned near leveled the building, killed everybody in the lobby. The day before that, somehow they found where Shelley Klein was hiding in Santa Barbara. They tied her up in a chair and then took her out back and dropped her into the swimming pool and watched her drown. As of this week it’s official, the movie industry and the television business are paying more for security costs than they’re paying in salaries for working employees, which isn’t hard since almost no one is working anymore. They’re all in hiding and wondering who will be the next to die? This can’t go on, Marty!”

“After the bloodbath in the Kodak on Awards night, and then all these murders, and finally this incredible revelation about Erica Collingwood, the Big Boys are going completely batshit paranoid about everybody with a pale skin. They don’t know who they can trust. Neither does the FBI. They’re seeing Jerry Rebs under every bed. They’re lashing out in all directions. Hell, they were in here the other day giving me and all my white staff the third degree, not as bad as you because I’ve got a name in this town. Or had one, anyway. The rumor mill is roaring like a blast furnace. After Erica the bosses are supposed to be considering a complete ban on anyone of European descent working in movies or in TV who can’t document at least one gay or interracial sexual relationship.”