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Whose arc is it that will move?

– Slightly abridged in August 2020 compared to the original post –

I have not finished with what I said about TFM in one of my posts from the previous Friday (see also ‘Turd Flinging Monkey’s views quoted and paraphrased by C.T.’).

I have always complained about the ‘Empire of the yin’, in the sense that today’s Aryans behave like the Eloi blonds with Weena when she was drowning in a scene of The Time Machine, a 1960 film. What I had not understood is that the extreme feminisation of men today is due to environmental causes. See the section ‘The biological origins of patriarchy and feminism’ within the text linked above where the chimpanzee society, in which patriarchy reigns, is contrasted with the bonobo society in which matriarchy reigns.

The Eloi had everything: food, easy sex and a fair climate. In the aforementioned video TFM said that French revolutionaries rebelled because they were starving, but that human beings in general give a damn about politics.

That is very true. I have always suspected that the Westerners of today are not worse than those of before but that, having perennial bread and circus, they behave like the Eloi—in the real world, like the bonobo. Remember that the bonobos were originally chimpanzees, but were stranded in a privileged and isolated region of Congo where they didn’t have to compete with gorillas. Through the millennia they changed genetically from a dimorphic species to a species where the male is physically similar to the female.

The fundamental difference between the bonobo and the human society is that the earthly paradise of the bonobo can last millennia, while the human matriarchy of today will only last a few more years. The reason for this is that in our species matriarchy goes against nature, as Homo sapiens is a dimorphic species. Remember, ‘To understand the West’s darkest hour we must keep in mind that to reach a feminist society two things are required: abundance of resources and absence of external threats. It is my belief that both will be inverted in the aftermaths of a hyperinflated dollar and the subsequent misbehavior of blacks in America’s big cities. The flaw of the anti-white system is that the welfare state has produced a milieu of false abundance’.

Of the four modes of which I have spoken elsewhere (happy mode, angry mode, combat mode and killing mode), I already find myself in the latter while the vast majority of Westerners are in the former. That is the reason why this site receives few visits compared to other racialist sites. I am a creature of pure hatred while most of white nationalists do not think in revolutionary terms, not even as a purely academic exercise.

That has to do with the environment of course. My biographical past in Mexico was as brutal as the chimpanzee society in Africa. The gringos north of the Río Grande live in a privileged zone. But soon our barbarism will reach the whole West whose blonds, after WW2, live in an Elysian island equivalent to the bonobo paradise.

In other words we belong to very different psychoclasses. And in the next few years it will not be me who speaks more civilly and demurely, approaching the chivalry of a Jared Taylor. During the convergence of catastrophes it will be you who will gradually move from happy mode to combat mode. It will not be WDH’s arc what will move toward your side. It will be WN whose arc will be moving towards us and the characters in the novels of Pierce and Covington.

Winter is coming, and you don’t stand a chance unless the Eloi become killing machines again and your Weenas birthing machines…

13 replies on “Whose arc is it that will move?”

You can add this convergence of catastrophes to the problem of technology by replacing humans as a workforce like never before. Over the next few years this issue will accelerate exponentially with AI.

Boomers had the pinnacle of this abundance of resources added to a social balance. As you commented on the last topic, divorce was rare. It was impossible for them to worry about race and decay since the economy was excellent, easy jobs, there were no hordes of nonwhites, and institutions like marriage worked. Money, sex, marriage, monogamy and order. Maximum comfort.

Today’s marriage is over, men are disposable by women, machines and niggers are turning the job market into unfair competition, industry and jobs going to the East, fiat money worth nothing, and all institutions are subverted and discredited by the population.

Hopefully, we are heading to angry mode.

I am sceptical about A.I. Robots yes: but tech is light-years away from mimicking the human mind à la Hal 9000, or even animal mind. The mind is not algorithmic, as some philosophers of the mind have already guessed. Part of the problem of white de-moralisation is drinking the Kool-Aid that the System gives us, which includes some pseudo-scientific, sci-fi claims.

Any self-respecting racist should have the mind of a German from April 1945. All are enemies, traitors abound. The body-snatched pods. Errors of the machine of Nature. They will not exist.

A stupid kike Yuval Harari says “nature permits, culture limits”. Nobody is able to think in scientific, collectivist terms. It is of no consequence that a particular bugger can exist on the surface of the planet. A species dies – therefore, in Nature such degeneracy is impossible.

Maybe, the Hellstorm is not read because Americans cannot begin to imagine the gravity of the tragedy? Maybe, 40 million Germans had to kill themselves after the Judeo-Aryan War for the Whites to take notice? Or at least 10 million? Nettelbeck was begging von Gneisenau not to surrender in Kolberg (1945). Die Kolberger würden sich “lieber unter Schutthaufen begraben lassen, als ihre Stadt zu übergeben”.

In the news, Hitler’s birth home is going to get defamed even more by the treacherous Austrian state. What a stark contrast to the respect the Turks give to the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, or Koreans to Mangyongdae. Do Whites even have heroes aside from a bunch of kikes?

Maybe, the Hellstorm is not read because Americans cannot begin to imagine the gravity of the tragedy?

Exactly. And not even most white nationalists dare to read it. Are they doomed?

Hitler said it right: either Germany lives and becomes great or it should cease to exist altogether. In life you have only 2 choices: life (freedom, loyalty to your blood and death to the jew) and death (slavery, betraying your blood and sucking jew cock). Goebbels was right to put his children to eternal sleep. A total Götterdämmerung was needed for a race that was the pinnacle of evolution of intelligent life on this planet. And intelligent life was vanquished on this planet in 1945 CE (56 Anno Hitleri).

