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Spanish-speaking ‘conservatism’

Compared to the neighbouring country to the north, I consider Latin America the continent of the blue pill. There is nothing in MSM that resembles, say, Tucker Carlson. One has to search social media to find the voice of an Argentine, Agustín Laje, and his YouTube channel: a kind of Latin American Tucker who in the Spanish-speaking MSM would be inconceivable.

Here we see him with his colleague Nicolás Marquez and their book about the new left. Laje and Márquez debunk gender ideology and in their activism they travel to Spanish-speaking countries. Gender ideology is the equivalent, in this part of the continent, to anti-racism north of the Rio Grande. (Since whites are already an extreme minority on this side of the river, the next levelling battle is to denigrate the male versus the female.)

Vox is a Spanish political party founded in late 2013. Its president is Santiago Abascal. Vox is the party of the right in Spain: a more conservative right than the caricature that the Republican Party has become in the US today.

But Vox’s folk, Laje and the new Spanish-speaking right are limited to criticising the third feminist wave. Although the Spanish and Latin American media call them ‘ultra-rightists’ and fachas (fascists), they are actually progressive. Their criticism of feminism is not radical at all. Like Andrew Anglin, we not only reject the third wave that Vox rejects, but the first and second feminist waves, as can be seen in the sidebar book on Beth’s pretty boobs.

The pendulum has swung so much to the left that liberals such as Argentina’s Laje and Márquez, and those of Spain’s Vox party, are seen as conservative. They are not. See what I recently said about Vox in La Hora Más Oscura. In the case of Laje, in minute 21 of this interview with a woman, the Argentine says that the male rapist should face life imprisonment. Note that Laje is hated by the mass of feminists because they mistakenly see him as macho. If Laje and those of Vox weren’t, to some extent, conquered by the anti-male hysteria of our days, they would say that the woman who falsely accused a man of rape would also be sentenced to life imprisonment.

But they don’t say that: our new Orwellian laws only punish males.

The so-called conservatives are liberals, and this applies not only to Vox and Laje but to Tucker and Sean Hannity (the latter interviewed a transexual man not long ago). There are no exponents of true conservatism in the media, neither in the English-speaking world nor in the Spanish-speaking world. And by the way, we are not conservatives but racists.

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The impression is that Spanish people have an inferior complex towards Anglo culture. And they know since it’s absolutely evident that the Anglos are pushing hard for feminism, gay rights, multiculturalism, anti-racism, etc.

So due to that inferior complex they naturally won’t challenge what is coming from a culture that they deem superior to their own, even if they recognize that that cultural material is destructive, childish, and idiotic they won’t defy it

It’s really worse than that. The 3rd-wave cultural revolution of the feminists is in full swing, transforming Latin America without recognition.

But it’s good that they are also committing societal suicide. If whites at the north ever put their shit together, it will be far easier to conquer the mudbloods that got infected with runaway egalitarianism.

” If whites at the north ever put their shit together, it will be far easier to conquer the mudbloods that got infected with runaway egalitarianism.”

To my knowledge the most famous American racialist site is Daily Stormer, after about a month a half I’ve just visited the site to know what’s going on there. What did I find?

4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil

The owner Anglin apparently now is a die hard Christian/Catholic. Beyond ridiculous

Americans have no realties to anything except money and the home team, and rooting for whoever their (((overlords))) tell them it’s fashionable to kill.

But when they no longer have access to their easy money, meds and psych drugs is when we will witness the crazies gone crazy, and then white people outside US will stop looking up to that moronic hamburger for brains as models.

IMHO, after the dollar crashes, Biden or Kamala could try to confiscate the gold in New York that belongs to other nations. If they don’t, they won’t control social chaos. With the dollar down, they will be unable to pay the military to control the angry population. If they do confiscate the gold, they will use it to suppress any civil unrest.

Either way Uncle Sam will discredit himself before his people and before the world. It will be a win-win situation for us.

Vox is absolute garbage. They are anti-racist and extremely pro-jew and israel (it’s the holy land of the christians). The first black man in the Spanish parliament was put there by Vox! The same is true in neighbouring Portugal, where so called far-right parties are always trying to “prove” they’re not racists by pushing non-Whites as political candidates. They’re cuckolds (or traitors), ALL of them!

Christians cannot be trusted as they are still infected by the inversion of values promoted by that jewish weapon against Aryans called christianity. “Wokeness” is just the latest mutation of Christianity, it’s just that now it doesn’t have yahweh or jesus, every single one of the believers is a jesus!

Everything is so fucked up now that it’s getting really hard to distinguish between enemies and retards everywhere in the West.

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