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Enemy of whites

A couple of days ago an article by Tobias Langdon was published in The Occidental Observer, ‘The Cuckoo Cult: Mainstream Christianity Is Now an Implacable Enemy of the White West’.

Langdon’s article is typical of white nationalist (WN) webzines, who see the speck in someone else’s eye (Judaism) but never the log in their own (Christianity). It is an article that, as is typical of the movement, is all framed as JQ, as if whites are innocent that a Semitic cult took over the Roman Empire and continue to worship the god of the Jews to this day, including many contributors and commenters to Kevin MacDonald’s webzine.

Langdon’s article informs us, for example, that it was at Jewish instigation that the Second Vatican Council changed its stance towards the Jews. This denotes, as is so often the case in WN, complete ignorance of historical fact. The Roman Catholic Church began not only by murdering the Aryan religion of whites, but by legalising, from the 5th century onwards, Judaism and Christianity as the only religions tolerated by the Empire: a situation that persisted until the late 18th century. Many times I have quoted the culmination of the masthead of this site, but as WNsts have not responded to us I have to link it again.

Another fallacy is what Langdon tells us about Protestantism: ‘Jews have tamed and corrupted American Protestantism too’. Why is the American racial right unable to assimilate what American William Pierce said about Luther? I’ll go ahead and answer: because they are Christians or sympathisers of Christianity, and Pierce wasn’t.

Fortunately, as of today several commenters rebutted what Langdon said, and the moderator allowed the following comments from

Stan Wood:

This article ends, without explanation, with the same pretzel logic it condemns. Why should a nihilistic Semitic cult be vital to the salvation of ‘the West?’ Christianity is the original Marxism and the foundation of Political Correctness. Is ‘the West’ a euphemism for the species of hominin commonly referred to as ‘Whites?’ If so, it isn’t logical that a Middle Eastern god or cult of mixed-raced desert dwellers should be vital to ending our extermination; an ongoing genocide engineered by this same tribe of destroyers.

And speaking of genocidal engineering, it’s evident in many ways that Christianty is designed to weaken and destroy the White race for the benefit of the unholy self-proclaimed Chosen of the Judean God of Genocide; a projection of Judean psychopathy.

The only way out of the ongoing racial holocaust is for our species to regain our identity. Identifying with Middle Eastern beggars, their racist folklore, and their Semitic Buddhism, is exactly what has brought us under their power.

Our people need a racial religion or philosophy that meets the higher, purer standards of a race noted for being ‘white’. We do not need a fictionalized mixed-race Marxist hippie of questionable reputation and harmful dogma, and the scion of our mortal enemies and their God of Genocide, as our idol.

From its European beginnings in Rome, to today, Christianity is a Marxist, Antifa (anti-nationalist), anarchist death cult. In its Roman Catholic permutation, it created Hell on Earth for millions of White Europeans, for centuries, and works diligently today for the genocide of Whites by ethnic replacement.

We need to practice our own unique spirituality for healing and repairing our identity. We need to draw from our past mythologies, folklore, and traditions; and from our White collective unconscious. This is the foundation from which we will build something new and better. Semitic religion? Never again!


‘Christianity is central to the sickness, but will also be central to the cure’.

I hear this same oxymoronic view being parroted by far too many on the pro-White alternative right, and I keep waiting for anyone who seriously believes this to explain how it is even remotely possible to un-brainwash the millions of White Christians who have allowed the jews to switch off their racial survival instincts and to fall in love with the very same race who works 24/7, 365 to do everything possible to destroy and genocide White Europeans off the face of the Earth.

I’ve tried to gently bring up the topic of jews and their… hatred for White Europeans and point out their leading role in the Great White Race Replacement agenda with a few marginally ‘Christian’ people I know… and these self-hating, self-loathing, white guilt ridden idiots will immediately start foaming at the mouth and blurting out every memorized bible passage that they can remember.

Fourth Horseman:

I appreciate Langdon’s writings here, but he completely misses the boat on this one. To claim that ‘Christian’ is not ‘Judeo’ is to totally overlook the history: Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the Twelve Apostles, the Gospel writers, and ‘Saint’ Paul—all ethnic Jews. The Bible, OT and NT, is a Jewish construction intended strictly for the benefit of Jews. The ‘Jesus miracles’ are nonsense—obvious fiction intended to sway gullible Gentiles. Paul’s constructed theology, based (perhaps) on a tiny core of historical truth, works directly against Roman rule and simultaneously corrupts its Gentile believers. Langdon needs to read Nietzsche’s The Antichrist.


Do Christians value their religion more than their race? Yes. Can any member of any race be a Christian? Yes. Do Christians believe everyone is a child of God? Yes. Does Christianity have irrevocable ties to Judaism? Yes… What more do we really need to know? Of course, it’s pointless to debate Christians on this subject as they have deep psychological needs that transcend rationality. But I hope non-Christian White racial activists understand the threat Christianity poses not only to our race, but to the entire planet itself.

