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Degeneracy Michael O'Meara Toward the White Republic (book)

On the US

by Michael O’Meara

kids paintingBut even if feasible, what self-respecting white man would want to take back the United States, this monstrous, bureaucratic Leviathan whose Jewish, race-mixing, homo­phile, feminist, fraudulent, anti-Christian, and degenerate practices stand as an affront to everything his ancestors stood for?

The hard truth is that it’s gotten to the point where the US can no longer be defended as “my mother, drunk or so­ber,” only repulsed as an alien body-snatcher.

8 replies on “On the US”

I cringe everytime I hear some phoney talk about taking America back. America belongs to the timid denizens of Thomas Hobbes logical conclusion, the state as an artificial man. The state artificial man makes the individual and his right to consume the highest good over Tradition and higher morality, since they interfere with the right to do your own thing. Community standards are shunned in favor of the state elevating atomized individuals and their rights. You can no longer trust in your next door neighbor reciprocating a kindness.

America is, for all intents and purposes, an engine of evil. Joe Biden himself admitted this when he stated that it doesn’t matter what your culture is, America is going to demolish it in the name of leftist non-values.

Just who is Michael O’ Meara, for those who have never heard of him? Is he legit or is he simply another plant? Speak up people, and be heard once and for all. Is Michael O’ Meara is just another name with a rant, in other words, a present day luminary of the WN vanguard? You might supply an author’s bio or credentials (the word is very much tied up with the credence I would think). What.

The issue being not O’Meara but supplying authors’ bio info. It’s a very practical practice. As long as they’re not fags. These should either be institutionalized or lobotomized for their own good and given what’s bound to come.

Thanks, but Metapedia is not as immediate or practical as a brief bio reference to the posts at hand.

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