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Resistance to NT criticism

See the video uploaded today interviewing Richard C. Miller here.

Mimesis criticism is a method of interpreting texts in relation to their literary or cultural models. Mimesis, or imitation (imitatio), was a widely used rhetorical tool in antiquity. Mimesis criticism looks to identify intertextual relationships between two texts that go beyond simple echoes, allusions, citations or redactions. The effects of imitation are usually manifested in the later text by means of distinct characterisation, motifs, and/or plot structure.

As a critical method, mimesis criticism has been pioneered by Dennis MacDonald, especially in relation to the New Testament and other early Christian narratives imitating the ‘canonical’ works of Classical Greek literature.

One reply on “Resistance to NT criticism”

Even more thant that, Christianity is a mixed religion from all parts of the world, with its own regional adaptations. It even has Egyptian influence as the book Christianity: An Ancient Egyptian Religion by Osman Ahmed shows. With this mimicry it is able to introduce the psycho abuse it needs in the host mind ; a true Trojan horse or alien like psycho-creature. This adaptability was also shown in the christianization of the Americas aborigins in the XVI century. A truly subversive ideology that only NatSoc was able to face.

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