Frederick Ford:

Christianity (& conversion religions), in general, is a multiracial, multicultural cult that preceded the eventually downfall of the White race through its message of universal human unity through morality—which is still used for international law and universal human rights. [Note of the Editor: what we call secular Christianity or neochristianity.]

Thaddeus Noble:

Christianity is, and was from inception, a Jewish plan to groom Gentiles into supporting Jews agendas. Starting literally from birth (baptism), gentile children are force fed pro-Jew propaganda starting with the Old Testament fiction on into the New Testament fiction. Bible schools, weekly Sunday schools, church services, church youth groups, summer bible camps, etc. The pro-Jew propaganda never ends.

The strange thing is that none of these commenters cites any of our featured essays or books that demonstrate, in a more learned way, what they have said informally. It’s weird that no one mentions, or links, The West’s Darkest Hour in WN forums.

This is why: unlike Langdon, this site demonstrates that mainstream Christianity has always been an enemy of the white West.

16 Replies on “Enemy of whites

  1. Well, it is a plus that more and more people are seeing things for the way they are. Perhaps they are readers of the blog or, even more importantly, they are coming to the same conclusions independently. That could be very important. I haven’t read the Occidental Observer in quite some time, but I’ll pop over to esp. read this article/comments.

    1. My educated guess is that they don’t link to what I say, even if some read this site, because it’s a bit embarrassing for them to advertise a site that makes fun of orthodox racialists (for example, the way I recently compared Jared Taylor’s views about Lincoln and others with the painting of the pretty girl picking cherries).

      If I refrained from these sarcastic comments it might be easier for them to mention this site.

      1. Frankly, I think it’s just your undisguised support and admiration of the Führer (and his pals) that makes you unlinkable for these good American guys, C.T. I mean, didn’t their great-grandpas (or some such distant male relatives) supposedly fight off the Nazi menace and hence saved the world from its descent into utter deviltry some eighty years ago?

        Don’t underestimate patriotism (or some such feelings, no matter how bowdlerized by Christianity), especially of the American variance, C.T.!

        And with regard to the image that Americans of a certain predisposition like to project of themselves, take, for example, “The Good American” by Robert Kaplan, which promotes the humanitarian interventionism of the past (and probably future) US foreign policy by glorifying the deeds of some Bob Gersony, a good American guy of the very first order.

        All’s well that ends well, right?

  2. I am a 33 year old American. Somehow I stumbled upon the turner diaries at age 13. A bigger awakening came around 2009 reading zerohedge and learning of jewish control of economics. I responded with a “meh”, still believing jews to be mostly benevolent. Seeing white women with blacks always turned my stomach. In 2016 upon witnessing the Arab invasion of Europe I discovered the daily stormer etc. In 2017 was present at Charlottesville. Been struggling for years with what I believe and how to live, vacillating between hedonism and Christianity. I’ve finally given up on the desert religion, Yahweh has only brought victory to the jews never to us. Where was God when all the innocent German women and children were firebombed at dresden? No, the true God demands action for the preservation of truth, beauty and justice. No prayers will suffice. And sacrificing our children’s futures for our own “afterlife” is the height of stupidity and insanity. I hope more men begin realizing that Christianity and white survival are mutually exclusive. It’s darn lonely out here, but well worth the escape from the constant cognitive dissonance.

    1. I have always had respect for those who marched in Charlottesville. If you have an anecdote to tell about that event, you are welcome.

      1. Went with a group a guys who met via the stormer message boards. One guy had made a bunch of money in crypto and paid for the trip for all of us. The night of the March I scouted the route from the first park to the second park. At nightfall one of the leaders asked if anyone had military experience, and I was selected to pick out men from the crowd to serve as security for the March. Next day we were shuttled from the first park to the park with the statue downtown. The scene was utter chaos. Antifa was throwing bottles full of piss and shit. As soon as we all were in the park the police threw down the barricades and the army started pushing us toward the antifa. We were sandwiched with only one narrow escape route. As the entire crowd filed put we were harrased by blm and antifa the entire walk back to the other park. I remember a nigger with a lighter and some flammable can spraying flames at us. Since I was apparently the only one who knew the way back to the other park due to the previous days scouting, I led the formation, walking Next to Mike Enoch of all people. A young woke woman walked backward in front of us, holding that commie poster of the Muslim girl wearing the American flag as a burka, trying to talk to us. She seemed sexually excited by it all. I saw Spencer, and duke, Elle reeve, that octoroon brittany something that day. Enoch eventually got whisked away by a minivan. Got back to the hotel and turned on the TV. The jewish lies spewed forth and that was when I realized I had no country. Two years later I was visited by the fbi. Life’s been weird, man.

        1. Everyone knows what you just said (I was thinking of a personal anecdote; something that we can’t see in YouTube clips). Since you are a new commenter on this site, send us an email.