The white race is a corpse.

It does appear, at the moment, that the white race was decisively and forever defeated on the 30th April 1945. It seems like when Hitler killed himself the entire white race lost the will to live and began to commit a collective racial suicide along with Hitler’s individual suicide.

WN are fond of the meme ‘clown world’ but of course they don’t mention the biggest clowns of all in clown world are the perpetually stupid and (since 1945) cowardly Aryans, particular the effeminate Aryan males.

Cesar once wrote that males are natural-born killers and natural-born rapists, or something along those lines. The males of a species have to kill and breed, fight and fuck otherwise the species is doomed to extinction. White males should be murderers and rapists. I use the term murderers because, unless enough white males begin to fight, any killing of our enemies undertaken by white males will always be labelled ‘illegal’ by our enemies and ‘illegal’ killing=murder. I use the term rapists because ultimately white females have to be FORCED to have at least 3 white babies otherwise our race’s average birthrate will remain below replacement level and our race will continue to decline in number. So ultimately white males have to murder their enemies and rape their women for their species to continue to survive on Earth.

Remember whites are competing with enemy races that do murder and rape much more frequently than white males, namely Hispanics and Blacks in North America and Muslims and Blacks in Europe. Despite the silly attempts of white colonialism these barbarous and savage races are untamed by Western civilization, especially the Blacks. They are killing machines (think of black males who make up 6% of the population in the USA and commit 50% of all murders) who have made their women into birthing machines. Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims now openly rape white females without any fear of retaliation from the cowardly and effeminate white boys. Indeed in US prisons there is disproportiante black male on white male rape.

In Darwinian terms whites are failing to compete with enemy species. They are not adapting to their environment. They are being superseded by better adapted, fitter, and now superior races (and I haven’t even mentioned Aryans failure to compete with the Jews). Remember it’s survival of the FITTEST, that is survival of those species who have the greatest reproductive success, not survival of the most intelligent or the most technologically advanced.

The Third World is on the doorstep of the formerly white West, baying for blood and white women. The immigrant crime problem is only going to get worse and if white males are now too cowardly to murder their enemies they shall be righteously genocided from the surface of the Earth. WN cucks like Jared Taylor will talk about how whites are ‘superior’ because they have lower crime rates and higher IQ. Label Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims’ actions ‘illegal’ or ‘evil’ or whatever subjective man-made control word/shaming word you want to Mr. Taylor. Nature doesn’t recognize man-made terms like ‘illegal’ or ‘evil’ it recognizes survival and victory. Survival matters, victory matters. Might is Right, survival of the fittest, natural selection. These are the laws of Nature, not any ‘human’-made laws.

Well said.

2 days ago the white race should have celebrated the 160th anniversary of Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species”, but the English betrayed Darwin …

Joseph you say that Whites are failing to compete against other species. This is a good point. I would like to add to that that Whites don’t fully appreciate they have a physical existence. Whites are so filled with media images and words and abstract ideas that they are separated from their physical instincts. Whites live in a world of abstractions, they do not live on planet earth. They do not fully realize they are creatures, so they are not responding to events happening on the earth, rather they respond with abstract ideas to physical problems that require material solutions.

If I may interject something to your response to Joseph, I’d say that the culprit is Christianity.

See for example the levels of lunacy that the Christian concept of the soul is reaching now with the trans-gender religion. It doesn’t matter that it is a secular religion: the root is Xtian. They see individuals as ‘monads’ as in Leibniz’s philosophy, as spiritual particles: the legacy of the religion of our parents. That’s why under such metaphysics, any one of us can supposedly ‘choose’ which sex we belong to.

Before Constantine whites were attuned to Nature. It was Christianity what metamorphosed the self-identity of whites into something very abstract, as you say. The worldview of the Western elites, antifa and SJWs is only understood under the concept of the ‘soul’. That’s why I recently wrote something against the idea of post-mortem survival, so common among those WNsts who fancy themselves as red-pilled but that actually are merely purple-pilled.

Cesar I had not linked White flight from reality to Christianity. The desert fathers, the ascetics, fit in with the model you present. It really doesn’t seem to register with Whites that everything happening now is real and what happens now matters.

In the Song of Roland the poem says that the Franks must win the battle because if they lose then people will sing evil songs about them in the future. If the white race loses, future generations will only know of the white race as something to be hated and looked down upon.

If the white race is successful then future generations will speak of various white individuals, thinkers and doers, with a sense of admiration. Literality eternity is at stake, will the future look back upon us as despicable, or will they see us as something to be admired?

The issue here is not only that the Whites are our race and that the Whites have the most advanced technology. It is not even that they have the greatest imagination, compassion to suffering and introspection – and are thus uniquely susceptible to universalist madness from Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Communism.

The issue is that they have reduced the suffering of their children to the highest degree in history, at least at the hands of their parents. That woman from the Canaries hated her race because she had been abused. Does psychohistory help here?

Maybe, there is a soft IQ/psychoclass ceiling to a White culture where degeneration is inevitable? And the entire Darwin-Himmler fiasco was a fluke of history? India, Persia, Hellas, Rome; England, the Americas, France, Russia – only Germany started recovering her mind, and not for long. The fate of a Whitie’s consciousness is to be enchanted by universalist delusions after a certain threshold…

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