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2nd World War Mainstream media William Pierce

The loss of WW2 is the reason for the WDH

WDH stands, of course, for the West’s darkest hour. Four years ago I reproduced this 1992 interview of William Pierce. Today I would like to quote only part of it:

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Kevin Alfred Strom: You keep referring to the changes which have taken place in the economy since the Second World War. Why is that? What does the war have to do with it?

William Luther Pierce: The Second World War really has everything to do with it. It was, after all, an ideological war, one could almost say a religious war, a war between two fundamentally different world views.

On one side were the believers in quality over quantity, the elitists, the believers that White people, Europeans, are more progressive, are better able to maintain and advance civilization, and should hold onto their position of world mastery.

On the other side were the believers in quantity over quality, the egalitarians, the believers in racial and cultural equality, the people who thought it was wicked for the United States to remain a White country, wicked for White Britain to have a world empire, wicked for White Germany to be allowed to smash communism, wicked to permit nationalism to triumph over internationalism. And the fact is that the egalitarians won the war. After the Second World War White Americans could no more justify keeping hordes of hungry, non-White immigrants out of their country than Englishmen could justify hanging onto the British Empire. They had cut the moral ground right out from under themselves.

KAS: Of course, that’s not the way it was presented to Americans back in the 1940s. We were all taught that we went to war to keep America free, that we were fighting against tyranny, that we were fighting on the side of decency and justice.

WLP: Nonsense. We were fighting on the side of the folks who marched the entire leadership stratum of the Polish nation into the woods and murdered them. And the people who control our news and entertainment media knew that too. When the German Army discovered those huge pits full of murdered Polish officers and intellectuals, they called in the world press to look at the evidence. But the controlled media kept it quiet, so that we would keep fighting on the side of the murderers.

After the war they blamed it on the Germans. And there was nary a squawk from the controlled media when we turned the surviving Poles, and the Hungarians, and the Balts, and all the rest of the Eastern Europeans over to the same gang of cutthroats who had butchered Poland’s leaders in 1940. Of course, it made sense in a sick sort of way. After all, murdering a nation’s elite is an egalitarian act. After you kill off the most intelligent, the most able members of a nation the ones who’re left will be more nearly equal.

KAS: And easier to control.

WLP: Yes. But the point is that, the reasons given to the American people for getting into the war against Germany were all spurious. It was not a war to keep America free. Americans weren’t in the slightest danger of losing their freedom to the Germans. It was, as I said, an ideological war. It was a war about what kind of ideas would govern the world. It was a war about whether we would be proud and White and strong, or whether we would feel guilty about the fact that Mexican peons aren’t as well off as we are. And we lost the war. That was a real turning point in the fortunes of our race and our nation.

The loss of the Second World War is the real reason for the decline of the U.S. economy—and of our social life, our cultural life, and our spiritual life. Before the war we had a White country, a country determined to stay White. After the war we no longer had that determination. Instead we had the vague feeling that it was wrong of us to want to stay White. After the war when the controlled media began pushing for so-called “civil rights” laws and for opening our borders to the Third World, it was just a continuation of their push to get us into the war on the side of the people who had made Poland a more “equal” country by slaughtering her leaders at the killing pits in the Katyn woods.

KAS: Is this spiritual failure entirely the fault of the American people? You’ve repeatedly referred to the controlled media as the principal promoters of the ideology which is at the root of our problems. Aren’t they to blame? Aren’t the people who control the media responsible for what’s happening to America? And, by the way, who are these media controllers?

WLP: Well, I think we all know who wields more control over the news and entertainment media than any other group. It’s the Jews. And, yes, they deserve a great deal of blame. But not all the blame. Perhaps not even most of it. After all, they’re only acting in accord with their nature. They’re doing what they always do when they come into a country.

We shouldn’t have let them do it. We should have stopped them when they were taking over Hollywood 75 years ago. We should have stopped them when they began buying up newspapers back before the Second World War. After the war we shouldn’t have let them get anywhere near a television studio.

But we didn’t stop them, and the blame for that really lies with those who have set themselves up as our political leaders. They sold us out. They sold out America. They sold out their race. When our kids are exposed to the godawful, anti-White rap musicals from MTV, should we blame the Jewish owner of MTV, Mr Redstone, or should we blame the politicians in Washington who let him get away with it? Personally, I’d go after the politicians first.

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Planet of the Apes.->

The Western World is Finished Over and Done With

In Paris, Subhumans from Africa stormed the Parthenon. The ‘Parthenon,’ derived from Greek, is meant to be a temple that housed the Virgin Godess, Athena. Now, instead, it is a shelter housing subhuman garbage from the third world.

This is the reductio ad absurdum of Biblical ethics, in seeing God in leprous Jews like Lazarus and Simon the leper.

Darwinian Ethics says that when you conquer a territory, you must depopulate it of all its inhabitants, and then repopulate it with whites from the Home Country. To me, this still sounds monstrous. If France had depopulated its colonies, and had resettled them with white French Catholics, then France, the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church, would still be White today. None of these pestiferous AIDS-ridden blacks would be seeking asylum in the mother country.

Of course as a preconciliar Catholic, I am not advocating a Darwinian World-view, at all. The Native Americans sent money over to us in the famine. Should I then advocate that White Americans should just kill them all? Of course not. The basist of ingratitude.

However with blacks, were I Pope, I would probably castrate them all, make them “Eunuchs for the sake of the Catholic Kingdom” and give them a plenary indulgence for so doing, a free pass to Jaysus Land, and then repopulate Africa with White European Marcionite Catholics.

A colony is not a colony unless it is populated exclusively by whites from the mother country: otherwise it is a tax farm for the elites. The volk have no interest in keeping colonies. Eventually this entire planet will have to become a white colony.

Elizabeth said of blacks that they were “incapable of worship” and I agree with her. Blacks will practise the religion that gives them enough gibs.

I reject the Bible as evil and fraudulent and yet I am still constrained by its ethical system to an extent. I still cannot countenance the genocide of my racial competitors. A friend of Nietszche’s said that Christianity stole his life, as it took him a lifetime to overcome itsethical system even though he rejected supernatural Christianity as a young man.

“…a country determined to stay White…”

Utter nonsense. Sounds like Stormer-esque whining; poor little Whites, hapless victims of Jews.

What evidence is there that Murka, as a country was ever determined to stay White? Murka has shown itself to be a country determined that no other country shall remain White.

Perhaps, but I do remember the times when I watched black-and-white films and TV as a kid; when Indians were the bad guys and colonizer whites the good guys; when on the other side of the Atlantic Muslims were depicted as bad and whites good, and Aryan female beauty was the highest value in such old films, always behaving like feminine women.

All that is gone now.

I have a theory that’s been tickling the back of my mind in regards to how material influenced what happened after WW2. Consider the shear tonnage of steel, copper, lead, etc that was literally thrown away during WW1/2. Its just staggering. Consider the hundred of millions of gallons of oil used. I suspect that they used up 100+ years of “normal civilization usage” in 5 years with most of it gone forever, never able to be recycled (think ordnance and ships at the bottom of the sea.) Did the west use up most of the easily accessed natural resources in their domains? Was the interaction and transfer of technology to the third world simply to get natural resources they just frittered away on idiotic wars? Add Christian egalitarianism and you get the world of today.

I’m not sure how it all quite fits in the big picture but it’s a part of it somehow. As I said it’s a work in progress, but something to think about.

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