  3. CT,

    I think the message is gaining a bit as the church weakens and modernism persists. Ironically, it is mainly the Jews in media who have attacked Christianity relentlessly, perhaps not realizing that it has been the main dam holding back the reservoir of White racial solidarity.

    While I have held my ideas about Christianity for about a decade and a half, I am pleasantly surprised by the number of highly intelligent younger people who are pursuing the classical traditions and not simply neo-paganism, Eastern mysticism or some other such tripe.

    For myself, I’ve found what’s called Neoplatonism represents what’s best from the classical tradition to me, being the culmination of a thousand years worth of philosophy and experience from across the entire Meditteranean and European world (at the time). Just in the past year or so, a number of Neoplatonist and explicitly anti-Christian, anti-Jewish organizations have sprung up, with an emphasis on how much damage Hebraism has done to Whites and the West. It’s given me some encouragement, and of course, I have always tried to share your insights whenever possible. I have been finding these people on Youtube, in various chat and messenger apps, there is a community growing.

    Keep up the good work, what you’re doing is truly divine, in that it bears witness to creation and acknowledges truth and beauty, those forgotten guiding stars they don’t want us to recognize amongst ourselves and our ancestors.

    1. “Ironically, it is mainly the Jews in media who have attacked Christianity relentlessly, perhaps not realizing that it has been the main dam holding back the reservoir of White racial solidarity.”

      The Jews do not know that by weakening Christianity it helps us to have NS replace the previous paradigm. One of my favorite movies, Spotlight, undermines the Catholic Church. The script is clearly “what is good for the Jews” but, thanks to uncovering pedophilia in the church, our position is strengthened.

      1. I believe so. The pattern for Jews in the classical world (and still) has always been to appeal to an invader against their host, gain power for their betrayal, abuse their status, face reprisal, and either repeat or face expulsion. Their saviors always become their tormetor. In the largest sense though, the Church has always been their greatest ally (pun intended) and I wonder if this is something they have forgotten, having “defeated” in their own eyes, all the other monsters they had to fight in modernity. I think they have forgotten that the church has protected them against the great primeval and long dormant spirit of the West. In their own mythology, they have come to fear the Golem they themselves created so long ago.

    2. Well, I would disagree, as the jew on the stick religion was engineered and proliferated by jews, and is the main funnel driving the minds of men into superstitious absurdities, a false worlview, and individualism, which is nothing but a sophisticated divide and conquer strategy. This is the vortex in which the west has been lost for centuries, allowing the international jew to pit goy against goy and nations against nations, profiting from the chaos in countless ways.
      As far as the 2017 charlottesville thing is concerned, it was an absolute setup, where everyone who showed up got tagged. Smile for the camera. Most of the so-called organizers turned out to be trad catholics who are playing off the jew psyops in hopes of accelerating a social collapse and vaccum to be filled by their new and improved catholic theocracy. This Tobias Langton is part of Mel Gibson’s little pre-vatican II insurrection and duke and the rest are just as manipulative and back stabbing as the jews.

      1. In regards to all the extremist cultural psyops jews are spewing into the US, the main goal is to trigger the religious psychotics. Everything that would trigger a religious extremist is on heavy rotation throughout the media and entertainment industry. Additionally, the races of all stripes are also being triggered with the obvious mace rixing that dominates every image we see in mass media. Remember, for this jew/jesuit psyop to work, the religious extremists/theocrats need an enemy to go after. They need examples in society to point to that they’ll use to justify their religious uprising, and the jews are working overtime, to provide these psychotic cultists with those examples!

      2. The jews have gotten a lot of mileage from the lgbt psyop, which has split all the mainline protestant churches and creating a new schism w/ the catholics.

        According to the Pew Research Center, only between 2-4% of people living in North America are degenerates, and there are only about 76k marriages between them. I would venture most of them aren’t even religious, yet the issue has been co-oped and is working splendidly for the jews.

        “All is chaos under the heavens and the situation is excellent”
        Mao Zedong

  4. CT, I’d be interested in your thoughts as to why Jews are so vehemently anti-Christian, in a way they are clearly not against Islam. Is Christianity just a proxy in their minds for white goys, and that is their ultimate target? Why do these Jews hate whites so much, is it because whites are so clearly superior to Jews in many ways that middle eastern Arab Muslims are not?

    Also, where did this hatred come from? It’s clearly felt by Jews on a genetic level, it’s a visceral, emotional hatred that requires no intellectual backing or active participation in the religion of Judaism for it. It’s interesting how such an intense feeling can get hardcoded on a genetic level somehow.

    1. The most illustrious critics of Christianity are not Jews but whites: from Celsus and Porphyry in the ancient world to Voltaire and Nietzsche in the modern world. Deschner, who wrote the 10-volume criminal history of Christianity, was also white.

    2. I would call attention to two fanatical jewess’ who are vehemently pushing christianity:



      Now why would they do that?