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Why whites cannot reassert themselves?

In a recent discussion thread I said:

The Imperial Church started to destroy entire libraries and invaluable monuments of the classical world that represented the very soul of our Indo-European heritage and ancient wisdom.

Mister Deutsch, a commenter, responded:

Amen. And that’s why whites cannot reassert themselves; their foundations were destroyed and replaced with a Semitic god.

The core problem is a confused spiritual identity; all of the other issues, be it miscegenation, liberalism, capitalism, Marxism, scientism, the cult of the bourgeois consumer, etc., are all the by-product of de-Aryanization via Christianity.

See the posts of Manu Rodríguez that I have translated from Spanish to delve deeper into this subject.

Below, the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina: a partial ruin that was turned into a church, but you can still make out the impressive front steps and portico today. At one time, it looked like the model below. It was built in 141 by the Emperor Antoninus and dedicated to his wife Faustina, who had died.

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

In the Middle Ages the temple ruin was converted to the Church of San Lorenzo. Today, it is one of the strangest churches anywhere. On the forum side, the steps and columns are still visible, as is the inscription to Antoninus and Faustina, with a church roof and entry on the opposite side. During the Middle Ages the forum was all under 10-20 feet of earth, so today with the ground excavated you can see the church and what remains of the original structure.

9 replies on “Why whites cannot reassert themselves?”

A non-existent person is neither jew nor gentile.

So Odysseus wasn’t Greek? Analyzing people who don’t exist is actually very easy, it’s people who do exist but are recorded poorly that cause trouble.

My guess is that, hadn’t the Imperial Church destroyed all sorts of paganism, the West would have developed at least as healthy empires than those we got in real history. In other words, I attribute the thriving of those Christian empires you mention to the Aryan mind per se.

I don’t doubt that we’d have some sort of new system – the assorted mystery cults and doomsday theories in Rome were going to turn into something – but I can’t say with confidence that Bizarro-anity would be better than Christianity. For all I know it could be worse.

Our race has had some really bad ideas over the ages: Alexander the Great telling all his soldiers to miscegenate, the Roman Empire making “citizens” out of aliens, the Aryan prince who founded Buddhism abolishing the caste system, White rulers in Egypt and Persia letting their countries go dark, not to mention the simple infighting and disorganization that would make our race easy prey for Jews or Muslims.

Some Judean Pharisee, or decadent Roman noble, or naive Greek “philosopher” living in the Middle East, or wandering Buddhist monk, or anyone else could have come along and given us a doctrine that had all the flaws of Christianity and further lacked many of its upsides.

Frankly, the existence of Buddhism should scare the White Nationalists who can’t think of anything but Jews. Some people maintain that Christianity is largely mistranslated Buddhist texts, and the ideas behind them are similar enough to make it plausible.

And after all, if the Jewish control of the media and finance and democratic politics isn’t enough of an explanation, how did the Christians get so far with so much less? Don’t we risk becoming monocausalists of an earlier date, when nefarious Judeans somehow bullied the Vikings and the Legionaries into giving up their religion?

Wealth, comfort, and technology will destroy us without the proper defenses in place, we’ve seen that everywhere we’ve been. It’s materialistic entropy eating away at idealistic creativity. Christianity served as some sort of defense, a long time ago, but it was never optimal and now it’s not even sufficient. Frankly, any pre-Darwin theory was just asking to become outdated, actually knowing how humans originated and distinguished themselves from other animals is huge.

I still don’t lament Christianity, though. We’ve had worse ideas, and it was useful for a long time. Some of our happiest memories and greatest feats were directly related to Christianity and The Church.

(The first quote was by Jimmy Marr, the second by Chechar, continued from the other thread. I felt my comments were more relevant in this one, my apologies if they were misplaced.)


You have a point that pre-Christian white cultures also screwed it. Maybe (not sure) today I’ll add an entry criticizing Buddhism.

The problem with any critique of Christianity is that you have to be a faithful Marxist or Hegalian for it to work, and you have to believe a priori that there is no truth within the deposit of faith it claims to hold. And this leads only to two mutually exclusive positions – either you believe that the deposit of faith is true, in which case no amount of critique can undermine it, or you never actually did believe it was true, in which case no amount of critique would ever be needed.

And that’s why I wince when fellow white nationalists use the term ‘Christianity’. Are they talking about the authentic Christianity as realized in pre-WWII Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity as practiced up to the present, or is it the liberalism of the Sola Scriptura post-Luther churches and the protestant VII Roman Catholic Church largely in operation today? Because if it’s the ‘true’ Christianity which expresses holy truths as espoused within its deposit of faith, isn’t any dialectic deconstruction worthless and false in the same way that any positive affirmation of a ‘fake’ Christianity would also be worthless and false too? Simply considering Christianity as an historical artifact only works if it is also considered untrue, when in which case why consider it at all?

A misunderstanding of pre-infiltrated (by Jews) Christianity is caused by a lack of historical knowledge. People hate Christianity because it asks something of them they are unwilling to give, namely certain morals. Picking up the “Jesus was a Jew” meme and running with it plays right into the hands of our enemies.

Jesus was an Israelite, a Judean and a Nazarene. Jews are a conglomeration of Ashkenzis, (probably descendants of Ashkenaz a grandson of Noah) Sephardim and Mizrahim and closely related to Kurds. They are more a political force than anything, similar in a sense to “Mexicans” who are also a mishmash of groups.

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