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Brigade (novel) Civil war

The Brigade excerpts, chapter XXIV

by Harold Covington

“One If By Land, Two If By Sea”

Covington in uniform
“Back when there were still Mexicans along that stretch of 101, he used to chop them up and go fishing using the bits and pieces as bait. No more Mexicans around, though. Once it all started up they got the message real fast. You won’t hear any Spanish outside Portland now.”

“Well, that will be a change from L.A.,” said Julia.

“I imagine so,” agreed Post. “Every mother’s son and daughter of the NVA [Northwest Volunteer Army] has a basic $50,000 DT on his or her head, that’s domestic terrorist bounty, and from there it goes up depending on how naughty the individual Volunteer has been. I think Hatfield’s up to over half a million now. Astoria has become almost a kind of liberated zone, where white people can live safely and peacefully among their own kind. The United States can’t allow that.”

Eric Sellars and Annette Ridgeway were seated together in a lecture hall on the Portland State University campus when Jackson’s call came in. Eric had his NVA special throwaway phone on vibrate, so it didn’t ring out loud and he was able to conduct a sotto voce conversation without anyone other than his immediate neighbors knowing he was on the phone, and without disturbing the desiccated professor who was droning on about the vital importance of the Native American tradition in American history…

Jackson sighed. “Okay, guys have a seat,” he said. “Tom [a code name for Eric], you will be part of the extraction team, and after the pickup your job will be getting Becky out of the area. Becky [a code name for Annette], you are going to be risking your life and your freedom tonight for our new country in the most dangerous task you have yet undertaken. You both have a right to know why this is necessary, and why it’s such a rush. We will have two vehicles, a van for the extraction and a second car for backup and interference if necessary. You and Tom will have to exit the area on foot, and make it to a third vehicle, your own, during which time you must remove your disguise and resume your own identity, with some suitable reason for being downtown in case you’re stopped and questioned. Do not be caught with Stiggsy’s false ID on you; possession of false identification is now a Class A terrorism offense and can expose you to the death penalty”…

Jackson walked around the table and grabbed Zucchino by the collar. He leaned down to the wounded man’s right ear. “You need that mouth to speak with, but you only need one ear to hear with. Now you listen to me. Our female Volunteers are the jewels in the crown of the Aryan race. We never speak disrespectfully of them, and garbage like you damned sure never does! Zack Hatfield is another jewel in our crown, one of the finest and bravest men I’ve ever known, and the Volunteers with him are our Flowers of the Forest. They are men. You are not. You are a rodent. I will not allow you to harm them by withholding information about this evil tyranny’s plots against them. You are going to tell me now, tell it all.”

“We did that, Julia,” said Hatfield with grim satisfaction. “Congress didn’t do it. Elections didn’t do it. Democracy didn’t do it. Signing petitions and marching in the streets and babbling on the internet didn’t do it. We did it, with bullets, not ballots. And everyone in this town is better off for it. Ask Ted.”

“In what way?” asked Julia suspiciously.

“The Hollywood entertainment industry, including television, is arguably the most potent weapon in the hands of ZOG,” [Zionist Occupied Government] said Morehouse. “To be blunt, it is possibly the only one that might defeat us in the end. The NVA has already demonstrated that we can survive anything Amurrica throws at us by way of police, military, or other armed force. We’re already killing these FATPO [Federal Anti-Terrorist Police Organization] thugs Hillary sent, and it’s pretty obvious they won’t be able to beat us either. But if we allow the Jews who control Hollywood and the media to shape the minds and attitudes and perceptions of the American people about us, especially young white people—well, we can’t allow that. We won’t allow it. Our primary condition is basically that Hollywood adopts a position of neutrality and balance regarding The Trouble here in the Northwest.”

“How exactly would this work?” asked Julia, fascinated in spite of the fact that she knew Morehouse wasn’t joking about the Jew head reference. “How will the industry know what will get them killed and what will slip under the wire?”

“I think they’ll know,” said Morehouse. “As I said, a large part of this hate-whitey shtick out of Hollywood has always been far more deliberate than most people realize. The Jews inadvertently stumbled upon the most perfect vehicle imaginable for expressing their ancient hatred of all non-Jewish life and all non-Talmudic values, and taking their revenge on the hated goyim by destroying everything we hold sacred and valuable, including our own children. There was indeed once much that was good in America, Ms. Lear, the Old America before the Jews got their hands on Hollywood. But get hold of it they did, and for almost a hundred years they have used it as a weapon to spit on that Old America, and the race that for thousands of years has refused to accept their self-proclaimed status as the Chosen People of God.”

Zack’s wireless phone bleeped. He opened it and listened for almost a minute, then closed it. A grim expression was on his face. “Damn,” he said softly. He looked up at Lear. “Ted, you and I need to talk. It looks like our luck has run out.”

“What do you mean?” demanded Lear.

“That was brigade,” Hatfield told them. “They’ve confirmed that we’re about to get some unwelcome tourists here in Astoria. Fattie’s [the Feds] coming, in force.”

Sheriff Ted Lear was the first to speak. “I didn’t hear anything about that!” he protested.

“I know you didn’t, Ted, or you wouldn’t have let Julia come up here,” replied Hatfield.

Morehouse spoke up. “That means that you weren’t told anything by either the Oregon State Attorney General, or by the feds or anyone else, which is bad news for you. That means that the federals consider your department to be compromised, which of course it is, from their point of view. That in turn means that the FATPO aren’t coming just for us. They’re coming for you, and most likely for your family as well, and for anyone they consider to be on your team. FATPO always enters an area with two lists in their pockets, Sheriff. One is a list of alleged Nationalist or NVA sympathizers. Sometimes those lists are accurate, sometimes they’re not. I think you can assume that you’re on that list, and maybe your mom and Julia here if the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, which is the case more often than not with this government. The second list is one of potential Unionist collaborators, or loyal Americans as they would say, people who can be relied on to rat out any of their neighbors with Nationalist inclinations, anybody with NVA-connected family members, so forth and so on. Above all, insofar as it is at all humanly possible, save the children.”


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Just compare Covington’s approach to Hollywood to Greg Johnson’s.

Under the penname of Trevor Lynch, Johnson has just reviewed the movie Youth Without Youth in glowing terms: a film that like many other Hollywood films depicts the Nazis as central characters of the plot.

Tim Roth is the star of that film. His father was born with the surname Smith in New York to an English immigrant family; he changed his surname to Roth in the 1940s, “partly through solidarity with the victims of the Holocaust”!

The author of the novel on which the movie is based, Mircea Eliade, reflecting on the early history of the Romanian Kingdom and its Jewish community deplored the expulsion of Jewish savants from Romanian soil!

Jesus!: If this Counter-Currents is the best webzine we got in the white nationalist movement, we must be in good shape!

How one can support the Iron Guard but condemn “anti-semitism” is unfathomable. What’s up with that kitsch book cover on his movie review guide? Isn’t GJ all about dumping the Third Reich symbolism (which is a good idea, btw)? Why even post under Trevor Lynch when his own book admitted it was a pseudonym?

Yes: and it is a shame that other voices have not raised yet against: (1) CC’s promotion of homosexuality, (2) and of Hollywood, (3) and of degenerate music, and (4) Greg’s double life (anti-Christian on the white boards and Christian at his local church in San Francisco).

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