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Yellow vests

‘With the yellow vests, France has arrived at a pre-revolutionary state’, said Alain de Benoist in a recent interview translated by Greg Johnson. Also, Andrew Anglin is now titling his Daily Stormer as ‘Vive la France’.

Compare these two webzines with some words in Hunter Wallace’s article about Macron: ‘No, I am not endorsing violence’.

Today I’ll post an important text, originally written in 1928, that vindicates much of what we have been saying about the conquest of the Aryan spirit by Judeo-Christian ethics.

10 replies on “Yellow vests”

“No, I am not endorsing violence”.-Hunter Wallace

Violence has always been, is and always will be the way our race survives on Earth. If not enough of the males of our species kill their enemies then our race/species has become unfit to survive and will go extinct. Unless we have a significant number of White Men emulating heroes like Robert Bowers our race is doomed. We are losing, we are going extinct because we won’t fight and for that reason we deserve to lose and go extinct.

With statements like those of Hunter Wallace, I have to question “is it just me or is this moron race literally begging for extinction?”

Aryans like Hunter Wallace who become overwhelmed by Xtian ethics often beg for racial extinction because their adherence to Xtian ethics prevents them from looking reality in the eye, and thus from seeing clearly what is needed for our race to continue to survive on Earth. By refusing to acknowlede reality/nature/truth Aryans like Hunter Wallace are demonstrating that Aryans have possibly become too feeble-minded to survive.

Oh, so you have mentioned the vests, at last. I’m not sure what to think about them myself. Too many say they’re there because of the fuel prices (even as the last straw), nobody is mentioning race at all. Of course, I’m not forgetting your thesis of the convergence of catastrophes, but putting high hopes on modern degenerates is potentially heart-breaking.

By the way, a far-right party, VoX, has got a lot of votes in the 2018 Andalusian regional election. Might wanna check it out.

An Occidental Dissent commenter wrote this tody:

i think you guys have this all wrong, and most of the rest of the dissent right has the wrong read on this as well. the french are not rioting to oppose globalism and they’re not outraged about the direction france is heading.

they just don’t want to pay the tax rates that they keep voting for. they don’t want to pay for the social benefits they demand. that’s it. over and over and over, they’ve had a chance to vote for something different. they never, EVER do. once macron is gone, they will literally vote for the same exact things. then riot again. because that’s what they do. riot is sport for them.

the french are not in any way, shape, or form, fellow travelers, and actually hate almost all the ideas of the dissent right, and hate america and americans too.

the french are rioting for 30 hour work weeks and 2 months of vacation and the right to not have to work hard or foot the bill for the free health care they demand.

the french are lazy, arrogant, annoying dick heads that we should never help again.

if these same french guys moved to the US, they’d vote 90% democrat, and talk all day every day about how america sucks, how the right sucks, guns suck, socialism is tremendous, leftists are awesome, america should be destroyed, africans are the greatest.

if you don’t understand this, you need to go back to the drawing board and study more. i have friends that actually work in france for years as part time contractors, and understand the score. the french are horrible, and in large numbers would wreck america or any free society that we built.

french canadians are not much better.

I miss the Fuck France page…maybe it will return? I almost feel sorry for the cheese eating surrender monkeys but then again they elected the shitweasel waste of DNA known as Macron.

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