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Migration completed!

While it’s true that in the PDFs you can see all the entries as they appeared in the old incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH), our previous problem consisted in that it was impossible to navigate through those PDFs (categories, comments, links to other internal and external articles, tags, etc.). But thanks to the generous financial help I received from some WDH visitors, the problem has been solved.

Now only minor problems have to be solved, like contacting a ‘theme developer’ so that the indented quotes don’t appear italicised in brown in this new incarnation of WDH. On Monday I’ll try to solve that problem with another technician (the ones I know don’t work on weekends). However, the main problem, that the posts from the old incarnation were navigable in this new incarnation, has been solved.

There are still many things to do: for example, getting a printer to print the English books that used to be printed for me by Lulu, Inc. When I get that printer, the first book not previously published by us that we will publish will be the one we translated from French by Savitri Devi. Then we will publish in print form, in addition to The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, Daybreak, On Exterminationism, On Beth’s Cute Tits, a new compilation of WDH’s best recently published essays.

Unlike other racialist sites, we at WDH emphasise books. Only through books is it possible to convey the idea of the implications of a paradigm shift (summed up in the Nietzschean phrase about the transvaluation of all Christian values into values of the classical world). The racialist sites visited by thousands of semi-normies today talk about the news because they fail to see the big picture: it was the catastrophe from Constantine to Charlemagne that distorted the soul of Aryan man by forcing Him to worship the god of the Jews.

In the above picture we can guess what the Greco-Roman statue would have looked like had it not been destroyed by Judeo-Christians, who abhorred Aryan beauty. Just compare this glorious image with the medieval iconography that depicts Jesus with Semitic features.

There is something that sometimes causes me doubts and that I would like to have some feedback on. The criticism I’ve made of the American racial right has been sarcastic precisely because they don’t want to acknowledge the Christian Question. I don’t know how wise it is to continue with that mocking attitude. My friend Paulina once told me that my only flaw was that I am very mocking (“Eres muy burlón”). I don’t know how wise it is to continue to mock American white nationalism for its inability to see the CQ.

Should I, in this new incarnation of WDH, refrain from mockery? Does it take away from the seriousness of the site? One of the problems with character flaws is that you don’t see them. So I am willing to listen to a critique on the matter, especially from those who are convinced, as I am, that the Christian problem is a huge problem for the sacred words of David Lane.

4 Replies on “Migration completed!

  1. You should most certainly stop wasting time in trying to convince reactionary american racialists that their beliefs/ ideas are flawed/false. The few of them that even acknowledge your criticism are too far gone to comprehend that they have followed false ideas their whole lives. There are of course exceptions to this rule such as William Gayley Simpson but on the whole it’s just not worth the effort. You should stick to analysing and translating.

    1. Yes, but when I criticize them, my goal is not to convince them, but rather to vent myself literary when their contradictions make me desperate.

  2. Politicians will have to avoid the Christian question like Hitler did publicly, and those seeking popularity enough to live off donations will have to as well (Anglin with his fake Christian shtick, which is quite transparently a marketing gimmick). I think your niche is just saying the truth despite its lack of popularity, you are right there is nowhere on the internet to find this.

    A couple questions:

    1) how do you see a return to pre-Christian pagan values playing out? The Christians were so effective in wiping out pagan culture that there is literally 0 base from which to build something.

    2) How do you square your desire for exterminationalism when there are always individuals exceptions that don’t deserve to be? For example, even the Jews had Schopenhauer, Jesus (lol), Stephen Miller, Vladimir zhirinovsky, zemmour, hans-joachim schoeps, etc.

    Given the pressing problem of today is the Rothschild ownership of the world central banks (including Russia and china’s, and only excluding North Korea and Iran’s), which is why this insane globohomo Jewish biological Leninism (per spandrell) has had so much success, and given the United States is now only 60% white, Germany under 90%, France 85%, with mud births a huge percentage of new births , do you really see saving the white race as an appropriate schelling point from a political perspective, or would it be better to focus on all the populations of the world collectively smashing these globohomo Jewish central banks? It was much easier for Hitler to larp for the greatness of the German race when Germany was 99% German …

    Thanks again for your work, you are doing something special here.

    1. It’s really more than two questions, so I’ll focus on the first (“how do you see a return to pre-Christian pagan values playing out?”).

      Just like Hitler and Himmler were doing: step by step, not angering church goers, but in SS pamphlets start mentioning CQ among the elites.