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Hinduism Savitri Devi Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Savitri Devi’s wise voice

BBC radio is notoriously anti-white but here we can hear a few words from Savitri Devi about Christianity:

‘I don’t believe [in] this mixing of Christianity and National Socialism. They are incompatible philosophically speaking. One is a Jewish product mixed with a sprinkling of Greek ideas. Its origin is Jewish, you can’t get out of it. First of all, I am a disciple of Adolf Hitler. And if I must have some religious denomination, well I call myself rather a Hindu than a Christian’.

Thanks to commenter Eschatological Optimist, this morning I discovered another of Savitri Devi’s books. It is fascinating that in the very last words of her Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman, a footnote, the priestess of our sacred words said: ‘With the diffusion of Christianity, interbreeding took place—in Latin America especially—to an extent without precedent’.

My eternal argument with white nationalists! (who don’t want to see that, even with an Inquisition chasing Jews, Iberian whites managed to commit ethnosuicide in the very continent where most nationalists live).

And now, I must read her Memories and Reflections…

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I don’t know if this has been posted, but here is a recording of Savitri Devi in German, from her last year.


One of human’s problems is a narrow-mindedness of understanding of the Historical. What a nonsense to assert that we can comprehend the ancient Greeks, for example, or the Romans fully! Our actual maximum is no more than two hundred – ok, three hundred – years of historical retrospect. Everything else is lies, misunderstandings, distortions and vague traces of different paradygms. It goes without saying that every thinking and quite intelligent man wonders very much when he opens a chapter on recent history in a schoolbook and read interpretations of the events he was involved in as their contemporary. A schoolbook of history is a collection of monstrous centaurs from human delusions.

So in our conscious history at-hand we can see only one outburst of the will to be a Man of proper dignity (Germans of 1930s). Let’s agree that in conscious history there was ever and there will be ever nothing of the kind.

Humans are incapable of grasping the current of Time, even in frame of their short lives.

History has no positive sense. Our existence with its inherent eternal pain, dying, decay, fall and fail approves it very well. Possibly, History has no sense at all. It means we are free to choose any sense wilfully.

We are free to choose Beauty, Harmony, Grandeur, Honour, Loyalty and Truth, but the high ideals of being a Man of proper dignity condemn us to a tragedy of imaginative escapism. And you, Cesar, like Savitri, are a living proof of it. A splendid touching noble proof of it.

If there is one thing that I have realised (Yockey realised it long before) it is that the way in which the contemporary westerner retro-projects his degenerate mores and customs into the past is massive, and extremely pathological. That’s why I love so much the essays I’ve translated for this site from the pen of Evropa Soberana about Sparta, ancient Rome, and the Vikings.

But I think that history could make sense, in a Hegelian way, if the white race passes the test. Although I don’t believe in the existence of a personal God, I do believe what Michael O’Meara said on the sidebar, below the photograph of Hitler and another German gazing at a lake.

Those providential powers O’Meara speaks about despise any personality, whatever outstanding or abject it may be. Maybe, the providential powers act in huge and inconceivable cycles of time, and God wants humanity in long run of its evolution to realize a Task. If humans don’t cope with the Task, they are subjected to annihilation in the end of the cycle.

If there is such a thing like God, a Controller of metahistorical teleology, then it would be interesting to know what could He respond to question about vain lives and vain deaths of HJ’s “Young Lions” during WWII, for example, and other nameless and unknown heroes? Or have the sincerest and the most selfless Savitri’s prayers for revenge sank into oblivion? Moreover, it is unbearable to think of her wonderings and mind anguish in postwar Europe or of her last years in a wretched hovel in India – nearly blind, ill, penniless and unbowed woman.

Miguel Serrano and his ideas are shizo-weirdo stuff for me, but it is possible that our universe really was created by an imbecile evil Demiurge. I cannot explain otherwise all the delirium in history on a large scale and all the delirium of the individuals, even very smart people who easily deal with sophisticated sciences – advanced mathematics, quantum mechanics or analytical chemistry – and common sense suggests they would be very logical in other fields of human activity. But everybody knows that it doesn’t work so in our world.

Fools and sages are equally corrupted and against “primordial sense of things”, the Golden Age.

Whatever ‘god’ is, it’s not a personal god. Pantheists like Hitler or Pierce were on something more profound than the primitive abrahamic theisms.

One problem that I have with pantheism is, that if the universe itself is god, then would that mean insects, feces and non-whites are also part of god? I find such an idea preposterous: such a realization undermines the entirety of the idea of god. It reduces god to simply mean anything and everything. Such is not worth worshipping or venerating to me.
I was personally a little disillusioned when I read Who We Are and found that Pierce, using his Comostheistic logic, ‘deduced’ that even Negroes were in a way brothers to Whites! The particular paragraph:

“It is important to understand this, because with understanding comes freedom from the superstition of “human brotherhood.” We are one with the Cosmos and are, in a sense, brothers to every living thing: to the ameba, to the wolf, to the chimpanzee, and to the Negro. But this sense of brotherhood does not paralyze our will when we are faced with the necessity of taking certain actions — whether game control or pest control or disease control — relative
to other species in order to insure the continued progress of our own. And so it must be with the Negro.”

The problem with this is that it ultimately creates another kind of Brotherhood, one which if coupled with the kind of thinking that slave morality produces, would result in something as asinine as Jainism-where all life has worth regardless if it is paramecium, slime mold or cockroach! It would be such an easy thing to bend to erroneous belief.
Some will argue that the end of the paragraph would guarantee that this would never be perverted, but I know many who would warp it to think non-whites can be “Aryan” too.

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