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“Grow Stronger!”


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Great show.

He’s spot on in his explanation for “Why are Whites so weak and lame?”

Life has been too easy for Whites in the past century. Let the dollar crash and Whites become a minority in most now White countries, surrounded by hostile folks with the power to change the laws as it best suit their own interests and you’ll see “questions” such as “homophobia”, “male chauvinism” and “racism” give way to real issues.

According to Sunic’s latest article on TOO, things are already begining to change in Europe (link)

There might be something paradoxical happening with the arrival of non-Europeans: endless wars and disputes between European nationalists, i.e. between the Poles and Germans, between the Serbs and Croats, between the Irish and English — seem to have become outdated. The constant influx of non-Europeans to our European lands makes the designation of “European Europe” a lexical absurdity.

The present World Order must die for a new one to be born and die it will. At least part of the people will awake and the ruder the awakening, so much the better.

Off Topic:

Ever since you began to question the relevance of the discipline pompously self-entitled “philosophy” for the White cause (in addition to criticising religion by and large and Christianity in particular in this regard, as you had long been doing), a couple of commenters took the pains to split hairs and defend the honor of some philosophers and some religious views.

In one of the latest threads (link) I personally mentioned one the main figures behind the views of some of the commenters, French Traditionalist metaphysician René Guénon.

Well, this is from the article on Wikipedia concerning the guy (link). This is for you and the readers of TWDH to see how apropos, how appropriate the study of the works and lives of important thinkers like Guénon is for the cause of White Nationalism — I should add that by the time of the events mentioned in these passage, Guénon had already arabicized his name and become Abd al-Wahid Yahya.

In 1930, Guénon left Paris for Cairo, with the aim of gathering and translating written documents of islamic esoterism. This project was abruptly abandoned after a decision of his editor. Left alone in Cairo, Guénon declined all propositions by his friends that he return to France. Despite his declining financial condition, Guénon relentlessly corresponded with his counterparts from many countries around the world as well as continuing his own writing projects. Although remaining in Egypt certainly exposed Guénon to the cultural ambience of Sufism and ancient esotericism for which he had already demonstrated a strong affinity, his refusal to return to Europe created undoubted hardship for him. As if in compensation for this hardship, Guénon was fortunate enough to meet Sheikh Salama Hassan ar-radi, founder of the Hamidiya Shadhiliya sufi order, which he soon joined. Guénon accompanied the Sheikh until the latter’s death in 1938. Around the same time, Guénon also met another Sufi, Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim, whose daughter he married in 1934. This marriage resulted in four children, the last (Abdel Wahed) born in 1951. During his lengthy sojourn in Egypt, René Guénon carried on an austere and simple life, entirely dedicated to his writings and spiritual development.[15] In 1949, he obtained Egyptian citizenship. …

René Guénon died on January 7, 1951; it is reported that his final word was “Allah” (“God”).

By the way: did I mention that Brazilian Traditionalist philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, through whom I got in touch with the Traditionalist school of thinkers, is an ardent anti-racist pure White whose first wife was a Black woman who gave him a couple of Mestizo children?

Like you pointed out, Chechar, if the White race goes extinct and (as Richard Lynn thinks it will happen, if this is the case) the torch of civilization really passes on the North-Asians, the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese historians of the future will be baffled to see how, after some 2500 years of deeply penetrating speculation, the Western giants of thinking not only did not see what was coming, but took themselves an active part in the bringing about of the catastrophe.

Totally immersed in their religious and pseudo-wise fantasies asses like Guénon (and Carvalho, for that matter) are too good to bother about such a trifling matter as the White race. What’s wrong with mongrelizing with Arabs and Blacks if we are all children of the same semitic God? To speak like Hillary Clinton (link) WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!

These charlatans remind me of a chapter in the Gulliver’s Travels, in which the narrator visits a country of sages Laputa: (link) where the regular folks live so absorbed in their own thoughts that their wives cuckold them right and left and they have to be constantly attended by pages, who now and them hit them on their faces with small cloth bags full of little pebbles in order to make them breathe again, since they keep forgetting to, so concentrated they are on their thinking.

The White race will soon be mongrelized to the last individual, but hey, what were you saying about the “metaphysical unity of all religions”?

You mean, this one on Guénon? If so, let me suggest an appropriate title: “Philosophers, Expats from Laputa”. It says everything.

I only listened to about 15 minutes of it. Usually when someone says, “Why are these people doing this thing? They must just be stupid!”, they are wrong. People don’t do stupid things just for the hell of it, unless they’re thoroughly drunk. They do seemingly stupid things because, from their perspective, it’s not stupid at all.

For my part, I don’t expect Covington’s movement to be anywhere near the only option, I am not convinced anything arising from his project will be better than the other options, and I’m not convinced that my moving there would be in any particular way better than the life I already have.

As regards meeting people, sure that is absolutely a worthy goal, but ranting about the fact that it doesn’t happen isn’t sufficent to change that. One must understand the dynamics of the situation underlying the reluctance, and how to bypass them. Covington doesn’t try that, doesn’t even think of it. He’s a frontal assault sort of guy. Me, I always liked the Alpha Legion.

Actually, I should also add that regardless of what I think of his rhetoric, I have seen enough cases where Covington’s description or characterization of certain events does not jibe with the facts I turn up elsewhere. So I can’t say I entirely trust him, and the whole idea of “do what I say” depends on trust. Ironic, given his emphasis on character.

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